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A wonderful way to celebrate our 10th!

Tue, 09/04/2012 - 23:17 -- Jess

Today was officially Jessicurl's 10th anniversary and I celebrated it up here in Saskatchewan with my dad and step-mum Wendy. :) I don't celebrate all of my Jessicurl anniversaries with them, it was just coincidence that the trip happened at this time. :)

As you may have read in my previous blog post, I've been VERY excited to commemorate my 10th anniversary by getting a Jessicurl logo tattoo. The fact that it happened on my actual anniversary was even cooler. :)

My appointment was for noon in Saskatoon and my Dad and Wendy live about an hour and a half away. Dad was supposed to take me but he got caught up in a last minute meeting so Wendy took me instead. That was cool with me because Wendy is super fun and we had a great time. I reminded them both later that, um, hi, I'm 36 and manage to find my way around strange cities ALL the time. They totally could have just given me the keys to the car and I'd have been just fine going alone. :) Parents are adorable that way, eh? :) The irony there is that I got my first tattoo by myself, when I was 17, also in Canada, so it's not like I'd have been breaking with tradition. :) In any case, Wendy and I had a great time on our adventure to Saskatoon. Here's a quick little pre-tattoo video Wendy shot for me before we went in. :)

Curly Chronicles: Jordan Pacitti

Mon, 09/03/2012 - 09:30 -- Jess

As of today, Jessicurl has been an official business for 10 years!!

The Tuesday after Labor Day in 2002 is when got my business license and decided to give this whole curly hair product thing a go. Am I ever glad I did. :)

If you know the origins of the Jessicurl story, you know that initially my goal was just to create something that worked for my own hair. When I accomplished that goal, I was so excited by what I’d done that I shared the recipe with my online friends on the hair discussion forum at NaturallyCurly.com. Not too long after (I’m talking within 24 hours) I got a slew of emails from curlies asking if they could just buy the magic potion from me.

The first to ask was Jordan Pacitti, someone whom I now consider to be a good friend. Jordan is an integral part of Jessicurl history and am so glad I’ve gotten to know him over the years.

When I decided to do this series of blog posts featuring Jessicurl customers to commemorate our 10 years in business, I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to start with than Jordan, my very very very first customer ever. :) Here's a picture of the two of us from a few years ago when I was up in Seattle.

Me with Jordan, my very first customer ever!

Your name: Jordan Pacitti