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You Asked, I Answered

Jess Personally Answers Your Hair Questions

Are Jessicurl products safe for Children?

Hi Jess,
I have read about your products through naturallycurly.com and makeupalley.com and I really want to try them, however these products are for my 5 year old daughter who, according to the quiz has type 3c hair. Are your products safe for children? I am really interested in detanglers since it is so difficult to comb her hair in the morning. Thank you for your time, and keep up the wonderful work.

Answer: Jessicurl products are all safe for children, but I would suggest you use the No Fragrance Added versions for her, since fragrance can be an irritant to delicate skin. Hair Cleansing Cream is very moisturizing, so it helps soften the hair during the washing process, making the detangling process much easier later on. It’s best to comb tangle-prone hair when it’s wet and slathered in conditioner – it makes it much easier and less likely to break the hair. For this I would suggest my Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner. It’s very moisturizing and makes combing out tangles much easier.

How much Confident Coils should I use?

Hi Jess,
My hair is 3a-3b -- straighter/wavy and frizz-prone on top layer and curlier underneath. My hair is about medium thicknessWhen dry, my length varies from mid-neck and mid-ear level.

I have been using about 4-5 quarter-size puddles of the CCSS with RR lately. I usually put RR on to cover all of my hair (4-5 quarter size puddles of RR, too), to the point that it feels smooth when wet. Perhaps I need to cut back on the CCSS? It distributes easier than it looks like it will, so maybe I have been using too much...?

Answer: Yep, it sounds to me like you're using WAY too much of both RR and CCSS. I would cut back to 3 puddles of RR and 2 puddles of CCSS - and even THAT might be too much for your length - you might only need one puddle of CCSS. You'll need to try it both ways and see.

For perspective, here's how much I use. I make a mixture of CCSS and RR - about 3/4 RR and 1/4 CCSS. I use about 3 puddles of that in total, plus an additional quarter sized amount of CCSS. My hair sounds longer than yours and my hair is also VERY coarse and VERY thick.

So you have some experimenting to do. ;-) I'd suggest that tomorrow you try it with 3 puddles of RR and 2 puddles of CCSS. The next day try 2 puddles of RR and 1 puddle of CCSS, just to compare the differences.

Is Jessicurl safe for color treated hair?

Hi Jess,
Are all of your products safe for color treated hair? Is the Deep Treatment good for use before coloring? How long should I wait after coloring to use it?

I have wavy/curly hair which I always thought was thick but am now finding many products weigh down the curls. Any additional suggestions to keep the volume and curls as I finally after 45 years let my hair do its own thing! I like volume and curls!

Answer: Yes, all my products are safe for color treated hair. :) I personally use the DT the day before I color every time. I feel like it's an added defense against the damaging dye. You can use it the same day after coloring, but don't do it with heat for about a week or so after - heat opens up the cuticle (which is what helps the good DT get in there), but doing so too soon after coloring can let some of the color escape.

I too have curls that I prefer to be voluminous, and for this reason I don't try to "do" my hair the same day I DT - it's so moisturizing that it does weigh down my hair that day. I just rinse it out and put it in a ponytail the rest of the day. The next day I wash and condition as usual and I'm back to having the big curls that I like. :)

Can you help turn my waves and frizz into ringlets?

Hi Jessicurl,
I have hair that is down to just about 3 inches past neck. It is not quite full fledge curly, but more intensely wavy. However, the second there is any moisture in the air, my hair becomes super frizz! Not to mention the extreme spirals that appear at my nape of neck and edges of face... Ringlets galore! These are what I wish would be all over my entire head-soft ringlets that spiral all the way down with bounce. Right now, it is more like a curl here and there. Right now I use drugstore shampoo every other day for color treated hair and conditioner. I use an anti frizz cream from the drugstore and then blow dry. I don’t have the diffuser though. Sometimes I air dry. I found your site and wish to begin a regime with your products but don't know what to buy! Help?!

Answer: I think part of your frizz is due to your shampoo, and part is due to not using a diffuser on the end of your hair dryer. It's imperative for any type of wavy/curly hair, ESPECIALLY if you're trying to enhance the curl. So get yourself a diffuser. :-) I love the sock one that we sell, and it works great and fits on the end of any hair dryer.   Also, using my Hair Cleansing Cream instead of the shampoo you are currently using would also be a good switch to make. Check HERE to read how traditional shampoos can be too harsh and cause frizz. I also suggest watching my Product Demo Videos.  They’re very detailed and will show you some really helpful tips for styling your hair.

Could excess protein be drying my hair out?

Hello Jessicurl,
I have 3c corkscrew type of thick dry fine hair. My problem is that some parts, especially in the nape are just straw like, no curls just mass of frizzy hair all the time, not matter what I use on them. I'm lucky because the other nicely defined soft curls are covering those bad areas so they don't really show from under the outer layers, but I 'm just afraid my hair will change and be all like the nape area. I don't know why I have this difference, are they damaged parts that will grow out and be replaced with nicer ones?, or is it because I've been washing my hair almost everyday? (of course using either your Hair Cleanser or with conditioner no shampoo) I don't believe it is like this naturally.

I'm newly converted to leaving my hair curly. Before that I either press and curl it with hot iron (last one done was 6 months ago) or tie it in a boring ponytail all the time. I love my new look but the horrible difference in texture really bugs me. I deep condition with hooded dryer on low heat every weak, and I stopped coloring it 8 months ago. Last relaxer was done 3 years ago. I wish I can grow it longer - it is shoulder length so far, but will cut it, if the bad areas will grow out and be replaced. Please help, I trust you.

Another question about your great products, I know they don't have any of the drying alcohol but what about Silicone? Especially If not I will be faithful to all of your line eternally.

Answer: First off, there are no silicones in any of my products and never will be. :-) I hate them too. :-)

From what you wrote, it sounds like the underneath part of your hair may still be recovering from the hot iron. That type of heat styling is very damaging and does not recover just because you stop doing it. Hair grows about a half inch per month, so if you stopped doing it 6 months ago, then only the 3 inches closest to your scalp would be new growth. Is that part frizzy and straw like too?

Have you ever tried twirling that part of your hair when you’re styling it, to try to get it to curl better? If you take some Confident Coils Styling Solution in your fingers and twirl individual tendrils of hair while it’s wet it can really help that area stay better defined once it dries.

Your deep conditioning routine sounds great – keep that up. One question though – what are you using for your deep treatments? If it’s a conditioner high in protein, that could be contributing to your problem, as excess protein is known to cause dryness. Switching to a protein free deep treatment like mine will help.

Dear Jess,
Thanks very much for your customized message. I did not expect that. I expected an automated already formatted reply from your customer service. You are really a trustful person. Thanks again.

I'm confused about my new growth, they feel softer than the ends but still fizzy and look straw like.

As for my weekly deep conditioning, you are most probably right about the use of protein. I alternate using 3 different deep treatments very high in protein . In general it is very hard to find deep treatments that require heat. I heard that if they are not instructed to use heat, they are useless and the ingredients are not strong enough and simply they go down the drain. What do you think and what do you recommend as a deep conditioning protein free?

Answer: It does sound like you’ve overdosed on protein. Since you don’t color your hair or relax it anymore, and it’s been 6 months since your last hot iron, weekly protein treatments are not necessary, and could end up drying out your hair. This is what I think is the main problem with the underneath areas of your hair.

My Deep Conditioning Treatment is protein-free. It’s pure moisture that does work best with heat. (the instructions say to use with heat for 30 minutes once a week) I think that saying “unless it requires heat it’s a waste” is a bit of an exaggeration – all conditioners will work better with heat, since the heat opens up the cuticle of the hair and allows the conditioner to penetrate better. This can backfire, however, if the conditioner is high in protein and is used too frequently. So I think you’re problems have actually been confounded by using the heat with the high-protein treatments.

My suggestion would be to only use a protein treatment once a month, and do my protein-free Deep Treatment once a week with heat. This way you can still get some of the benefits that proteins have, but not to the point that you’re over-doing it and drying out your hair. If after 2 months or so you still have the straw-like problem, I’d say cut out the protein all together and only use the non-protein Deep Treatment.

This issue of protein also goes for your daily conditioner and styling products as well. This is the reason why I don’t use any proteins in any of my products. While there are some benefits, it is too quickly over done, leaving people with drier hair than before. That is not my mission! :-) If you find that the products you use every day all have proteins in them, you may want to re-evaluate what you’re using.

Could I be overdoing it on Oil Blend?

Dear Jess,
I have been using the Confident Coils with the Oil Blend For Softer Hair and maybe some Gelebration with good results. Good curls and very little if any frizz and halo frizz. I have been doing this successfully for about a week and half. But now all of a sudden my hair is looking greasy and the curls just look droopy to me. Can you please tell what I am doing wrong? Here is what my routine has been:

  • Condition wash with a non-Jessicurl conditioner
  • Rinse hair then do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse
  • Then do a deep treatment with your Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment or do a deep treatment with a non-Jessicurl conditioner for about 30 minutes
  • Rinse then air dry
  • Wet hair and condition/detangle with a non-Jessicurl conditioner
  • Take about 3-5 drops of your oil blend and smooth it over my hair
  • Bend over and take another 3-5 drops of your oil blend and rake through hair
  • Take a quarter size of CCSS and smooth it over my hair
  • Bend over and take another quarter size of CCSS and rake through hair
  • Bend from side to side and rake under the hair another quarter size of CCSS
  • Bend over one last time and scrunch with my microfiber towel
  • Air dry once hair is about 85-90 % dry then I put it in a ponytail using a scrunchie

Thanks for all of your help.

Answer: It sounds like you’re REALLY over doing the Oil Blend. 10 drops a day is WAY too much – try cutting down to 5 drops every other day and see if that makes a difference. If it’s still greasy, then I’d say the Oil Blend is best used on your hair as a once a week thing. Since you’re not washing your hair but conditioning every day, you’re never really washing the Oil Blend out of your hair, so it’s no surprise that it’s now getting greasy and weighed after a week and a half. If you want to keep using the Oil Blend daily, I’d say you need to be using something that will actually wash it out – my Hair Cleansing Cream or Gentle Lather Shampoo would do that since they have gentle cleansing agents in them. Otherwise it will continue to build up and weigh your hair down.

What’s up with alcohol as an ingredient?

Dear Jess,
I have read over and over that alcohols are bad for curly hair. If this is true, why do your conditioners and Confident Coils have alcohols in them? Will they dry my hair out?

Answer: I need to clear up a common misconception regarding alcohols. Not ALL alcohols are bad. The ones I use in Jessicurl conditioners are actually moisturizing - they're called fatty alcohols and they are what make conditioners creamy and detangling. (This is why it's virtually impossible to find conditioners without these types of alcohols - because they're so good!) The good ones are Lauryl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol and Behenyl alcohol. The bad ones are SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Alcohol denat, Propanol, Propyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. You will never find any of the bad ones in any of my products and are better off avoiding them all together, as you're right - they're HORRIBLE for curly hair. NaturallyCurly.com did a great feature article on alcohols in hair products. Read it HERE.

Can Jessicurl relax biracial curls?

My daughter is biracial and has curly hair. I like your products on her hair. I need a styling aid to relax her curls. When I use Rockin' Ringlets, Gelebration or Awe Inspiraling Spray they define her curls and make them shorter. She has plenty of curl definition and perfect spiral when wet. I need a product that will keep her curls relaxed when her hair dries. Do you have any recommendations?

Answer: Rockin' Ringlets is quite curl enhancing and I can see how it would make her hair shorter. While I don't have any products with will "relax" curly hair, my Confident Coils Styling Solution is thicker than Rockin' Ringlets and not nearly as curl enhancing. It defines curls really well without creating too much shrinkage in curlier hair, and is also very moisturizing as well. I would also suggest using a heavy conditioner, such as my Too Shea, to help add weight to the curls. You can use it both as a rinse out or as a leave in depending on how much moisture she needs.

Should I use Confident Coils with Rockin’ Ringlets?

Hi Jess,
I have purchased your Rockin' Ringlets and love it, but needed more hold and actually a bit more volume (my hair is fine). My hair is wavy/loose curly and I need the curl formation I get from the Rockin' Ringlets. Will Confident Coils give me the curl formation and hold or do you thing I will need the Rockin' Ringlets to go with it. What will the Confident Coils do if used alone?

Answer: It sounds like you will need RR to accompany CCSS. RR is the more curl enhancing of the two. CCSS is awesome for definition, clumping and hold. My guess is that if you used CCSS alone, you would have less enhanced curls (more like waves judging from what you said about your hair) that are very well clumped and soft.

What can I do for 2nd day hair?

Hello Jess,
I bought your try it all pack from NaturallyCurly.com, and I love it, so far. I have a question. I do not wash my hair every day, just once or twice a week, and I do not wish to make it wet every morning either. What products do you suggest for me to use in dry hair? My hair is long and I have a lot of curls, with thin hairstraws, but a lot of hair. My problems are to get the curls defined, and avoid frizzines. I also like to weigh my hair down because it is very light, and bounces easily up.

Answer: For 2nd day hair, I would suggest the following routine: Lightly spray your hair with Awe Inspiraling Spray. Then put a pea sized amount of Confident Coils Styling Solution in the palm of your hand, spray with some Gelebration Spray, rub your hands together and scrunch your hair. This will help to revive your curls and add some hold. If you find that it’s not enough hold or that you want your hair more weighed down, use a dime sized amount of the CCSS instead of a pea. After two days of this, however, you may want to totally wet your hair even if you don’t wash it, if you find your curls are getting harder to revive. However, sleeping on a satin pillow case will help keep the curls in better shape through the night, so you might try that to help extend the number of days between soakings. ;)

My hair is SO fine. Would just Awe Inspiraling Spray be enough?

Hi Jess,
I have super-fine wavy hair. I’m on the prowl for a styling product that won’t weigh my hair down, and yet, won’t help my hair turn into a stringy, tangly mess. My hair is just beyond my shoulders, so I do need to be careful of tangle-potential. I was thinking about the Awe Inspiraling Spray, since my hair truly needs very light handling, but on closer inspection of the information on your site, it seems to just be a curl refresher, not a styling product? Rockin’ Ringlets and Gelebration Spray both seemed too heavy, no matter how much I tried to apply lightly. Any advice for a fine/wavy girl??

Answer: My suggestion is for you to mix Awe Inspiraling Spray WITH your Gelebration Spray. They're both very curl enhancing, but mixing in the AS will keep the GS from getting too heavy for your fine hair, and the GS will provide some hold. I'd say a 50/50 mix would be good. You can mix them in the same bottle - just make sure to shake well before each use.

Can Jessicurl make my wavy hair more defined?

Hi there!!,
I just read about your products on http://forums.longhaircommunity.com. I have wavy hair. Would your products help my waves be more defined??

Answer: Wavy hair tends to respond VERY well to my products. Rockin' Ringlets is quite curl enhancing, so it will not only define your waves but boost them closer into the curl category as well. All of the other products are also great for wavy hair.

What do you recommend for kinky African American hair?

Hi Jess,
3 months ago we adopted an AA girl, 18 months old. Her hair was in a shambles. It was braided, but not very well, and had not been kept up. I took her to a salon to remove her braids and help me restore her hair. They said it was in really bad shape, and we decided to cut it into a little afro. Now I'm trying to figure out what type of products to use. She is very dark skinned, and has very kinky hair. I've been using the same baby wash shampoo, a leave in conditioner.

I've been told to try your products, but obviously with adopting 2 kids and trying to remain a stay at home mom, don't have a lot of money to toss at hair products. Can you tell me what type of products you would recommend?

Answer: My main recommendations for her hair would be the Hair Cleansing Cream and Too Shea! conditioner. At her age I hesitate to suggest styling products, but if you needed something for after her bath, a small amount of Confident Coils would help to define the curls from a mass of poof into actual curls. I would suggest you try them in unscented or Citrus Lavender scent, as the Island Fantasy might not be good for her sensitive baby skin. (the Citrus Lavender uses only natural essential oils, while the Island Fantasy uses synthetic fragrance oils) The Hair Cleansing Cream and Too Shea! are SO moisturizing, but don't have any mineral oil or petroleum to clog her hair. (For some awful reason, products marketed to African Americans are FULL of these terrible ingredients, but they are among the worst things for hair.) I would suggest you wash her hair with the Hair Cleanser by gently massaging it into her scalp. Don't get too crazy with it, or you could tangle her hair even worse and make it very difficult to untangle. Massage the lather into the scalp and finger comb the lather through the length of her hair. Rinse well and gently work some Too Shea! through the hair. Use a wide tooth plastic comb to comb the conditioner through the hair. This will really help with detangling as well. Rinse the Too Shea! out, but try to leave some of it in the hair. (this will help to keep it soft after it dries and will help to prevent it from frizzing and poofing out after it dries.) Do NOT brush her hair. Brushing while wet can break the hair, since it's most vulnerable when it's wet, and brushing while dry will turn the curls into a big, poofy, frizzy mass. If it tangles, gently comb from the bottom up only while it's saturated with conditioner. After the washing and conditioning, you could put about a dime size puddle of Confident Coils to help with poof and frizz. Just finger comb it through the hair and let it air dry.

Are Jessicurl Products Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Hi Jess, 
Have your products ever been tested on animals, also, are they vegan?

Answer: All our products are vegan and cruelty free.  The only aninal they have ever been tested on is me ;)  You may be interested to know that cosmetics sold in the EU (and hair care products are considered cosmetics in most parts of the world) are precluded by law from being tested on animals, they must be cruelty free and we have proudly sold our products in the EU for many years.