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Videos - How to Use Our Products

Videos - How to Use Our Products

With so many different types of curly hair of varying patterns and thickness, not everybody needs the same combo of products. I had a blast doing these curly hair makeovers and seeing the transformations as people’s curls went from frizzy and undefined to super curly ringlets in a short period of time.  Find the model with the hair closest to yours and check out the video to learn tips and tricks that will help you learn to love your curls.


Hair type:
Hair issues: None to speak of. We wanted to see what using Jessicurl products would do to her curl enhancement and definition.
Products used:


Hair type:
Hair issues: Puffy, undefined curls due to use of sulfate shampoos and no styling products.
Products used from the Rich and Radiant Collection™:
Ryan has very healthy curly hair but it was undefined and somewhat puffy when he came to see me. When he left he had well defined frizz free curls.


Hair type:
Hair issues:  Dryness overall but especially on the ends that still have some relaxer left in them.
Products used from Confidence Collection™: 
Tatiana is a fun and lively 10 year old who recently did a big chop of her relaxed hair. The last quarter inch is still relaxed but the rest is now natural. I used the Hair Therapy Wrap to help open the cuticle and get the Deep Conditioning Treatment to really moisturize and condition her hair. 


Hair type:
Hair issues:  Fine hair that gets weighed down but is also dry due to coloring.
Products Used from Light and Luminous Collection™:
Pahoma’s waves were loose and felt dry, but after using the products in our Light and Luminous Collection™ on her, she left with soft, well defined waves.


Hair type:
Hair issues:  Somewhat frizzy and a little dry on the ends; could use better definition.
Products Used from Rich and Radiant Collection™:
Kaylyn was a joy to work on because her hair was easily transformed from slightly frizzy and undefined to the most amazing ringlets.


Hair type:
Hair issues: A bit of frizz with slight lack of definition; somewhat dry.
Products used from Confidence  Collection™:
Ari has beautiful curls but they were a little on the dry side, but the products in the Confidence Collection™ remedied that really quickly.


Hair type:
Hair issues: Coarse with some frizz and lack of definition.
Products used from Rich and Radiant Collection™:
Laura’s looser curls are somewhat coarse due to the color and I could tell there was lots of untapped curl enhancement hiding in there. The products in the Rich and Radiant Collection™ really brought out her ringlets.