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Club Jessicurl

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:08 -- evenvision

Club Jessicurl

There’s a new club in town and we’re pulling back the velvet rope just for you! :) Welcome to Club Jessicurl.
We know lots of you buy with friends to save on shipping costs and we think that’s great. We want to encourage that AND give you even better savings when you team up with your curly friends, so we created Club Jessicurl. Here’s how it works.
First, each chapter of Club Jessicurl needs to designate a Head Curly and fill out the form below with the key details. We’ll email your Head Curly an order form that will be used to place each Club Jessicurl order.
Next, gather up some curly friends to be in your club! The more you order the more you save! :) ALL Club Jessicurl orders get $5 flat rate shipping PLUS…

  • Orders over the $300 minimum get 15% off
  • Orders over $400 get 20% off
  • Orders over $500 get  25% off


We’ll also throw in some free samples to each Club Jessicurl order and will periodically offer you even BETTER deals throughout the year. We want you to have FUN with this, curlies! :) Since we’ll be shipping all orders in one box, it just makes sense for you to get together and have a party when your package arrives and you divvy up your goodies, right? Maybe I’ll Skype or Facetime in and say hi sometimes! This is all about building our curly community and saving some money at the same time. :)  A little fine print, due to the wide variation in customs and duties charges around the world, all Club Jessicurl shipments must go to U.S. addresses only. Also, Club Jessicurl orders cannot be combined with other special promotions going on at Jessicurl.com.  So for you international curlies, make sure you at least include one member in the U.S.  
So, spread the word to your curly friends in your area and get your club started. :) Have a curly day!