Whether you have fine waves or tight coils...
You have the right to remain curly!®

What Type of Curls Do I Have?

Find Your Hair Type

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Curly Hair Type 2 - Wavy HairCurly Hair Type 2 - Wavy Hair
Curly Hair Type 3 - Curly HairCurly Hair Type 3 - Curly Hair
Curly Hair Type 3c - Curly, Kinky HairCurly Hair Type 3c - Curly, Kinky Hair
Curly Hair Type 4 - Kinky HairCurly Hair Type 4 - Kinky Hair

Thanks to our friends at
NaturallyCurly for sharing the Hair Typing System with us!

What Products are for My Hair?

Jessicurl ProductHair Type
Gentle Lather Shampoo++
Hair Cleansing Cream+++
Too Shea!+++++
Deep Treatment+++
Oil Blend+++++
Scalp Massage Oil+++++
Confident Coils+++++
Rockin' Ringlets++
Awe Inspiraling Spray++++
Gelebration Spray++
Spiralicious Styling Gel+++++