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Best Products for Type 3c Curls

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Type 3c Curly Kinky Hair
Type 3c Curly Kinky Hair
Type 3c Curly Kinky Hair
Type 3c Curly Kinky Hairr

Type 3C Hair - Best Products for Type 3c Curls

Subtype 3c is so much more than a subtype. NaturallyCurly members developed this hair type because the original system left out this unique curl pattern. It falls between 3b and 4a and has its own characteristics that separate it from either type 3 or 4 curls.

Type 3C hair has tight curls in a corkscrew shape. They're sometimes referred to as “kinky,” or very tightly curled since these curls are typically the size of a pencil of straw in circumference. It’s typically finer hair though it may not always look like it. There are lots and lots of strands densely packed together. It can be blow dried straight with some determination, but it is harder than 3A or 3B hair types.

You can find celebrities like Heather Headley, Alicia Keyes, or Jada Pinkett-Smith with this hair type.

The best Jessicurl hair products for type 3C hair are:

·        Hair Cleansing Cream for cleansing

·        Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner for daily and leave-in conditioning

·        Spiralicious Styling Gel for all types of styles. 

·        Deep Conditioning Treatment for deep conditioning.

Thanks to our friends at NaturallyCurly for sharing the Hair Typing System with us!