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You voted in large numbers to tell me what silly New Year's resolutions you want me to do in public, on video. Here are the results.

Scott Musgrave of www.ScottMusgravehair.com is one of our newest retailers of Jessicurl products and we are SO happy to have him join the Jessicurl family. Scott is extraordinarily passionate about curly hair, as you’ll see during the interview, partly because he’s a curly himself. :) Scott is located in Cary, NC and after seeing a bunch of before and after pictures on his blog and website, I can say with 100000% certainty that I would absolutely let him cut my hair. :) In fact, I wish he was closer so that he COULD cut my hair. :) Maybe someday I’ll get back to NC and we can make that happen. In the meantime, check out this interview with Scott below where he shares some of his insights and philosophies about curly hair and his approach to loving it. :) 



How long have you been in business?

Since 1986

What made you go into the hair business?

I was dating a woman at the time while I was building houses and was 2 years out of the Marines. She was in hair school and saw my artistic side through my drawing, sleight of hand magic that I was performing and my care for people in general. She convinced me to attend. I don’t know where she is now, but thanks to her I am in a profession that I love.

If you specialize in curly hair, what made you adopt that focus?

There was a difference in expectation, needs and desire between the curly and straight haired clients. Cosmetology school does not prepare you to handle these needs and expectations, so you treat it like you were taught to with straight hair cutting techniques, tools and products. Of course, this sets the client up for disappointment as you do not exceed or even meet these expectations. Deep in my heart I could sense the disappointment from these clients, and I really did try to help them.

So instead of just shrugging it off with an attitude of ‘I did the best I could and if that isn’t good enough, too bad’,  I set out to understand these expectations and really listened to what was giving women with curly hair a hard time and started tweaking the cut on dry hair. I did 90% straight hair cutting techniques and 10% tweaking/random/ cutting when it was dry.

Over time, I incorporated more of the random cutting to now make it an organized cutting process I simply call my Curl Cut. I even have one I call a Cubist Curl Cut which is a free-form cutting method to accomplish design elements with visual balance that I do on dry hair, one curl at a time without touching your head with a detangling comb, regular comb or a towel. It is a magical process that sets me apart from 100% of the straight hair stylists out there and no one else is doing it as it is specifically designed for curly hair.



What changes have you seen in relation to curly hair in the last 10 years?

Stylists place a lot of emphasis on all forms of techniques, geometric shapes and wet hair cutting techniques and when you remove some of those elements or change the meaning of how these techniques are done, you make for some very uncomfortable stylists. Add this to the overwhelming barrage of product companies trying to profit from the movement of curly hair clients embracing their curls, and many stylists, as well as consumers, are overwhelmed. There used to be a section in the aisle of the drug store for people with curls, now there are warehouses with whole aisles filled with products for people with curls.

Lack of education and confidence are what is missing in the styling industry. Missing these two components is why stylists treat your curls with straight hair cutting tools, techniques and products. Over time, women being treated by stylists with a lack of confidence and education pass on their confusion to the person sitting in the chair and this sends a silent message to the heart of the person with curls that there is something wrong with their hair, we need to fix you or this is unmanageable and out of control. You end up getting tools and products to take home and learn to DEAL with your hair and over time, you get fed up with being treated this way and do one or more of the following: avoid salons, start cutting your hair at home, going over a year between cuts, wearing it up all the time, etc and many times getting better results than the $70 dollar cut you were paying for!



So, I took the standard salon service and restructured it to be all about The Curl. My first time clients go through a 20-30 minute Lifestyle Conversation where I go through understanding what my client is currently doing and how I can add or subtract parts to go with the vision/goal we arrive at, I listen for key parts that help me to discover what is important to her for what she wants her hair to be and do. Not just now but months from now.

This creates instant rapport and all my curly clients unload their stress through this process as they realize this is not your regular salon service where I do all the talking about ‘fixing’ your hair, it is about genuine concern for taking already beautiful hair to another level. It is important that my client be herself, not a fake being nice kind of way, but respectfully honest so we can get to the heart of the matter of making her hair beautiful. I have learned communication skills to help with strategically drawing this out from a part of my heart that relates to what they are going through and it almost seems spiritual. This may sound serious, but we have a great time and I encourage a sense of humor through this process. I have found that people with curls have a different perspective and sense of humor because of what we have been through that is not understood by those with straight hair.



How did you first hear about Jessicurl?

Part of that 20-30 minute discussion time is when some clients bring in products to look at and I go over the science and ingredients and see if they are in line for what we come up with for her vision and goals for her hair. I explain the concept of ‘filling & sealing’ to her and 9 out of 10 products have so many liquid plastics in the hair and this only goes against the vision we have for her hair and is doing the very thing she does not want - a triangle with frizz.

One lady brought in Jessicurl and I could not find anything ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ with the ingredients. Something inside me that I call ‘The Inner Curl Mentor’ spoke loud and clear: “CHECK THIS OUT!”

Since I am a research freak, I did a lot of background research on what other people with curls were saying, read reviews of your products and saw so many positive reviews. I sent you an email and you were nice enough to call me personally. After our talk I got my package of Jessicurl and set out to give it my trial period and test it out on myself first for a week or two. Then I took it into the salon to try it out on my clients who are ‘testers’ and who will give me hard core honest trustworthy reviews.  Jessicurl passed all the tests.

How long have you been carrying Jessicurl?

One month, and I wish I had found it years ago.

What sets Jessicurl apart from other lines, curly or otherwise?

What sets any curly product apart from any other line is mainly what is in it. Curlies are research fanatics and many know what certain ingredients will do for their hair, more so than ANY other hair type.

Online presence is a huge factor in building up a brands identity. I have learned that you can influence people with manipulation or inspiration and Jessicurl definitely inspires people through your website, Facebook page, blog and YouTube presence. People come and go in this business. I have noticed that you have been around for over 10 years and are always showing up here and there, a true sign of inspiring people with your passion. This overall presence builds trust and the endurance reveals to me that you are authentic and have a product that has stood the trials of good and bad. Persistence is an important value to me and I sense this in Jessicurl.


Thanks so much, Scott, for taking the time for this interview. Curlies in or near Cary, NC, get thee to Scott's chair!! :) And isn't it great to know that you can get your favorite Jessicurl products from him now too? :)

Check out Scott's blog for even more awesome curly hair info and pictures. :)


Curlies! I know you love Jessicurl products and now I'm asking you to vote for them in NaturallyCurly.com's 3rd Best Of The Best Awards contest.

The first two years NaturallyCurly.com held this contest, you made your voices heard loud and clear, and Jessicurl won tons of awards. :)  We thank you for that and hope you’ll vote again for your favorite Jessicurl products.

The rules of the contest clearly state that you must specify not only the brand of your favorite product (Jessicurl, duh. :), but also the specific product.   For instance, where it asks for favorite shampoo, Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream rather than just “Jessicurl”.   Or, where it asks for favorite daily conditioner, Jessicurl Too Shea.

Voting ends on January 21, and everyone who votes gets a code for 20% off an order at NaturallyCurly.com!  Neat, eh?  Of course you can buy all your favorite Jessicurl products there. :)   

 You can fill out the Best Of The Best Contest survey here.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, friends.  Every vote counts and helps tell the world that Jessicurl products are your favorites. :) 

2013. Here we are. We made it!

I’m not usually one for making New Year’s resolutions, but this year I did. I decided I need to come out of my shell a bit more. You know, not be so reserved. Not so inhibited. :)

Haaaa ha ha ha. Are you laughing yet? :) I could hardly type that with a straight face! :)

But really, 2013 is a great year to be more carefree EVEN IF it’s sort of my default state already, right? And, the Jessicurl team wanted a fun way to give you a good discount at Jessicurl.com to start the New Year out right and to celebrate that the Mayans were wrong and we all made it to 2013! :) I think you’ll like what we came up with. :)

YOU, my curly friends, get to help pick just HOW I’m going to come out of this horrible horrible shell of mine. :) That’s right; I'm leaving my New Year’s Resolutions up to YOU to decide! (Crazy, eh?) Pick your favorite 3 "resolutions" from the list of 13 below, and I will take the top 3 vote-getters and actually DO them. On video. Just for fun and to be entertaining for you. The winning antics will then become blog posts throughout the year as I complete them. FUN, right? :)

I also am willing to do what comes to YOUR mind. Fill in the blank in the second question, and I'll pick my top 3 favorites and do those too. If you want a shout-out in the resulting blog post when I do your idea, be sure to include your name. :) If you don't want your name used, just skip that part. :)

As if that weren't awesome enough, once you finish telling me what to do, a nifty little window will pop up with a code for 20% off any order at Jessicurl.com that lasts for 48 hours. (Get it? Rank my 13 resolutions and get 20% off? Clever, eh?)

Yep yep, a discount on your favorite hair products AND I'll do weird stuff on video. Hurry, do it before I regain my senses and change my mind. :-) Feel free to share and re-post this with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more the merrier when it comes to making me do stupid stuff, right? :)

For some reason, when I was writing this blog post I coudln't get this song out of my head. :) I wonder why? :)

Enjoy. :)

To say that Beverly Neeland, owner of Hello Curls in Sacramento, CA is passionate about curly hair would be like saying I laugh a lot. Calling it an understatement would BE an understatement. :) And I love that about her. In fact, check out what it says on her website:

“I only accept new clients with wavy or curly hair.  I
do NOT offer blow-outs or flat iron styles.”

Now, THAT, my friends, is a bold statement and shows just how dedicated she is to the curly cause. Beverly has been carrying Jessicurl in her salon since 2008 and while I have yet to meet her in person, I’ve spoken to her on the phone several times and each time it was like talking to an old friend. She’s just … friendly like that. :) So when I started this blog feature of interviewing the salon owners that carry Jessicurl, I knew she had to be among the first.


Beverly has a degree in theater from UC Davis and was a costume designer, makeup artist and wig master for 15 years. Her grandmother had been a hair stylist in the 30s during the depression and her family had always encouraged her to go into the business, telling her that it could withstand a bad economy. In 2003 she took that advice and went to cosmetology school, knowing that she wanted to specialize in curly hair.

In 2004 she rented a chair at a salon in Sacramento and knew she had to take every head of hair that walked in, even though she really only wanted to focus on curls.

This is where her story makes my blood boil…

“The salon where I worked for forbade me to have curly hair when I worked there”, Beverly says. “They said, ‘You look unkempt. You look unprofessional. We’re trying to sell these $800 Japanese straightening services and we can’t have you with curly hair trying to sell these services.’  I felt totally persecuted because of my curly hair.”

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?!?! No wonder she puts her foot down and only does curly hair now that she has her own salon, eh?

The chemicals used in the straightening services were also making her sick, so thankfully she was able to move to a new salon where not only did her health improve, she was finally able to do some curls! Word got out about her curl talents via the message boards and salon review section of NaturallyCurly.com, and her current salon, Hello Curls, is not only 100% curl-centric, it’s also completely green and caters to people with chemical sensitivities.

Says Beverly, “From 2008 on I wouldn’t take people who had straight hair or who wanted a blow out. I think they understand. I tell them,’ I can’t style your hair. I don’t have a flat iron. I don’t do those things at my salon. It’s not my thing.’”

I love it. I mean, of course I do. :) Check out these great before and after pics of one of Beverly’s happy clients. :)


As with most of the salons that carry Jessicurl, Beverly heard about us through her curly clients. :) (Thank you, again, for that y’all. :) ) She was carrying a different curly-specific line but several of her clients would bring Jessicurl in when they got their hair cut and Beverly realized it met her specifications for use in her salon.

As I said before, I’ve unfortunately not yet met Beverly in person but I know someday I will, and I know it will be awesome. She is warm, friendly, bubbly and clearly VERY passionate about curly hair and fostering our love for our curls. If you live in or around Sacramento, CA I can tell your curls will be in GREAT hands if you need a cut. :)


I decided that today was a good day to do a video blog. :) This one addresses some tips on getting a hair cut, evenly distributing products, and frizz control. :)

If there is one truth to the success of Jessicurl, it’s that there wouldn’t BE any Jessicurl if y’all weren’t out there telling each other about it. For reals. You are a chatty bunch and I thank you for it. :-) You’re telling your sisters and your friends and your cousins and your hair stylists how much you love Jessicurl and that’s a large reason why we’ve grown and survived for the last 10 years.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Entire books have been written about the concept. In fact, I read one WAAAAAAAYYYYY back in my first year in business called Creating Customer Evangelists and realized that without having a CLUE what I was doing – I was doing everything it said to do. :) Huh. I guess having a product people like goes a long way. :)

Anyway, I’ve always been like that too. Very loud-mouthed about stuff I like. :) I get SUPER stoked about bands I like or apps I like or books I like and if you’re in a 10 foot radius, you’re bound to hear about it.

But think about it. In our culture today, not only have we become virtually immune to traditional advertising, we go out of our way to avoid it. (Hello Tivo) We pay extra so we DON’T have to deal with advertising. We hate it and we’ve made that very clear. However, when your BFF bounces up to you just SPILLING OVER about her new latest and greatest whatever-it-is, you’re far more apt to listen because she has nothing to gain from being all excited about it.

Much like I have nothing to gain from being all excited about what I’m going to tell you about here! :) (Ha. See that segue there? Did you even feel that coming?) I’m totally not trying to get you to buy this stuff, I swear. I’m just sayin’, “Hey, I like this. Maybe you will too.” :)

If you’re a friend of mine on my personal Facebook page, you might have heard me sing the praises of Yogoman Burning Band, particularly their song, Gonna Get It. First of all, this band (from Bellingham, WA) is just all around awesome and their music is all very happy, upbeat and makes you dance. (Thus, no surprise that I’d love them, eh? :) )

But that particular song has become somewhat of an anthem for me. Many MANY times over the years, when I’m trying to make something really big happen, I’ll literally put that song on repeat and focus on what I’m trying to accomplish. The chorus goes, “She knows what she wants and she’s gonna get it.” Can’t beat that for being empowering, eh?! Plus, it’s just a great tune. You can listen to it here if you like. :) Good luck listening to it and not dancing though. :)



I also LOVE the Police Log of my local newspaper, the Arcata Eye. I know, I know, everybody thinks that THEIR police log is the best. But really? Ours is. One way I know is because it’s been published into not one but TWO books. Uh huh. Take that, um, other town’s police logs. :) Here are a few excerpts from this last week, courtesy of Editor Kevin Hoover.

9:18 a.m. You can’t shoplift from an I Street store, or any other for that matter, then go back later and pay for the stuff when you feel like it, then expect the workers to embrace your leisurely approach to retail. Banned.

2:10 p.m.
A Plazaland bongo upthrust
Left downtowners somewhat nonplussed
Cops duly responded
But drummers absconded
Averting one more bongo-bust

1:13 a.m. If you need to leave your backpack and flute in your parked car on Janes Road, go that extra inch and push the door-lock button down to avert later conversations with police.

Yeah. Weird stuff written weirdly. :) Gotta love that. The books are great because it’s the best of the best from over the years. (Wait, you mean you didn’t realize your hair products were made in a really weird town?)

Something else I’ve been all jazzed about lately that liable to land me IN the darn police log is Zombies, Run! It’s an app for iPhone and Android and if you already have it, you know why it’s awesome and can just skip this part. If for some reason this is news to you, OMG, it’s CRAZYFUN! :)

It’s part workout motivation app, part video game and part audio book, all rolled into one. You plug in your ear buds, turn on the app, and head out for a jog or walk. As you go, a story unfolds. A very long story, actually, that reveals itself over the course of 22 “missions”, with each mission representing a new workout for you. (So, like, you don’t do ‘em all on one day, m’kay?) Here’s what it says on the Zombies, Run! Website:

"You are Runner 5. Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You've got to help your base rebuild from the ruins of civilization by collecting critical supplies while avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse?  Even better, you can create your own custom playlists before you start running: the story unfolds in between your tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings."

If you have zombie chases turned on (and you should!), every so often it goes, “Warning! Zombies approaching!” and you have to SPEED THE HECK UP to out-run the zombies. The app uses your GPS and KNOWS if you do or not and if you don’t go fast enough you drop your supplies to distract the zombies. You NEED those supplies to unlock new missions! So those zombie chases really are motivating and really do make you run faster. It’s awesome :) As far as apps go, at $8 it’s on the pricey side but SO totally worth it. In fact, when I first got it, I used it so much I overdid it (who me?!), hurt my ankle and had to take the next 3 weeks off. So, like, don’t do that.

So, once again, there’s a blog post for you that’s not exactly hair related. :) However, part of the point of this blog was for us to get to know each other better, so maybe I just accomplished that a bit. Now you know I like to dance, jog and read the police log but ONLY if it’s written humorously. :) 

Yesterday I once again posted on my Jessicurl Facebook Page asking what you'd like me to blog about today, and several of you said second day hair. Well, that's EASY, since I've gone over this before. :) I even did a video a while back addressing the many ways you can achieve this elusive goal, so I’m re-posting it here for all the new Facebook fans and blog readers to check out. :)

I had such a great time interviewing and writing blog posts about some of our Jessicurl customers that I thought a great way to continue that would be to start featuring some of the awesome salons and beauty supply stores that carry Jessicurl across the country and the WORLD. :) (You do know there are literally LOTS of places to buy Jessicurl on this planet, right?) If you don't see one near you on our list, go ahead and fill out our New Retailer Form and let us know where you WOULD like to find us. :) 

I decided to start this series featuring Jim Ferguson of Ferguson and Friends Hair Salon in St. Petersburg, FL. (Jim doesn't have a website, so I linked to the page of awesome reviews he's received at NaturallyCurly.com)

To say that Jim is passionate about curly hair would be an understatement. To say that he is a huge fan of Jessicurl would be an even BIGGER understatement. :-) That's part of the reason why I wanted to interview him, of course. :)


Jim Ferguson

Jim has been cutting and styling hair since 1978 but his salon Ferguson and Friends has only been open since April 2012. So, congratulations Jim on your new venture! :) He was working in another shop renting a small room prior to that but decided that it was time to stop working for other people branch out and do his own thing.


Ferguson and Friends Salon

“I am a big fan of the cuts I get from Jim. I bring in pictures and Jim works wonders with my hair. He cuts my hair based on blending its innate patterns with the images/photos I bring in to create a unique style that's just as much a work of art as it is an amazing hair cut and style.” – Jim’s client M.


Jim got into cutting hair when he was a junior in college in Bozeman, MT, studying sociology and psychology.  He was working 3 jobs - waiting tables, working at K-Mart and also State Farm, and even with all three jobs, he was making less than $100 a week.

He used to get his hair cut at his stylist Dona’s house because she charged him less there than at the salon. One night he watched in awe as she cut 10 people’s hair and made $100 in one night. Suddenly an idea was forming. :) He asked Donna if she thought he could do hair, and she replied he could do anything he wanted to. He decided right then to go to school for hair. (And as we ALL know, it never hurts to have a stylist who has studied psychology, right?! :) )


“Jim is AMAZING! He is extremely talented and intuitive; a "hair whisperer" of sorts. He knows my hair so well that I just go in and say, "do your thing." He always picks the right style for my face shape, the right color, highlights, lowlights, everything. . I get compliments everywhere I go from friends and strangers alike. I live in Atlanta, GA and I fly into St Pete just so I can continue to have my hair done by Jim. Yes, he's THAT good.” – Jim’s client T.


Jim has studied under some extremely talented people in the hair industry, including Vidal Sassoon, and also worked at the Institute of Trichology in California. He’s been certified in several of the “curly specific” cuts available today but you won’t hear him going on and on about how one method is better than another. Nope, Jim loves curly HAIR, not curly hair ideology and I can tell that THAT is what makes him an amazing hair stylist. He said that sometimes he cuts the hair dry, sometimes wet – it all depends on the tightness of the curl, with the tighter curl patterns responding better to dry cuts and looser curl patterns handling wet cuts better.

He says he actually has had to fix his fair share of dry cuts people have had at other salons. “What they do is they hack the hair and you get layers and dips and I get women who come to me and they got tired of looking like a mushroom.” Jim says. “They come in and see your picture, Jess, and say ‘I want her hair!’”

(I’ll add that I personally have no affiliation to wet or dry cuts. I have had good and bad cuts done both ways and firmly believe it comes down to the stylist themselves, so I appreciate Jim’s attitude on this one. I would SO trust him to cut my hair! :) ) Here's one of his clients, before and after:




Jim doesn’t specialize in curly hair, per se, but it’s clear he is a Curl Whisperer and is always trying to encourage his clients to embrace their naturally curly hair.

“I started doing curly hair a lot more in 2009 and all of a sudden I started having clients asking for Jessicurl then they starting bringing it in.” Says Jim, when asked of how he first learned about Jessicurl.  “Client knowledge is big in this business and it’s always been the other way around but this product is the first time I’ve ever had the clients come in and tell me about something they’ve found that is really good.”

“When I opened up my shop, the first thing I did was order Jessicurl. I’ve slowly been getting my straight haired clients to use it too because it doesn’t strip their color.” He continues, “ when I use a product, when I do the shampooing and my hands aren’t chapped and red, that tells me I like that product. Also, your products layer nicely together and don’t build up. There’s no residue.”

“I finally found someone who knows how to deal with my crazy head of hair! He really listens and isn't just cut-happy. I actually drove from St. Cloud to have him style my hair (2 hours). I am so glad I did. Thanks to him, I am now sulfate-free and loving my curly locks again. He is the best. I would travel almost any distance to have him style my hair. The guy is a class A professional.” – Jim’s client C.

Interviewing Jim felt like talking to an old friend even though it was the first time I’d ever talked to him. :) I very VERY much want to go to St. Petersberg to meet him someday and if you’re in the area, it’s clear that you should have no qualms about him cutting your hair. :) Tell him I said hi when you’re there, eh? Thanks Jim, for being such an advocate of Jessicurl and I wish your salon tons of success. :)



Ferguson and Friends Hair Salon
2945 49th St N
St Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 637-1014





Yesterday I posted on my Jessicurl Facebook page asking you what you wanted me to blog about today. I have a few ideas listed in my notebook but none of them were screaming out to be begging to be written up. I figured since YOU are the ones reading this thing (right?), you’d be able to tell me what you’d like to read about! :)

There were several different ideas that came up (thank you, by the way, for all of your comments!) but a few people requested that I write about winterizing our curls. It’s clearly a well-timed question since winter is pretty much here. Sure, ok, technically it’s still only Fall but I know it FEELS like winter to many of you.

So let’s get into it, shall we? First of all, I need to preface this with the caveat that winter climates CAN and DO vary across the country, and as such, there really is no one-size-fits-all advice. I know, shocking, eh? :)

Case in point. For many MANY of you, your climate get drier, as does your indoor atmosphere due to indoor heating so basically, ALL the moisture is getting sucked out of your hair. For that reason, you’ll often be advised to put a humidifier in your bedroom or other parts of your house to help restore the lost moisture to your parched hair. This is great advice, because dry hair = frizzy hair. And I know we’re all just trying to make it through the day frizz-free.

Here on the Northern-most coast of California where I live? Where we basically live AT sea level? Totally the opposite. :) We get rain, rain and more rain and when it’s not rainy, it’s foggy, which, let’s be honest, is just what I like to call “non-productive RAIN.” :) It’s WET here, people! The LAST thing I need is a humidifier. In fact, I have a DE-humidifier in my house to help reduce the moisture content because closets and such tend to mold and mildew around here.  If you ever want to see an angry Jess, just find me on the day I discover my favorite pair of shoes or boots is MOLDY.  :) It’s not cute.

My point is, the advice I’d give someone living in, say, Chicago, is totally different than what I’d tell a local curly friend. We’re still seeking humidity control here in the winter due to the high atmospheric moisture whereas you curlies dealing with sub-zero temperatures need to get as much moisture and humidity as you can back in.

When the temperature and humidity drops and the indoor heat is cranked up, it becomes even more vital that you stick with your weekly deep conditioning treatments. (Ahem… My Deep Conditioning Treatment was MADE for this purpose…) You can (and should) boost their conditioning power by using a heat source, like with the Hair Therapy Wrap.  The heat opens up the cuticle of the hair which then allows the moisturizing properties of the conditioner to better penetrate the hair shaft.

Those of you who prefer to air dry your curls might have no choice but to diffuse them in the winter, as walking around with wet hair in the freezing cold is just not a good idea.  Whether you do it all the time or just in the winter, we can all agree that any kind of heat styling is going to further dry out your hair. Again, all the more reason to kick it up a notch when it comes to conditioning.

If you don’t have time to do a full on deep treatment with heat where you leave it in for 30-60 minutes and lounge about your house all luxuriously, try my multitasking version. :) While in the shower, wring your wet hair out really well, slather it in Deep Conditioning Treatment, put on a plastic cap and … clean your shower! :) The plastic cap will help trap in your body heat, thus helping to open up the cuticle of your hair, and it will also prevent the shower from rising out your DT as you clean. Is it AS effective as a 30-60 minute lounge-fest with the Hair Therapy Wrap? No, but it’s better than nothing AND your shower will be clean.

Since you’ll be fighting dryness all winter, it’s even more important to avoid shampoos and cleansers with sulfates in them, as sulfates tend to be very drying. This is a  non-issue if you’re exclusively using Jessicurl since we’d NEVER include them in our products. :) On the other side of that coin, you’ll want to avoid any products that have heavy ingredients that tend to build up, such as silicones, waxes, and petroliums, as then you’ll need the sulfates to get them out.  Again, stick with Jessicurl and you’ll be fine. :)

Basically, it’s all about moisture. It always is for us curlies, but much more so in the winter. We really don’t need to over think this, my friends. :) Just amp up your deep treatments, avoid products that dry out your hair and you’ll go a long way to keeping your curls looking good this winter. :)