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Gluten Free FAQ

I have Celiac. Are Jessicurl products safe for me?

I have Celiac myself so I know how frustrating  it can be. The only potentially non-Gluten Free ingredient we use is the hydrolyzed oat flour in the Aloeba and Too Shea conditioners. As you likely know, oats themselves do not contain gluten but are often cross-contaminated by either the fields where they are grown or the equipment used in processing. The oat flour we use is not certified gluten free. That said, as you’ll see on each ingredient list, the oat flour is the last ingredient before the preservative, so the concentration of it in the formula is very very low. We also sanitize the production equipment between each batch, so if you are not comfortable using the two conditioners, you may feel comfortable using the other pdocuts that do not contain oat flour. I personally have been using the Too Shea every day even since diagnosis and have had no problems. Clearly, I have no idea what your personal level of potential cross contamination is so I’m not saying what you should do one way or the other, I'm just trying to give you the full picture.