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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


Hi, I reached out to you at the beginning of my curl journey. I ordered some samples as your products came highly recommended[.] It’s taken awhile for me to try various curl-friendly brands[...] to figure out what works best for my hair type and curls. I’m thrilled to report that Jessicurl FAR outperformed all three other brands I tried.

I’ve never had easy hair, and it’s gotten considerably more challenging with age. Even still, with your products, I’m feeling much encouraged, and a whole lot more attractive. I’m a fan and as an extroverted educator, I will spread word of your glorious products to everyone who will listen!!!




I just want to say thank you for creating such healthy, effective, luxurious products. I really thought my curls were the best they could be when I was using [Other Brand], but the moment I switched to Jessicurl, I could see and feel better clumping, more defined ringlets, and way better second, third, even fourth day curls. I also love that your products are free of potentially harmful chemicals.

I’m using 5 of your products now and I can’t wait to try everything from the collection!

If I had any constructive feedback to give at all, it might be to add more fragrance options? Even that feels like telling Beyoncé that Homecoming was good, but it needed more costume changes... Keep doing what you’re doing!

Thank you again,

-C B
Brooklyn, NY


"Please continue the great job you are doing. Please let Jessi of Jessicurl know that her products make a difference in people's lives. Truly. As someone who has had celiac for over a decade now (and migraines for longer) it has been a journey trying to find products that I can use that work without hurting me. Jessicurl products are such a rare find. They are safe and wonderful. I am so excited to be a customer and my husband loves that I am safe using each and every product. He loves my curly hair too and compliments the curls often. We both thank you and wish you more success. " -JG


"The Too Shea conditioner is amazing when mixed with a styler or gel for a leave-in product. This past week in Minnesota our dew points were in the 80's with heat indices up to 120 degrees F. My curls were frizz free, hydrated and soft. I am still transitioning to the products but I am seeing and feeling noticeable results. Thank you for providing clean and truly healthy hair products." -YH


"I just wanted to share my success after using samples of Jessicurl products. After 10 months on the Curly Girl Method I was ready to give up because my hair just wouldn't respond well to any products. I just ended up with frizz all day everyday! And of course I was tired of wasting money on new products only to fail. When I heard on a Facebook curly hair support group Jessicurl would send samples and decided I had to try one more product line. I may have similar hair type to Jessie (3A, 3B, high porosity, dense hair) so I was intrigued to give it a go. The results of one application were amazing! I even got fantastic results on day 2 with a refresh. I live in the south and yesterday we had 65% dew point and I had nearly no frizz.......unbelievable! I promptly ordered the whole line of products and hope my hair will continue to have fantastically curly days ahead. You have a loyal new customer and fan.

Thank you!" -N.S.


"Thank you for continuing to introduce new products. Your new Spiralicious is what hooked me. Love the how to videos!" - S.W.

"Your products are truly the best I have ever used on my curly hair...and as with most curlies, I have tried many through the years." - O.S.

"I have thin, soft hair naturally with 2a/2b curls. With your products, I have the loose spiral curls my hair is prone to (and I love!) though I wasn't aware of this until I used Jess' plunking technique and only using T-shirts to scrunch and plunk! I started that many years ago when I first found Jessicurl through another website. At that time, I ordered a travel size collection that I didn't have too much success with, at that time. But I always used the scrunch, plunk, T-shirts, and don't dare touch my hair until it dries completely, from that time forward. Fast forward a few years, I decided to try Jessicurl again about a year ago. Boy am I thrilled I did! I quickly figured out I was using too much product all those years ago. I use Jessicurl products from start to finish and couldn't be happier. And the compliments I get! Thank you Jess and Jessicurl for all you have done and continue to do!!" - R.C.


"At 64 years old I have tried many, many products to tame my frizz. Very few products out that that actually work; yet retain the soft look, on Caucasian curls. Very, very happy with Jessicurl." - H.C.

"Love the how-to videos and the questionnaire to find your exact curl type." - E.S.

"With my initial shipment, one of the bottles opens and coated its contents all over the box. While initially annoyed, I was thrilled with how quickly you responded and made it right. You definitely earned my loyalty with this transaction!" - G.C.


"I'm a Latina woman with naturally very curly hair. But, it's very thin, fine and fly away, like a poodle. Rockin Ringlets has no weight to it at all, so it creates the most amazing soft bouncy natural curls like I've never seen before!" - T.C.

"I really appreciate the very specific descriptions of what products do--most companies say something vague about having sleek, touchable hair. Your product descriptions give me a sense of why exactly I might use that product, and I will say that I experienced them as spot-on." - P.L.

"Thank you for asking for feedback in order to improve products! It's clear that you are committed to improving based on how people are liking your products. - V.C.


"At the time of my last order there was a 30% discount on the total and when I checked out I could not get it to apply the discount. At the bottom of the website it asked for comments and I stated the above problem. Someone answered the next day and said they had applied the 30% discount for me. So grateful and considerate, thank you." - M.C.

"I was asked so many times about what I used! I already sent someone a link to your amazing products. - E.S.

"I love Jess so much! Her positive attitude and bubbly personality make the how to videos fun to watch and easy to follow. I love the before and after comparisons in the videos and showing how the products really work. I also love that I can get little samples before making a commitment." - T.S. 


"Best products I've found for my uncontrollable curls!" - G.D.

"My hair looks better than ever! My curls stay together, don't frizz, and aren't weighed down." - D.R.

"I love that the fragrance was an option! Some brands have too strong of a scent and I thought that this was awesome!" - F.D.


"I really love the Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner and Spiralicious Styling Gel! Too Shea is very moisturizing without weighting down my 3a/b fine curls and Spiralicious holds my curls beautifully for a few days. Love it. Keep up the good work. :)"

"It's great that you have all your products available in a no fragrance option. So, so many products are unusable for me due to the heavy scent. Ugh. And the samples are very useful too." - P.K.

"I love your products. My hair is manageable, healthy, and cute since using Jessicurl." - H.B.


"My hair looks and feels amazing after using the products. ❤️❤️" - K.N.

"I just had a young adult ask me about my hair! I am 62 years old! Imagine my shock when this young lady approached me in a restaurant asking me what I used to get my hair like it is. I told her to check out jessicurl.con and encouraged her to order the sampler set according to her hair." - H.S.

"Thank you making a product that actually does what it promises - I love my hair now!!! I will be sure to tell everyone I know that has curly hair to use your products." - G.D.


"I love the hair oil, and loved that I could get samples of the product before I invested in a large bottle." - T.S.

"I've only tried a handful of your products and so far I like them. A little goes a long way and your brand is good to me thus far and I like that you offer samples and no fragrance options." - B.C.

"I <3 your gel! I'ts the best!" - J.D.


"Spiralicious is awesome for frizz in my Gulf Coast climate! I also love that you sell fragrance-free products. Sample sizes are very helpful. I probably would have never bought a full bottle of any products without being able to try them." - I.V.

"I love the Jessicurl products. They are my primary hair products and have been for about a decade." - D.G.

"I was so happy when I found these products! Earth friendly, and available without fragrance! Oh yea, they make my hair nicely wavy with no frizz and no fuss." - J.S.


"I use everything Jessicurl now and it all works beautifully. I am finally a HAPPY curly head. Thank you." - J.S.

"Please do not change a thing!!! I absolutely have not found any other styling products that I do not react to due to severe allergies." - T.D.

"Love Jessicurl! You do need to expand to other countries, like Panama, *cough cough* Because There are not these types of products there and I suffer." - T.S.


"I love each product description and how Jess explains which curl type the product is for." - E.C.

"You guys rock! Keep up the good work." - D.E.

"They are great for my hair, and I love that they are natural and also a smaller company. My fave hair products!" - M.V.


"Love your company, love your products. I recommend you to anyone who compliments my hair! :)" - J.V.

"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE Spiralicious whatever you do don't change a thing." - P.D.

"These products are impeccable!" - D.J.


"Very happy with all your products. Love the hair oil! :)" - D.F.

"Every sample I've tried I'v gone back to buy the full product. My hair absolutely LOVES your products especially the Deep Treatment Conditioner." - S.G.

"Keep on doing what you are doing. Love, love, love your products." - M.D.


"Customer service was nice. I had a problem and they corrected immediately without have to give a long story. I really appreciate that." - R.U.

"Love the how-to videos and the questionnaire to find your exact curl type." - J.M.

"Wonderful products! Just tried the Gelebrations Spray for the first time and LOVE it. Thank you so much!" - P.L


"The products work WONDERFULLY and smell AMAZING!" - E.C

"All your conditioners are fantastic. My hair loves Too Shea." - D.D.

"I love the styling products. My husband's family is from Humboldt County and a few years ago I bought some Confident Coils and Rockin' Ringlets in the Co-Op in Arcata. My daughter and I have used it ever since!" - E.J.


"Love all my jessicurl products and quick delivery options - thank you." - E.W.

"I can't live without my Jessicurl!!" - U.G.

"There is no similar product to Spiralicious that I have found that I would consider using how I use it. Keep up the good work and supply!" - T.G.


"Love the energy and enthusiasm of the site, the advertising, the message." - G.E.

"I Love the products, love the staff, love Jess!!" - P.L.

"I'm new to Jessicurl and am still figuring out what works for my hair and what doesn't, but the resources on your website are phenomenal. I also wrote in to the general Q&A email and received a very helpful and quick response. Thanks!" - N.E.


"I love the products. The gentle lather shampoo and aloba conditioner are my daily products. Please keep doing what you are doing. I have been using these products for over 10 years and they are a life saver." - W.M.

"I have very much appreciated the customer service that I have received while trying to order my Jessicurl products. The lady who assisted me went above and beyond to help me and to make sure I was satisfied with the process. Thank you!" - N.D.

"Thank you for the quality of your products and the fragrance-free options!!" - E.G.


"For years I have worn my fine curly hair straight, and it's so much work! Other products I tried would weight my hair down. I prefer full, soft hair, not big and frizzy. I love Jessicurl products as they are weightless and I can use them daily, even if I decide to wear my hair straight for the day." - L.C.

"Love the fragrance of lavender citrus. Love the warehouse pick-up option. Love the special offers. Love the bulk options in Arcata. Love Jess' personal stories. All around extremely satisfied customer. Thank you so much!!" - H.C.

"I Love the videos. They help out a lot with product application." - Z.T.


"I absolutely love Jessicurl Too Shea it is the best detangling product for kinky hair." - P.T.

"Appreciate the education on your website in identifying my hair type. Certainly helped a lot in choosing products for my hair." - W.Y.

"Love the fragrance of lavender citrus. Love the warehouse pick-up option. Love the special offers. Love the bulk options in Arcata. Love Jess' personal stories. All around extremely satisfied customer. Thank you so much!!" - G.P.


"I like the Confident Coils a lot because it leaves my hair natural looking and not overly-styled, but not super frizzy/undefined." - E.C.

"I love Jessicurl products! They work really well for my curl." - C.F.

"My curls have never been happier!" B.K.


"You guys rock! Keep up the good work. I am spreading the love in RI now." - G.C.

"I was amazed at how quickly you shipped my Spiralicious to Australia. It removes one of the greatest disincentives from buying online." - M.E.

"I love how you explain all of your ingredients on your website, it's really helpful." E.W.


"So happy you offer shipping to military addresses and ship time was super quick on both my recent orders!" - W.M.

"I love how the products hold my curls in humidity." - D.S.

"Thank you for offering the unscented version of your products!" - S.R.


"Jessicurl is the first product I've used that actually conditions my hair enough and I've tried everything!" - D.L

"These are THE BEST products for curly hair! Love them!" - F.D.

"I love the tutorials and the FAQ about how to use (and how much to use of) products." - T.Y.


"I just want to say a quick thank you. I had written in with a question and Jess herself replied to my concerns. She was absolutely right with her advice and my hair has taken a turn for the better. Thank you so much. I will continue to use your superior products." - F.K.

"I love the fragrence free products. I get migraines and can ONLY use fragrance free. Thank you!" - G.D.

"I often try other products, and many are very good, but Jessicurl is always the best. I have recommended your products to friends and co-workers." - M.D.


"I tell everyone about my Jessicurls!" - J.E. 

"Love your products!!! I have had more compliments on my hair in the past two weeks using your products." - D.J.

"Your products are fantastic! Even my hairdresser noticed the difference after I started using them. I have recommended them to many curly-haired friends!" - C.E.


"Don't change a thing! I wouldn't know what to do without my Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling spray! I tell everyone about it. It's the cure for everything wrong with my curls! Love it!" - K.E.

"I recently bought the 100% silk pillow cover. WOW, what a difference it has made. You all were definitely correct in saying that it should be the only thing we curlies should be sleeping on. Had been sleeping on a cotton pillow case for like forever, & would wake up every morning with a frizz ball on top of my head. With the silk pillow case, I have not woken up 1 morning since sleeping on it with any frizz at all. Has made my morning hair routine SO much easier & less time consuming. Thanks again for a great product!!!" - O.F.

"I love that you offer sample sizes so that I can try out everything first!" - W.D.


"Love your products! I always make sure to tell other curly girls about them when I get compliments or questions about what I use." - T.Y.

"This is my favorite deep conditioner. Gives my hair the most moisture." - G.V.

"I appreciate the glycerin free gel option. My hair cannot handle glycerin at all, and I know I'm not alone. Thank you making a gel without this ingredient." - N.C.


"Great Products. And you make it easy to figure out what products will work best with my type of hair." - M.E.

"Your site is easy to navigate. Chocked full of useful information and not just the usual sales tactics." - C.D.

"Thanks so much for making me realize that less is more on 2a hair. I kept trying to add product to make my fine hair thicker but realized I was just weighing it down. Looks so much better with your products." - D.L.


"Love your products! My hair is soft and not crunchy." - V.B.

"THANK YOU for the unscented option!!! I have severe migraine, often triggered by fragrances. I really appreciate your unscented products!" - D.F.

"I love everything that I've tried, which is Deep Treatment Conditioner, Too shea conditioner and Spiralicious Gel. I especially love To Shea and Spiralicious and will be buying the 32 oz when I finish what I have." - R.G.


"I get migraines from scented hair products plus it's hard to find good curly/wavy hair products. Your products are TRULY unscented and work great on my hair. You saved my curly/wavy life! Now I'm not afraid to wash my hair because it could make me sick and ruin my curls!" - T.D.

"I enjoy the tips on how to use the products. That is almost as important as the products themselves." - W.M.

"My curls have never looked so good or have been so manageable." - H.G.


"Glad I tried your product , it has completely changed my hair!" - H.T.

"I've been trying out sample sizes and will be ordering full size soon. I love it that you have samples and small sizes for sale. I've wasted so much money trying to find new products and only using them once or twice." - G.T.

"I was so happy when I found these products! Earth friendly, and available without fragrance! Oh yea, they make my hair nicely wavy with no frizz and no fuss." - M.M.


"I'm new to accepting and loving my curls and that’s thanks to Jessicurl. The other day was the first day I experienced rain on my curls since I started using your products, and instead of the frizz I always get, my curls actually looked better after getting wet! Because of Jessicurl, I not only love my curls, but I'm no longer afraid of the effects the weather can have on my hair. Thanks!" - D.C.

"Love, love your products. I've never used a product that made my hair look so good. Perfect spiral ringlets." - W.M.

"Love the whole story of this woman and her excellent product!" - G.D.


"Can I just say please don't ever go out of business! I love Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Treatment. For me these are holy grail products and I have honestly never used anything that worked as well. I am washing my hair daily and finally am not drying my hair out like when I used sulfates and silicones." - N.H.

"Your website is very educational, easy to use and informative. On my first visit I was able to choose products that were proven effective for my hair type. I also like the helpful videos to show us how to use the products!" - J.S.

"I appreciate the option of purchasing a complete hair care line that does not contain fragrance! Jessicurl products produce excellent results and my hair and scalp loves them." - D.D.


"I love my curly hair and always have but Jessicurl makes me love it more. I sure wish I had known about Jessicurl when I was a teen. Other products weigh down curls but Jessicurl doesn't. Thanks so much for these products." - B.F.

"Not only do I enjoy supporting another woman in business and everything this company stands for, it happens to be the best product on the market for curly hair. I have to tell you that even though I work for an amazing company that makes luxury hair care, I still purchase these products. Just incredible!!!" S.H.

"Awesome product for coarse, wavy, frizzy hair. A must try." - C.C.


"If you have curly hair these products are the bomb! I can't live without them. I use Gentle Lather Shampoo, Too Shea Conditioner, Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils styling aids. Love the way the feel in my hair and how my hair behaves. Truly the best!!" - N.H.

"I discovered Jessicurl online after searching for hair product to help with my dull lifeless curls, that would not cause more damage, and could be shipped to Australia. Well all my prayers were answered with Jessicurl. Thank you for your amazing products my hair and I could not be happier." - M.P.

"It's the best hair product line out there for my daughter's hair!! And even though she's only 2, I've tried almost all of them." - D.N.


"Thank you for creating a product that can tame the beast that I call my hair!" - E.K.

"Thank you making a product that actually does what it promises - I love my hair now!!! I will be sure to tell everyone I know that has curly hair to use your products." - D.F.

"I use the Too Shea conditioner and Spiralicious Styling Gel. I have never NEVER used a product that kept my hair from getting frizzy all day without being super crunchy until now. Thank you!" - E.T.


"I really appreciate that you make products for all types of curls, not just coarse, dry curly hair. Mine is thin and fine, and I find that most curly hair products are too heavy. I use your Gentle Lather Shampoo, Aloeba Daily Conditioner, and Spiralicious Styling Gel, and they are perfect for my hair. I can't thank you enough." - N.R.

"I love all of the products I have ordered especially Spiralicious." - D.W.

"I am incredibly happy that my partner showed me your products. I can finally enjoy my curls. Thank you!" - B.M.


"I love the results I get, the fact that it takes such a small amount of everything, and that my hair feels so clean even though I have multiple products in it." - P.G.

"The products are wonderful and I am thrilled that my skin and scalp are no longer inflamed from using other products. Even after a workout my scalp stays calm." - V.B.

"I love the fragrance free as I have allergies to dyes and perfumes." - M.M.


"Great products! I thought I was an expert at my hair but your products have revolutionized my curl and have had great results with your techniques too. Thank you for amazing products! I typically switch every few years or as my length changes, but I think I've found my products for life!" - J.F.

"Jessicurl is the only product line that work on my curly, frizzy hair." - T.G.

"Have just tried 4 samples so far, all of which I really liked. I'll be ordering 4 more samples soon." - D.E.


"Your videos transformed how I'm doing my hair in the mornings. I love the fact that the products are made with natural ingredients and are available with no fragrance. I'm really pleased and am ready to try additional products!" - D.C.

"Just had some new success when I added the Oil Blend to my usual Rockin' Ringlets and Spiralicious. I am using about 3 drops of Oil Blend distributed on my hands to scrunch while my hair is still wet (so on top of the Spiralicious). It is making a huge difference in terms of better definition and less frizz!" - H.K.

"Thank you for making an excellent shampoo and conditioner. I especially appreciate that your products are available as fragrance-free!" - G.T.


"I really like Rockin' Ringlets! And I really appreciate the no fragrance option on your products." - N.M

"Love products. I haven't found any other products that work for my hair & curls." - P.W.

"I love Spiralicious! It's one of my favorite products! I also love the Deep Conditioning Treatment and your 3 fragrance options! As someone with allergies it's nice to have options. Your lavender citrus smells amazing and isn't too strong." - S.E.


"I am 63 and have been fighting my hair forever. I have tried everything. Jessicurl products are beyond amazing. Love, love, love my new beautiful curls. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jess. After all these years, I actually like my hair!" - V.R.

"I LOVE that you offer samples! YOU'RE THE BEST!" - D.E.

"Love Rockin' Ringlets. My hair looks good for days." - J.G.


"I'm thrilled! Don't change a thing! These products work! It's been soo much money and time trying! So happy I stumbled onto your line!" - H.C.

"I really like how you offer samples and different sizes that I can purchase to try according to my budget. I have spent $40.00-50.00 on other curly hair products just to not like them." - T.Y.

"I will be recommending your products to every Curly girl I see from now on. Keep doing what you are doing, Jessicurl! Rock on!" - G.E.


"Your sales are so incredible! Especially free shipping. I find your products easy to recommend because they work well, smell great, are vegan, and are not animal tested." - S.J.

"Your products are the best I have used on my hair, in combo with a curl cut. Sometimes I need to just switch to change up for my hair, but I always come back to your products!" - H.L.

"I love your products and have been using them for years. I love the Island Fantasy scent and get compliments on it all the time." - L.E.


"I thought I had found the best gel on the market to work in the brutal humidity of South Florida. Until yesterday when I finally tried Spiralicious. Wow! "Impressed" is not even enough to express my surprise in realizing how much it delivers in every possible way. I simply washed and conditioned, put a little leave in and topped everything with Spiralicious, diffused, and BOOM! Beautiful hair. I really have to tell Jess THANK YOU, really, from the heart!" - F.H.

"I love the ability to get a free sample to try something new or pass a beloved product on to a friend, thanks! I give them to my students." - J.S.

"Thank you for your great work, presented in an appealing and lovable way!" - D.S.


"I really enjoy all the products. I thought I had wavy hair, but after using Jessicurl products my hair comes out with big loose curls. The type of curls I have been trying to get for years. My hair is soft and shines. I highly recommend Jessicurl to anyone." - G.T.

"I LOVE Confident Coils and the Deep conditioner! Thank you for excellent cruelty free products!" - P.C.

"My waves are SMILING." - G.C.


"Love love love my Jessicurl products and will never go back to my old crappy shampoo/conditioner. Thank you Jess for coming into my life." - H.J.

"Thank you! I love your products! It's so hard to find products that actually work with the masses of hair on my head, and to be able to get them scent free is amazing!" - D.L.

"I like how quickly the products arrive at my house after I order them." - T.Y.


"Everything is perfect - don't change a thing." - E.G.

"Thumbs up for making unscented products!!" - F.C.

"The product was purchased as a gift and the recipient loved it and will be using Jessicurl hair products from now on. Thank you!!" - B.V.


"I just love Jessicurl products. They are the only reason I realized my hair didn't have to be a poofy, unshapely mess. Keep up the good work, you guys rock!" - J.H.

"Thank you for providing the free samples. You are one of the few to do that and it makes a big difference in terms of customer appreciation." - N.M.

"I absolutely love your products. They have a wonderful scent and they enhance my curls." - G.S.


"My products were packaged very well; no excess package material. Great job! To offer no fragrance products is a major plus. Never heard of you before, and stumbled upon your website. Will stay with you from now on since I'm a satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!" - P.L.

"Your products are wonderful! After using them my hair looks great. I also apprentice the generous samples you offer." - E.F.

"Great curl control. Not crunchy or wet looking." - D.W.


"I appreciate how complete the information on your web site is. Very helpful. I've tried several products now and will be repurchasing." - J.D.

"I simply love these products so far. I also think the price is reasonable!" - K.S.

"I love, love, love your products! I wish i had discovered them sooner." - G.F.


"I love what Jessicurl has done for my hair. No other product can match this. The first time I used it I threw out all my other products. Thank you!" - H.N.

"I use Rocking Ringlets and Confident Coils. I like the curl lasting power. I've gone 4 days between washes, at times, and there is still curl definition! Pretty amazing." - F.M.

"I love your products and your company. Your customer service is amazing!" - D.R.


"My hair looks and feels better and better with each month that I use the products. Love them!" - J.T.

"The products are great, love the way they truly work with my crazy hair." - D.W.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making unscented products! I just switched from another curly line because they have phased out their most lightly-scented products and everything else they sell gags me." - T.J.


"JESSICURL PRODUCTS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE (yes, I'm yelling on purpose!). Best. Products. Ever." - D.G.

"Yay! Happy anniversary Jess. You've changed my life and many other curlies for the better. I can't thank you enough and I'm so proud of you as a positive role model and business woman in this world. Many blessings to your continued success." - L.E.

"Your styling products are THE BEST! No matter what I try in the last few years (very little anymore) I return to Hair Cleansing Cream as well." - K.G.


"OMG! I loved all your products! I have to say, I was a little skeptical about it. But after I tried one of the samples you sent me I knew I had to try them all!mAnd I liked it a lot!" - F.C.

"Love the products and love the customer service!" - P.K.

"Since using Jessicurl products, I've gone au natural and am enjoying the compliments - and spreading the word!" - R.D.


"I love Jessicurl! It is an awesome company, and the products are awesome. Customer service is the best. The website is so informative." - T.F.

"Keep up the great work! I love this company!" - J.V.

"Jessicurl is the best thing I have ever used on my hair. Love the unscented line." - G.G.


"Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner works for my hair like no other conditioner. I have thick coily hair and my strands are fine and prone to breakage. Moisture is a must for my hair. I have tried so many conditioners over the years and none other works for me to melt away tangles and dryness. A huge thank you from hot and humid Charleston, SC." - D.L.

"I learned a thing or two from the videos. I get better results now that I don't let my hair start to dry at all before I comb out the tangles and scrunch in my confident coils." - H.G.

"I like how helpful the website is when it comes to finding the right products for my hair type." - S.W.


"I am a Caucasian mom with straight hair who has a biracial child. Youur products were recommended to me by a curly coworker. Since I've started using them on my son's hair, there's been a complete transformation from dry frizz to quite nice curls. Thanks you!" - E.J.

"I just sampled Rockin Ringlets...I want to marry it!" - N.G.

"My favorite hair products, makes my hair look like I want it to look." - H.T.


"I tried to find good products for my curly hair for over 40 years and nothing satisfied me until Jessicurl! So grateful to have found you." - H.D.

"Great products, been using them for several years. Thanks for the frequent special deals!" T.S.

"I use your products to extend the life of my perm and they work great." - D.E.


"Since trying your products, I've had great success with Rockin' Ringlets and Spiralicious. They're AWESOME when it's humid outside. I get zero frizz as long as I don't use my blowdryer too long in the morning. Thank you!" - D.C.

"Love your products!!! I wish I had tried them earlier!" - D.L.

"I love your products very moisturizing which is good for my dry hair. Thanks!" - P.K.


"Thank you making a product that actually does what it promises - I love my hair now!!! I will be sure to tell everyone I know that has curly hair to use your products." - P.J.

"I am finally satisfied with my hair products! I also appreciate the sales and discounts you've been offering. It really helps me branch out and try some new things and keep some spare travel-size bottles for my toiletry kit." - K.L.

"Love that you're getting the word out about embracing our curls." - W.D.


"Your products are wonderful! After using them my hair looks great. I also apprentice the generous samples you offer." - K.G.

"I love your products, they really make my hair look the best it ever has." - R.G.

"Love the products,love the customer service! And my hair guy is amazed at the condition and look of my hair - who knew?!" - F.C.


"Excellent products. My hair feels and looks amazing." - G.E.

"I like the way your products leave my hair feeling soft." - W.F.

"I found your product searching for fragrance free curl creams, and I am thrilled with the way my curls look. Amazed--better than anything I've ever used." - P.L.


"It makes perfect sense that the products I find to really work for me is made by another curly person. I very much appreciate how open you are about the ingredients, and that you have different combinations for different hair types. Until now, it has been nearly impossible to find products that balance being not too heavy for my fine hair, but also not too light so my hair just turns to frizz. So happy to have finally found your products - you have a happy customer in me!" - C.D.

"Please do not change the formula. My hair loves these products. My hair is never dry when I use these. Thanks Jess!" - T.R.

"It really made my hair softer, more manageable, and healthier! Thanks!" - L.K.


"Love the gluten free options! I had to stop using all of my styling products and find gluten free shampoo/conditioner. I started using food grade aloe vera gel but it didn't hold as well as I would have liked and my hair didn't shine. With your products, my hair is shiny!" - J.H.

"LOVE the products! LOVE the fragrance free option!!" - W.D.

"Your customer service is terriffic, thank you!" - R.W.


"Very happy with the unscented option and the level of hold in Spiralicious and Rockin' Ringlets. I've been using the Shea conditioner as a leave-in--this, combined with the other two products I listed have been a wonderful replacement for a product I used for years that was recently discontinued." - L.C.

"Love products. Love the website. I'm hooked." - D.B.

"Love, Love, Confident Coils & Spiralicious Gel." - T.W.


"Love your products and how they make my hair feel. Also my hair my much healthier!" - L.D.

"I'm glad I found Jessicurl. Thanks for the great products." - D.G.

"So far I'm loving the no frizzy curl I can get from these products. I had a question and it was promptly answered. Will buy more of these products!" - K.J.


"I want to sincerely thank you. Growing up, my biggest insecurity had always been my curly hair. I was able to embrace my natural curls with the help of your products. While this may not seem like a major deal to most people, being able to finally embrace my 3B natural curls has totally transformed my personality and given me a confidence I did not have before. I love your products and will continue to use them and recommend them to all of the curly haired friends. Your products quite literally changed my life for the better so thank you!" - S.V.

"These are the first curly products that actually bring the best out of my wavy hair without weighing it down!" - N.G.

"My hair isn't stiff and doesn't look greasy or wet. LOVE the products." - R.E.


"I like the videos a lot! They are very helpful to learn how to use the products and how to manage curls." W.D.

"Thank you so much for providing unscented products!" - H.F.

"Someone at work actually told me that my hair looks healthier!" - T.R.


"I had all but given up on my hair when I heard about Jessicurl on the radio. I started off with Rockin' Ringlets and Spiralicious. I could not believe the drastic difference in my hair! Not only did your products bring my hair back to life, it's soft and my husband can't keep his hands off it! Thank you so much!!" - K.M.

"I love your products, They are the best I've ever used for my hair. I'm very, very pleased." - T.R.

"I just love your products and use the Awe Inspiraling Spray every day! :)" - M.N.


"I love that you have unscented products. I get migraines from perfumes and cannot use many other products because of their scent. Plus your products work better than anything else I've ever tried for my low porosity hair. I especially love Spiralicious!" - C.J.

"I love love LOVE my Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils!" - T.S.

"LOVE your products! Since using them the condition of my hair has dramatically improved." - D.C.


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love Jessicurl! I was in a serious hair depression - buns and ponytails for the last two years. I was so excited when my Jessicurl products came in yesterday I wore my hair down confidently for the first time in several years - I love it!" - L.V.

"Love Jessicurl and the way my hair now looks. More shine, more manageable, and less frizz." - M.N.

"Just started using Jessicurl....and I am sure I've never had anything work as well for my hair. I love your products!!" - B.L.


"I have been using Jessicurl products for about 10 years and I LOVE the way my hair curls in bouncy ringlets! For years I tried many different hair products that always left my hair either frizzy or plastered. Once I tried Jessicurl, I started loving my curly hair! Thank you!!" - P.S.

"My hair is the happiest it's ever been, texture-wise!!!" - D.C.

"I love Jessicurl! Please never stop making it!!!" - M.M.


"I am so grateful for finding FRAGRANCE FREE curly girl products!" - U.T.

"Best products for curly hair! I recommend to all!!" - G.E.

"Now I can wash and style my hair on any day without worrying about getting a migraine from the scent! I used to have to put off washing it on days that I couldn't afford to have a bad migraine. And your products work perfectly on my hair. I am so happy!" - V.E.


"I've used Jessicurl for many years and recently strayed for a few months. I came back and my hair has been consistently wonderful and easy to care for and looks and feels so good. I will not stray again!" - E.V.

"I have been very happy with the products I have tried, and I get compliments on the fragrance (citrus/lavender) frequently." - S.D.

"I love your products! Going to on a cruise in June and needed something for the high humidity to tame my hair. So far this has worked great!" - N.W.


"Thank you so much for offering products that actually do what they say. Dealing with false claims is disheartening for online shoppers. I cannot tell you how wonderful and healing it is for me to look in the mirror and say 'I love my hair'! Thank you so very much." - D.M.

"I started out using Rocking Ringlets and it was great, but when you came out with Gelabration Spray...that was the perfect solution for my hair type. I also use Awe Inspiraling Spray for touch ups. Both products are fantastic!!" - J.S.

"Keep up the great work. I have had curly strangers approach me in stores saying "you have really curly hair but it isn't frizzy. What do you use?" And I tell them!" - H.E.


"I love, love, love Jessicurl! After struggling with my curly hair for years I can now look in the mirror love my hair! Thank you Jess!" - J.S.

"I'm so glad I've found my holy grail of conditioners! This stuff is great!" - S.B. 

"I love Jessicurl! I use the Rich & Radiant collection and I'm continually amazed by how great my hair looks and feels. Thanks so much!" - B.L. 


"I ran out of my products and I have been weighed down! Oy! I'll never do that again!" - R.Z. 

"Love, love, love that you have the no fragrance option available. Please don't discontinue!!" - A.B.

"Loyal customer since 2005!" - A.G.


"I am in love. I have good hair days now. My curls, are soft, voluminous and not frizzy. I am a loyal customer and love that Jess understands the adventure of having curly hair. I no longer try to fight my hair into submission and enjoy getting compliments on my hair on a daily basis. Thank you!" - M.J.

"I really appreciate the "how to" videos. Since I've never used product in the shower while my hair was soaking wet it really helped me to know how to use the products properly." - H.E.

"I love Spiralicious so much - keep up the great products! Also, is easy to navigate and order products." - J.L.


"Jessicurl products make my coarse, dry curls soft to the touch and shiny--no frizz. It's the best stuff I have ever used." - J.L.

"I love how I can style my toddler's hair and the gel doesn't make her hair crunchy or heavy, just natural curls that flow free. I am forever in love with this product and will spread the word to all my curly headed friends and family!" - K.G.

"The Spiralicious gel keeps the frizz down, and I really liked the shampoo. My hair was very moisturized after just one use." - E.C.


"I have just turned 60, and it has been a long, challenging struggle to get my hair looking nice. Since I started using your products last year, my hair and my life have been transformed. People are constantly commenting on how beautiful my curly hair is and when I tell them the secret is your products, they cannot wait to get your web address. Thank you!" - T.V.

"Rockin' Ringlets is the best product ever and I have tried everything!" - S.H.

"My hair is crazy weird - waves on top, sprial curls over here, frizz over there, more curl underneath; it's a hodge podge of crazy head and your product brings it all together to make sense." - N.M.


"Love love love! Getting my curly nieces on board! Thank you!" - R.W. 

"I've been using Jessicurl for years, but on a whim decided to try a different shampoo for curly hair. I got through about half of the bottle and just couldn't wait to switch back to Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo. It doesn't weigh my light curls down and keeps my scalp clean, not to mention the smell is heavenly. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with curly hair!" - W.I.

"Love the lavender citrus scent. I'm allergic to many fragrances, but this doesn't bother me." - E.C.


"Everyone is always so helpful. Always a great experience. Thank you!" - E.G.

"I love LOVE love all the products being available in scent free! I would be a walking fuzz ball without them!!" - H.N.

"It's absolutely amazing how soft and manageable this product has made my hair!" - L.B.


"I love your products (especially the Spiralicious gel), brand, & story! Keep being awesome ;). - G.D.

"I have light colored, very fine hair with big spirals. Every other product I tried either makes my hair dark and sticky, dirty looking or did nothing to manage or hold my curls. Confident Coils gives me great hold, doesn't darken my hair color and it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I'm so glad I found Jessicurl!" - L.T.

"I love the videos. It's changed the way a fix my hair and I'll never go back." - M.N.


"I use Rockin' Ringlets, and I absolutely love it. It is the only of many products that I have tried that consistently defines my curls and makes my hair very soft and shiny. I am absolutely thrilled with it." - P.L.

"I really liked the products I sampled! Will be purchasing more." - M.H.

"This was my first try of Spiralicious. I finally found THE gel for my hair!" - E.W.


"Rockin' Ringlets + Spiralicious totally changed my hair for the better!!! I finally have curly hair that I love!!" - B.V.

"I love the no fragrance option. Ordering, delivery, and customer service have been superb!!" - D.S.

"My hair is 'unruly' and dry in my Oregon climate. Jessicurl makes it better, beyond any other products I have used." - R.E.


"Just wanted to ask, where have you been all my life?! I have ordered so many hair products trying to embrace my curls and have ended up with frizzy fly away or over conditioned stringy hair! I ordered the samples for my hair type and I just can't believe the difference! Thank you so much Jessicurl you have changed my life!" - N.G. 

"These products are the only defense I have against Florida humidity and a head of frizz. Great product!" - M.N.

"The styling products provide excellent hold without being too heavy for my waves." - W.I.


"My stylist was so impressed with how my hair looked when I was using the Spiralicious Styling Gel that I've both become a convert and brought her a sample." - R.H.

"Love the products! I've used the cleansing, conditioning, scalp treatment and styling products. All are superb!" - M.N.

"I've only used Jessicurl since 2011 and turned friends and family onto it! The products are awesome for what they do, how they are made and the story where they come from." - L.W.


"I ordered the wrong item and you were great about exchanging it for me. May have cost you something but because of your excellent customer service I've decided to purchase from you next time." - J.E.

"I really appreciate Jess's techniques for applying product, the proper way to dry curly hair and her taking the time to demonstrate her products." - E.G.

"I have a love affair with Jessicurl!" - N.B.


"These are the first products, in my 47 years, that have actually given me defined curls and WAY less frizz, both of which are pretty much a miracle with my 2c hair." - D.B.

"Thank you for amazing products! I typically switch every few years or as my length changes, but I think I've found my products for life!" - L.H.

"I love your products! Have recommended them to many friends." - T.N.


"I use a lot of Jessicurl products and they are great. When I use them regularly my hair looks and feels so healthy." - N.C.

"I just started using the light and luminous collection for my 2A/3A hair. I love how the products eliminate frizz and give me ringlets." - R.J.

"The main thing I like about the products is that they are fragrance free. I am sensitive to fragrance and can't tolerate scented products in my hair, which most other line are." - C.L.


"Thank you for offering the free trial samples! That totally won me over!! I can't tell you how many products I have bought thinking the minimal or fruit smell would be okay only to get a migraine later. Please continue to make and offer fragrance-free products! And also, thanks for offering the travel size, 2 oz. bottles." - W.M.

"Really love the product and how it brings out my spiral curls!!!" - T.J.

"Love the products. I didn't have curly hair until later in life and now that I have found your products my hair is pretty." - K.F.


"I prefer natural products as much as possible and fully support and appreciate the Jessicurl approach to healthy curly hair love! Awesome order turnover times and after years of purchasing, never a mistake with an order. Very impressive!" - E.B.

"I love that your products bring out the curl in my hair! I have a mix of wavy and gently curly but now it's all gently curly." - M.D.

"Thanks for samples! I ended up buying rockin ringlets and love it! It's the first time I've been able to let my hair dry naturally and it actually looks good." - D.S.


"I love the story behind the products, but love the products because they work for me." - S.L.

"Your products are great and do well in my hair. I'm always receiving compliments." - M.B.

"I love the Too Shea Conditioner! It is now a must have for me! Thanks for a wonderful product." - I.R.


"Jessicurl is the first unscented product that works and doesn't give me a headache! Also, it's the first set of products that do not leave my hair dry and dull. I am ecstatic and will recommend your products to all the curly heads I know." - R.B.

"I have a combination of 2b and 3b curls. Crazy hair! I love your products. Finally I love my hair! Between my curly stylist and Jessicurl it's been a wonderful journey." - S.D.

"I love the way the products work and smell. Keep up the good work!" - S.M.


"I love the products. They make my hair look fabulous. My curls look the best ever with your products." - L.P.

"I love Jessicurl and I found a local hairstylist that loves it too!!!" - B.B.

"These products do what they say they will do! I also appreciate the explanation of types of curly hair." - Z.R.


"I just had to write and tell you how much I love your products. I'm a first time user who received my first order last Friday. I absolutely love the way it makes my hair look, feel, and smell. I'm hooked! Thank you so much!" - J.L.

"I love all the products I got. They're amazing and I can't imagine using anything else." - P.D.

"Thank you so much for offering your products fragrance-free!" - N.M.


"Jessicurl products are amazing. It is a brand I trust and recommend to all my curly friends! You really know curly hair -- of all types!" - M.B.

"I love the info about identifying my hair type and what products to use and being able to get samples." - S.M.

"Thank you for a product that works and doesn't give me a migraine from the scent!!!" - R.H.


"I just tried Confident Coils and absolutely love it!! I tell everyone that I run into with curly hair - even strangers - that they must try this product! - S.M.

"Your products are amazing. The website is nicely setup and the customer service is superior. This is a great company." - C.L.

"Love the product line. Works wonderfully on my hair. I get comments all the time. People can't believe it's my natural hair." - S.U.


"I have very thick curly hair with different types of curls mixed in. I found out from NaturallyCurly.com what ingredients to use and Jessicurl has all the ingredients my hair likes. So far, great results!" - S.S.

"I love the conditioner. I only shampoo when I do my bleach and tone. This conditioner is perfect for me." - K.D.

"I absolutely love the smell and how gentle these products are. Doesn't leave my hair oily either." - S.D.


"I absolutely love the Deep Conditioning treatment, after just one treatment I noticed a huge improvement in my hair. I actually used to correct my protein overload." - A.D.

"Jessicurl is my favorite haircare line. I like that your products leave my hair soft and not crunchy." - K.L.

"I love the Confidence Collection. This is the first product line I've found that reduces the shrinkage of my curls. Thank you!" - M.T.


"I ordered the Rockin' Ringlets and the Spiralicious Styling Gel samples and I fell in love! Definitely found a new hair religion! My hair gets weighed down easily so I ordered the full size Light And Luminious collection and am completely satisfied. Thank you!" - S.M.

"I LOVE your tutorials on YouTube!!!!!" - D.W.

"Your customer service is terrific!" - M.J.


"Thank you for creating such great products. Having had straight hair my while life after I went through Chemo for cancer my hair came back curly and your products have been so helpful. :)" - R.H.

"Great products! I love the Island Fantasy scent. My curls stay the same all day even though a have a bad habit of putting my hands through my hair all day. No stickiness and my hair is soft! Thank you!" - M.C.

"Jessicurl products are amazing. I love that they are ethical and healthy AND they work so well. Definitely my favorite hair products I've ever tried. My hair has never looked this good. I am more than satisfied, I am blown away." - L.G.


"Confident Coils mixed with Rockin' Ringlets is exactly what my hair needed to create curls that are neither crunchy nor frizzy. Perfect, soft, touchable curls. Thank you! I have loved embracing my curls instead of flat ironing once a week." - J.J.

"You do everything right! Great customer service and great products." - C.R.

"I love Awe Inspiraling Spray. It's perfect to give my hair that bounce back that my hair has lost." - F.M.


"What I really love about Jessicurl products is that they do what they say they will: allow nice and natural curls that are more defined, and when I lightly scrunch through after my hair is dry, it doesn't look crunchy. I hate when other products leave me with darker/wet looking hair. Thank you!" - K.H.

"Spiralicious Styling Gel has been a great addition to Jessicurl products. It provides amazing definition and hold. Also, I love that you offer a fragrance free option." - D.M.

"Your products are great and I tell every curly girl I know about your site." - G.B.


"Spiralicious is just perfect - everything I was looking for. I like how your shampoo has just enough lather to feel like I'm actually working it through my hair." - E.M.

"Really nice products - gentle on hair. So grateful you offer fragrance free products and I am allergic to products with fragrance and have a hard time finding shampoo and conditioner that are fragrance free." - N.K.

"I love the 'slip' feel in all the products! I barely need a comb. Jessicurl is now my Holy Grail hair product!" - L.T.


"Not only is Jessicurl's product line phenomenal, your customer service is top-notch. Product is always received in great condition & on time. Keep up the good work!" - A.H.

"Jessicurl is amazing. When I use it I get so many compliments on my hair from strangers (and people trying to touch it - grr) and I just feel so much better about myself." - L.F.

"Love all products I've tried but especially the Awe Inspiraling Spray." - L.C.


"I received my products yesterday and used them immediately and OMG!!! I love them! I am a believer!! I was skeptical it all sound too good to be true but since I have tried EVERYTHING else I went for it and I can't stop smiling or looking at my hair." - C.S.

"Very fast response and delivery. I loved the products they work amazing and do exactly what they say." - L.T.

"Love all the products ! My hair looks great." - R.W.


"Love the softness of my hair and the manageability of my curls. The frizz is gone." - S.P.

"Quality products that perform as described. It is difficult to find products that keep curly hair from drying out." - M.D.

"Spiralicious Styling Gel has been a great addition to Jessicurl products. It provides amazing definition and hold." - D.W.


"I have rather thick naturally curly hair and this product leaves my hair feeling really soft and shiny." - T.J.

"I have extremely sensitive skin, and this is the only line that agrees with my hair and my skin. I'm not itchy after using the products, and my hair looks really good!" - L.E.

"I am in love with the Spiralicious Gel. I love that it is a mix between a gel and a cream." - S.E.


"I love your products! I originally bought them for my 10 year old daughter. I've tried tons of products on her and I've never been satisfied with any of them. Jessicurl has done wonders on her hair. Then I tried them on my hair, which has always been wavy but had started becoming horribly frizzy, and it made my hair gorgeous and frizz free. We are now the biggest fans of Jessicurl!" - D.R.

"My hair has never felt softer and my curls are happy!" - S.M.

"I absolutely love your conditioners! Do not change a thing!" - M.N.


"I have loved and adored Jessicurl products since I began to use them! My favorites are: Confident Coils & Gelebration Spray together throughout my hair with some dabs of Spiralicious scrunched on afterwards for hold. Since using Jessicurl, my hair is healthier, curlier, and more enjoyable to deal with. Thank you!" - L.D.

"Keep up the good work. And don't ever get rid of your fragrance free products. It's so hard to find unscented products. I've tried other curly hair products which I've liked but haven't been able to use them because of their scent." - J.T.

"Love how all the products work together to produce great frizz free curls on my 3A&B hair. Customer service is great. Products ship quickly. Good online offers such as free shipping and sales." - J.W.


"I just love that my hair doesn't frizz like it used to when I use Jessicurl products!" - B.P.

"Your videos are so uplifting and inspiring! Having used other products, my curls did not readily form as quickly as when I use your products. Your formulas allow the formation of curls and don't coat hair strands with unnecessary gunk. Thank you so much for your high quality standards and simple approach to hair care." - N.T.

"I love the products and now love my curly hair!" - J.A.


"I was ready to cut all my hair off when I discovered Jessicurl. Rockin' Ringlets and Spiralicious transform my hair into soft beautiful curls. I've had consistently good hair days and I still can't believe it. Jess, your products have saved my hair and my sanity. Thank you!!" - D.H.

"My hair is great since your products!" - W.G.

"I tried Spiralicious for the first time after reading about it and the customer reviews in an email. I love it! It really works and keeps the frizz under control." - C.S.


"I used to use damaging mousse and gel in my hair, constantly wondering why my hair was always frizzy and I could never wear it down. With Jessicurl I always wear it down! Jessicurl saved my curls." - T.B.

"Product is great and shipping was fast. I am highly satisfied" - S.L.

"I like that it isn't too heavy and I love the scents." - M.L.


"Jessicurl is the only brand I've used (and I've used them all) that works on all the different textures and curls/waves I have. I've NEVER been able to get 2nd day hair before, but I can now!" - D.H.

"These products do a great job without feeling heavy or stiff on my hair." - S.B.

"I am so happy you do not test on animals and that the products are vegan." - N.M.


"I would never use anything else. I love how Jessicurl keeps my hair curly and frizz free and that it is cruelty free. I recommend it to every curly haired person I see, even if I don't know them." - E.P.

"I've just started using the full collection after trying the samples. I love how my hair feels so healthy and how the curls 'come to life'. Thanks for having the samples. I don't know if I would have tried a full product without having the sample first." - T.J.

"Great customer service, fast shipping and an excellent product. You`re batting a thousand in my books :)" - C.G.


"I love the slip in your conditioners. My hair is always soft after use." - J.B.

"I really liked the gentle cleansing shampoo. It lathered so well and even detangled my coils! I love that you offer samples before buying a product." - D.A.

"I like the light weight feel of the products. I've had lots of compliments." - J.R.


"Before trying the Jessicurl Gentle Lather shampoo, I didn't realize my hair could feel so clean without feeling stripped." - H.T.

"My results with Jessicurl are fabulous. Soft, curly but not too curly, not frizzy or triangle-shaped...simply gorgeous. My 3b curls have never seen the likes of such loving treatment." - M.E.

"I LOVE Spiralicious, it leaves my 3a-b hair so soft but at the same time defined and shiny. And best of all, with very minimum to no frizz! I have tried many other products and there is none like Spiralicious." - M.S.


"I absolutely love these products! I would recommend this highly to all curlies. It has moisture and hold without stiffness. My curls clump nicely and without frizz." - C.C.

"I have short hair now, but how I wish I would have had this product when I had long hair." - J.A.

"I love these products! I bought it for a dear friend too and she just sent a text that she loves it, too!" - A.K.


"I recently started using Jessicurl products again and I love them, especially Too Shea and Spiralicious. No more major tangled mess when I wash my hair and I get tons of compliments. Love how my curls look! I wish I could go back to the girls who teased me when I was little and say who has the fabulous hair now? :)" - J.G.

"So in love with these products! Never loved my curly hair this much, EVER!" - C.M.

"I use Rockin' Ringlets and Spirialicious. I love both together for my hair. I have 2b/3a hair and these work well for me. I love how they do not feel heavy at all! Love them." S.M.


"I am so thankful for these products! My daughter is a toddler blessed with thick curly hair. I am able to start her hair care at a young age to show her that her hair is beautiful and a blessing. I love that the gel doesn't make her hair crunchy or heavy, just natural curls that flow free." - C.B.

"I love that the products are not too heavy on my hair." - L.S.

"I love the product and I heard about it from a curly hair specialist Carleen Sanchez in Reno, Nevada." - L.S.


"Awe Inspiraling is the best refreshing spray I have found!" - S.B.

"My curls are gorgeous!! I really like your products!! It is very hard to find good products without silicones or too much protein. I also have issues with strong fragrances so I love the no fragrance choice. I have fine 3c curls they are shiney and frizz-free!! Please don't change the formula!" - R.S.

"I love how light weight the products I have tried are! They actually moisturize and do not feel heavy." - J.N.


"I love that my head doesn't itch and that the conditioner makes my hair feel fabulous." - T.M.

"I appreciate the breakdown of different hair types and how to care for them on your website. We are a multiracial family and none of us have the same type of hair. It's impossible to get helpful information about dealing with different hair types on one person. That is, until I went to your website." - S.L.

"I am so happy with Spiralicious - it's the only styling product I need/use!" - J.L.


"My curls are gorgeous with Jessicurl! It is very hard to find good products without silicones. I also have issues with strong fragrances and love the no fragrance choice. Please don't ever change the formula!" - R.S.

"Keep doing what you are doing; your products are the best for my hair." - M.O.

"I love the Spiralicious Styling Gel for my hair/curl type and the Deep Conditioning Treatment. I also really like your other products that I have tried (Hair Cleansing Cream, Too Shea and Rockin' Ringlets), and the free samples option is great." - D.H.


"I have noticed a great improvement in my hair since using your products. It was awful (dry & fuzzy) UNTIL I got Jessicurl. I actually learned how to take care of my 2b/2c hair and now I love it!" - A.N.

"My curls have been coarse and dry. Thanks to Jessicurl, I can honestly say they are getting so much better." - S.R. 

"I love your Hair Cleansing Cream. It keeps my hair soft and manageable. The Deep Conditioning Treatment is amazing. I use it in my hair as a leave in and it keeps it very soft." - S.B.


"I really appreciate the fact your products are sulfate, silicone and paraben free as well as available unscented. Thank you!" - N.M.

"I just moved to a really dry climate and the products have brought my hair life back. Thank you for making such great products." - G.F.

"I absolutely love Jessicurl styling products! I am in my 50s, and have been fighting my curls my whole life, because I never knew how to take care of them, or how to style my hair. I love the smell, the natural ingredients and they way they perform. I tell other people about your products, and get tons of compliments on my hair all the time. I only wish I had found it sooner, or it had been made when i was younger. PLEASE dont ever stop making Jessicurl - I panic at the thought of not having Jessicurl around. Nothing else works quite like it." - D.C.


"I love the overall effect of Jessicurl products. They are good to my hair and scalp and the No Fragrance option is a blessing!" - R.C.

"I am very happy to have FINALLY found a product made by someone who actually has curly hair who understands the struggles we curlies deal with on a daily basis!" - S.T.

"I love the oils. They smell nice and moisturized my 4A, fine bra strap length hair." - D.W.


"Jessicurl makes my curls perfect and I am not allergic to it! There are very few hair products I can use because of fragrance or other chemicals." - M.H.

"I loved the customer service. It was amazing! Keep it up!" - A.A.

"The results on my daughters naturally curly, thick hair have been truly amazing with length retention and health." - A.D.


"I love everything. All the products are awesome." - N.L.

"Your products are great and I've tried everything. Love it to death." - S.R.

"I love the way my hair feels and smells after using your products. I'm new at using your products and I didn't realize the process would be so easy." - L.W.


"I love the products and can't think of anything you could do to improve. I recommend your products to a lot of people when they compliment my hair. :)" - K.M.

"You guys are awesome. My hair is so happy when I use Jessicurl." - C.M.

"I love that you have great products, friendly customer service, ship quickly, and offer sales for those of us on a tight budget." - W.M.


"I love your products. I have very very dry curly hair and after spending a fortune trying any and every curly hair product I'll be sticking with your beautiful formulas which seem to work so well, and so simply!" -E.C

"I have really enjoyed your products. Made my curls bouncy and more manageable." - I.W.

"I love that the ingredient list on my Jessicurl conditioner reads like a recipe. I also love that it is not tested on animals. It makes my coarse, dry curls soft to the touch and shiny--no frizz. It's the best stuff I have ever used." - J.R. 


"These are the only products that I have tried that has actually made a difference in a few weeks. My hair isn't dry like it used to be and my curls are really defined. They have never looked like this before. Thank you so much!" - S.R.

"I love Spiralicious because of how it makes my inconsistent curl pattern more consistent and shiny." - J.F.

"I love that I can finally enjoy my curly hair. The videos are really awesome to learn how to treat my hair." - S.G.


"I'm really glad that my hair looks really good and not frizzy. I get comments all the time on it. I never thought I would love my hair like this." - M.B.

"These products keep my curls defined and my hair healthy." - B.H.

"I love Spiralicious because of how it makes my inconsistent curl pattern more consistent and shiny." - J.F.


"I wasn't totally convinced that your product was better than what I was using until I shampooed and conditioned with another product. I immediately went back to Jessicurl and just placed another order!" - J.B.

"I just want to say that you for having a wonderful products. It is the best ever for curly hair!! Thank you!" - K.B.

"I was skeptical, having fought my curly hair for 45 years but willing to try and I've been really pleased with Jessicurl. My curls are curlier without looking frizzy and I've got many comments because it's curling down more than straight out! Thank you!" - E.J.


"You make an amazing product. My hair has been wild and frizzy all my life and this is the first line of products made just for ME! Thank you!!" - S.N.

"Your products are the best for my fine, thin hair. I have soft, defined, NON-GREASY curls! I have tried so many products over the years; I am so happy to have finally found something that works for me." - K.S.

"I really like that Jessicurl conscientiously lists all of the ingredients and why they're in the products. These products have worked very well for me." - P.D.


"I think you have great products! Love the feel of them, and how they make my hair look better. Love the videos. Love Jessica's friendly down to earth, fun attitude! Nice people working at the company!" - B.N.

"Spiralicious is the best gel on this planet." - R.G.

"THANK YOU!!! Holy Cow and ohmygosh! My hair is fabulous thanks to your products. After years of struggling with my hair I can't believe the difference your products have made. The videos which show the step by step on how to use them have made all the difference along with Spiralicious styling gel. I just never knew that my unruly wavy mess was actually real curly hair. Thank you forever for showing me how to care for my hair and the products that make it all work!" - K.D.


"All I can say is THANK YOU! Over the past 10 years or so, I have become more and more fed up with all the time and money I've wasted testing different curly products. They were all too heavy for my thin, fine curly hair, even if the products claimed to be ideal for fine hair. After my most recent miserable product failure, I hesitantly purchased Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo, Aloeba Daily Conditioner, Gelebration Spray, and Spiralicious Styling Gel. WOW. I finally have shiny, soft, defined, frizz-free, NON-GREASY curls. I cannot thank you enough. I cannot imagine ever again using a different hair product. Please don't ever go away!" - K.S.

"Just wanted to tell you that I'm in heaven with the Jessicurl products. I have type 2A hair and used Gelebration Spray and after that Rockin' ringlets for the first time today. Oh my goodness... HAIR HEAVEN!" - S.T.


"All of your products are amazing. They smell great and feel great. I love the videos of "How To" apply and use your products. I like Jessie's fun personality." - B.W.

""Your customer service rocks. And I always appreciate the good you do in the world through your company. I've been using your products for about 10 years now." - L.J


"Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment is my holy grail conditioner. It makes detangling a breeze and has improved the health of my hair over time. I won't be using anything else!" - L.R.

"It's perfect! Saves the hair day!" - J.D.


"I'm learning how to deal with my extremely frizz prone hair without all the taboo chemicals. I'm loving the Jessicurl styling products." - A.N.

"Just wanted to say thank you for your products! I hope you never stop making them! I started off using the Oil Blend and loved how it smelled and how soft it made my hair. I just tried the Hair Cleansing Cream, Deep Conditioning Treatment and Too Shea and I have found my holy grail! I have 4a coarse hair and these products made it the most soft and manageable ever. I literally gave away all my other hair products. Where have you been all my life?" - A.D.


"I love that your products are natural and smell great! I think that they are the best curly hair products around, and I've tried a lot!" - C.K.

"I watched a tutorial on Jessicurl.com last night about the routine for wavy hair.  This morning I washed with Gentle Lather Shampoo, used the Deep Treatment Conditioner, rinsed that out, added a small amount of Aloeba Daily Conditioner and Spiralicous Styling Gel.  I followed Jess’s instructions for plunking, diffusing, and then letting hair air dry.  I just scrunched out the gel and my curls have never looked this good! Jessicurl, I love you!" - S.P.


"I love the entire line, especially the Deep Conditioning Treatment and Spiralicious Styling Gel. It works great every time and keeps my hair healthy." - S.B.

"Just used the Deep Conditioning Treatment - LOVE IT. It is wonderful :) Also LOVE Confident Coils & Spiralicious Gel. I WILL definitely be re- ordering your products." - A.P.


"I love the Light & Luminous Collection and Spiralicious Styling Gel. I love that all the products have that slip feel. I would not change a thing!" - L.T.

"I love your blog and that you're so responsive to customers on FaceBook and by email." - G.F.


"I am so in love with your Spiralicious gel. I love that it will hold my hair ALL week and is moisturizing instead of sticky!" - J.H.


"It has taken me over 40 years to figure out how to deal with my curls and finally I have, thanks to Jessicurl products and tips. Thank you!!" - D.R.


"I love how my curls look and feel since I started using Jessicurl products. Thank you!" - D.M.


"The absolute best curly hair products I've ever tried! So moisturizing. They've helped get my hair back into great condition within just a few weeks! Absolutely recommend to all curly girls! Such an inspiration & love Jess's positive attitude & support for women!" - H.C.


"I am loving your products. I have finally found my 'Holy Grail' :)" - D.K.


"I just tried Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment for the first time and OMG I found my holy grail deep treatment! Please don't ever change the formula!"-C.L.


"My hair is awful - dry, frizzy, breaks off easily. Sometimes I feel like I have a brillo pad on my head. For the first time in my life, I can get soft, smooth hair due to your products. I love the Too Shea, Hair Cleansing Cream and Rockin' Ringlets." - R.R.


"Just wanted to say that I am loving your products. I have finally found my "Holy Grail" :)" - D.K.


"I've been using Jessicurl products for six years. My hair stylist comments from time to time how much healthier my hair is compared to before I changed products. Customer service is excellent and extremely responsive. (Rarely needed but greatly appreciated.)" - C.L.


"Love the Spiralicious Gel. It really helps minimize frizz. Thanks!" - J.K.


"I just turned 50 and found my hair was changing: drier, frizzier and more difficult to style. I am in love with Jessicurl products as it's brought my hair back to full-on WOW. I've received compliments from my husband, Mom and coworkers. Thank you!" - S.E.


"I love how great my curls look and the incredible hold without the crunchies. I wish I had found this product years ago. When a product can make an old woman with long hair look good it should be available on every street corner. I love this stuff." - D.K.


"These products are amazing. After years of trying a ton of different products this is the only one that makes my hair truly beautiful. I get compliments on my hair every day. I won't ever use anything else." - K.S.


"Your products have helped my 11 year old curly girl like her hair. I also appreciate the videos as I'm not curly and have been stumped as to how to help her. The number of hair products we've tried could have probably put her through college but no more searching- yay!" - N.M.


I get compliments all the time from people thinking that I perm my hair. Especially from friends that have naturally curly hair asking, 'How do you make it look so curly and not frizzy?' My answer: Jessicurl Spiralicious! 


"I love the fact that I don't need to put a lot of Jessicurl product in my hair in order for it to look great! The combination of Gelebration, Confident Coils, and to finish with a little of Spiralicious has worked great for me." - L.D.


"It is the best that I have found for curly hair. The shampoo is gentle, the Rockin' Ringlets has the best hold versus crunchiness, and the Aloeba daily conditioner is wonderful. I have tried other products, but I have yet to find any that are as good." - C.C.


"It does a great job at bringing out my curl pattern and keeping it visible throughout the day. I love it." - B.M.


"I love how it makes my hair frizz free and the tips I never really thought about such as, putting your hair products when hair is soaking wet." - T.F.


"I love your products. Nothing I have ever used before made my hair as beautiful as it is now." - K.H. 


"The product speaks for itself! I've never been happier with my curls." -K.G.


"I love every product I use from Jessicurl and I hope these products never ever change. They are the best. Thank you." -L.G.


"I am a professional hairstylist and I can not express enough how impressed I am with your company. Everything from the gracious customer service to the superior quality ingredients! Thank you!"



"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled I am with the products I have ordered thus far!! Finally, a product for curls that does what it says it will do. Beautiful, controlled curls and it looks as if I have just gotten a perm! Curls right to the root! And this after beating my natural curls with a flat iron on 400 degrees for the last 2 years. I cannot tell you how pleased I am and the Island Fantasy scent is pure heaven. I will be ordering the big jugs of your Rockin’ Ringlets and Spiralicious in due course. I have never used a gel which didn’t require me to still wear hairspray over top of it until now. Thank you SO MUCH!!  If you ever stop making this stuff, I will be forced to hunt Jess down. Bravo!!! :)" -M.D. IN ESTELL MANOR, NJ


"This is my favorite deep conditioner! I use it every day as a leave-in and my hair has never responded so well or felt so soft!" -K.C. in Monett, MO


"You have a great company putting out fantastic products. Thank you! I particularly appreciate that you have an unscented option, that's surprisingly hard to find. -H.B. in Chicago, IL


"Weather in the Pacific Northwest isn't exactly "curl friendly", but your hair care & styling products have helped me find the courage to stop tying back a bun everyday. For the first time in years, I'm embracing my texture & reacquainting myself with my natural state. Thank you for helping me get my confidence back." -M.B. in Portland, OR


"I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I am a staunch devacurl product user and someone gave me a sample of this. it's perfect for super fine curls (those of which are often ignored!) - not sticky or crunchy and light enough for my fine hair. i also love the ingredients - the more natural i can get, the better. bonus - it works!! THANKS!!" -J.H. in Hollywood, CA


"I heard about Jessicurl through Scott Musgrave's blog. I tried the small sizes and first and fell in love! I used to be a DevaCurl user and wanted to switch things up a bit. I'll be using Jessicurl for the foreseeable future! Thanks for making such great products!" -K.M. in Algonquin, IL


"After 57 years, I finally found someone to cut my curly hair! she recommended Jessicurl products - best day of my life!" - C.L. in Zamora, CA


"I have used the same salon only products for YEARS. I loved them, but about a year and a half ago my scalp suddenly started getting unbearably, distractingly, itchy.  I searched the web and tried everything, with no success.  I had really kind of given up on it and just figured it was a new stage I would have to live with.  I was in Wildberries one day and just because I like that your products are local and I do have curly hair, I picked up your gentle lather shampoo, deep conditioner, and Spiralicious styling product.  I was so surprised when the itchiness disappeared after just one use.  I have been using all three for the past three weeks. No itchiness and my hair has never looked so good. No frizziness.  I am in LOVE!"  -P.N.

"I have horrible curly hair (extremely thick, frizzy, tight curls and partially gray hair) and for the last 7 months have been using a competitor's very expensive product without much success (very sticky feeling and itchy scalp) and decided to try Jessicurl.  After one application I cannot tell you what a wonderful difference that I can see AND feel in my hair!  Thank you so very much for such a wonderful product!  I was very close to going back to the 2-hour-a-day blow-out, flat-iron and curl routine!" - C.C.

"Every time I see a 'curly girl' I mention your name AND your website Jess. I just cannot NOT mention you and your fabulous products. My friend who has MS just placed her first order, to help keep toxins out of her products and keep her MS symptoms low! Thanks for ALL you do!" - P.C. in Naselle, WA
"I heard of Jessicurl through a friend with curly hair, and have used the products myself for a few years." - J.M. in Silver Spring, MD
"The no fragrance option is a huge blessing for me, as I'm very allergic. I use Jessicurl exclusively and my hair and scalp are happy! Thanks so much." - B.L. in Greenville, PA 
"I learned about Jessicurl totally by accident. I was researching relocation to Arcata, CA. I was delighted to see that a curly hair product was from there. I'm dying to receive these samples. I've already told my curly mother in Texas about this product line. We've tried every curly product out there and we're super excited to try this one! Go curlies!" - S.S. in Benicia, CA 
"Heard about Jessicurl on naturallycurly.com. Glad to hear it's good for waves, my waves need some coaxing! Very excited to try! And I really appreciate that you offer sample sizes, having already invested $70 on products I don't like from other companies." - A.B. in sacramento, CA
"Went without Jessicurl for 3 months and my curls feel like straw! Never again! I'm going to keep on ordering and when I run low, restock. Jess, I remember when you first started playing with making flaxseed gel and I am SO proud of you for creating this wonderful company. You have a buyer for life! P.s. I'm also a die hard Jessicurl Evangelist and I even tell my straight haired friends to try it!" - M.H. in Carlton, MN
"A friend from Charlotte, NC mentioned your products to me. I also recently read the No More Dirty Looks blog about your products and I am interested in giving your products a try. I'm starting with the co-wash so I can try the main product I use daily and also sample the fragrances! I currently use a different line of curly hair products and am looking for an alternative for my fine, curly (3A/ 3B?) hair. Thank you for making clean products for curly girls like me! I can't wait to try your products!" - R.M. in Englewood, NJ
"I recently visited my sister in Washington DC and found your product in her bathroom. I asked, she told and I fell in LOVE! Cant wait to get my own!!" - A.N. in Boca Raton, FL

"I heard about you from the book Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton." - S.C. in Thompsons Station, TN

"I saw your product on my hair stylist's counter and asked her to use them. I loved how your products made my hair look and FEEL. (so soft and no stickyness). I also really liked how they do not leave a residue in my hair as other products do. Love, love, love the results I get with your line. Thanks!" - E.B. in San Francisco, CA

"I LOVE the conditioner, the Awe Inspiraling Spray, and the Gelebration Spray. Also the Gentle Lather Shampoo for finer hair is awesome!" - N.B. in Washington, DC

"I'm a long time and proud Jessicurlie! I'm thrilled to have a product that works and that I feel more than comfortable recommending to others, LOTS of others! My hair has never been so healthy, shiny or LONG! Even in the blistering, sweltering and steamy heat of Florida, my fine hair curls are thriving. I use Deep Treatment to condition and as a leave in, coax my curls with Rockin Ringlets and then seal the deal with Confident Coils. I can get 3 great curl days easily and another couple 'not perfect, but perfectly presentable' days after that. In winter it's even better! Thanks Jess!!! Xxoo" - M.C. in Tallahassee, FL

"My daughter started using your products about 8 months ago and her hair has NEVER looked so beautiful!! Hope I'll be able to say the same about my hair SOON. :)" - C.F. in Middleton, WI
"I am so happy to have finally found the healthy hair products my curly hair needs! I am also pleased to support genuine people who have earned their success. Glad to read that surgery for Jess went well. Peace and love. <3" - L.D. in Plainfield, NJ

"I just started using your products and they feel really good and are helping to define my curls and leave them soft. I really appreciate that all your products are offered fragrance-free. Thanks!" - H.S. in Northampton, MA

"A dear friend (with beautiful hair) told me about this products. So far, Too Shea conditioner is my fave." - K.P in State College, PA

"I love your products so much I am now using them for my 3 year old curly girl as well! I only need to use Too Shea on her as a leave-in and it helps with her tangles too!" - K.R. in Cary, NC

"Heard about you on the radio show Bob and Sheri. Sheri used you products. I won a sample kit years ago and never ordered. So today I'm ordering!:) Yay!" - L.N. in Sacramento, CA

"Wow!!! Talk about hydration and curl definition on my 4a hair. After being natural for almost 6 months, I have found my staple deep conditioner. Great slip and soft, shiny hair. I had my best wash and go after using this product." - K.H. in Chesapeake, VA

"LOVE the Citrus Lavender fragrance, and the Awe Inspiraling Spray is unbelievable." - M.B. in Winston Salem, NC

"My hair is so fly using the Deep Conditioning Treatment." - B.M.R in Oceanside, CA

"Hi! my hair is so pretty now and i get so many compliments since i started using your lovely products. thanks so much for making them vegan and wonderful!" - C.S. in Austin, TX

"I have been using products just over a year and so happy with them and my hair!" - L.R. in Sauquoit, NY

"You guys have a great product line and I've never had any issues with the customer service, delivery time etc...Everything is perfect...Just keep up the great work :)" - D.B.

"I am very happy with my hair now that I use Jessicurl. I love the citrus lavendar scent. My hair feels very healthy and no more frizzies! Thanks Jessicurl." - G.R.

"The products do what they say they do. The Confident Coisl & Rockin' Ringlets actually do have a different effect on my hair so I can choose how I want me hair to be." - J.K

"I wanted to try your travel samples as we were taking a trip to Key West, FL. Was nice not taking a number of bulky items. Definitely love the Confident Coils and Rockin Ringlets mixed together. This helped keeping the frizz at bay with the high humidity. Thank you!" - T.B

"I loved the confidence coils collection...! It worked wonders for my hair! I have never been able to succesfully do a wash n' go until then! Thanks!" R.S. in Hampton, VA
"Hi, I heard of your product line from my stylist. I’m a type 2B now loving my hair...finally!!" M.D. in Montreal, QC
"This is my third time buying Jessicurl and I'm addicted. Since I started using Jessicurl I have gotten so many compliments on my hair, on how good it looks and smells. Being a sixteen year old teen with curly frizzy hair is horrible but I'm just glad I found Jessicurl, now I have gorgeous curls that I'm proud to show the world."    M.A. in San Francisco, CA
"I actually made a power point presentation for my husband on why I needed to buy Jessicurl! That's how much I love your products!" G.V. in Novi, MI


"Met you and your lovely products when i lived on the coast! Now I'm inland and it's dry and hot in the summer!!!! Need me some Jessicurl to get through!! ;-)" L.C. in Shingletown, CA

"I found Jessicurl from naturallycurly.com. I have an allergy to wheat and I am looking for products that do not contain any wheat. You would not believe how difficult is is to find wheat-free curly hair products. I am delighted to find that your products do not contain wheat! I look forward to seeing how well they do in my hair." - N.R. in Mobile, AL

"These products actually make me feel fortunate for having curly hair. Thank you Jess!!" - L.A. in Endicott, NY

"Have been using Jessicurl almost a year. Have been on a life long search for curly products with no sulfates, which I am allergic to, silicones, or parabens. ONLY Jessicurl has ever fit the bill on the entire product line. I love this line! Don't change a thing ( unless you find an upgrade! Which would be hard to believe!) Thanks!
PS and your products are the only ones that work in all seasons which we have where I live, especially winter which is hard on the hair!" - L.R.in Sauquoit, NY

"Searching for natural products for wavy hair; very sensitive to smell. Excited to try!" - T.K. in Minneapolis, MN

"I am excited to use Jessicurl for the first time! I am nervous about spending so much money on a product I have never used before, but I am confident Jessicurl is the right choice!" - L.D. in Plainfield, NJ

"I found your products surfing on the web, researching how to care for curly hair. My hair suddenly became curly in my early teens (those tricky hormones). I've never really put a whole lot of effort into learning how to take care of it, but I've gotten by just fine. I now have three little curly girls who all have different kinds of curly hair. It's kind of crazy actually. I now am serious about learning how to take care of curly hair, for the sake of my girls. I want them to love their crazy curly hair. We're loving your products and learning which products to use with which little curly head. I'm really happy that I can help my girls this way, but I must admit that I'm really glad I'm helping myself, too. I love my soft hair. Thank you!" - M.T. in Benton Harbor, MI


"I've loved your products since I tried them, I have been lamenting my dwindling supply... You rock!" - R.P. in The Dalles, OR

"I heard about Jessicurl through online research of natural hair forums and blogs. " - K.C. in Brookly, NY

"YouTube vlogger JCokes7 was probably the first place that I heard of JessiCurl and your Deep Conditioner. I've tried a small sample of Too Shea as well and really liked it." - L.L. in Cypress, TX

"A friend has given me samples to try." - R.E. in Paradise, CA

"Hi! I just wanted to say that I am SO pleased with the order I made last month, irst trying out the 3 products, to see if I liked them(I have tried SO many!), and of course I do. I am so happy that I found you!" - P.C. in Naselle, WA 

"I have heard about you through NaturallyCurly.com. I'm a 2a and new to even realizing it. Looking for products that are not hype. Your seem to consistently come up as that. I am looking forward to trying these samples! " - K.C. in Lincoln, NE

"All my curly haired girlfriends use your products. They're looking good" - D.V. in Bellingham, WA

"Naturally Curly .com told me about you! OMG I'm so glad they did!!" - C.A. in Chicago, IL

"I didn't realize how much Confident Coils reduced frizz in my curls until I recently ran out and couldn't afford to order more until my next paycheck. My hair has been a crazy frizzy mess, even with the Too Shea conditioner. I need my Confident Coils back!" - D.R. in Conway, AR

"My older sister introduced me to Jessicurl." - M.E. in Minneapolis, MN

"I heard about Jessicurl on the radio a few years back. I've been buying ever since. I get soooo many compliments on my hair and it is due to Jessicurl. I've even gone back to try other products just to test and my hair is awful and frizzy. Jessicurl is the only one that works for me!!" - M.M. in Clover, SC

"Hey Jess! Just moved to Mass and am seeing a LOT of curlies here who could use the Jessicurl love! If you send me some samples I will spread the good word! XOXOXO Michelle" - M.O. in Attleboro, MA

"I heard of Jessicurl a long time ago. I wasn't so sure about the products then but my hair has changed after having children so I feel it is the right product for me now :)" - B.R. in Cary, NC

"CurlyKimmyStar on Facebook loves your Deep Treatment and gave you a shoutout so I have to try it!!!" - A.F. in Katy, TX

"I'm learning to love my hair, finally, thanks to Jessicurl!" - J.W. in Eureka, CA

"I found out about Jessicurl from Naturally Curly site. I am SO frustrated trying to find products that are free of all the bad stuff and don't hide behind large words you need a biology textbook to decipher. Here's to your products offering the solution to my hairs' problems! :) - K.L. in Ellicott City, MD

"I love, love, love Jessicurl! After struggling with my curly hair for years I can now look in the mirror love my hair! Thank you Jess!" - J.S. in Northridge, CA

"I love,love,love,Jessicurl! Trying the gelebration spray and aloeba conditioner today, in preparation for the humid, warm weather months that SURELY will come along after the yucky winter we have had. I use the Rich & Radiant collection and I'm continually amazed by how great my hair looks and feels. Thanks so much!" - B.L. in Greenville, PA
"I'm so glad I've found my holy grail of conditioners! This stuff is great!" - S.B. in Germantown, MD

"I have wanted to try your products ever since reading about them on Naturally Curly's forum. I am really excited!" - R.B. in Harker Heights, TX

"I heard about Jessicurl from a student at my school who has beautiful curly hair." - C.T. in Frisco, TX

"My daughter has thick curly hair & highly recommended your products." - J.R. in Oakland, CA

"A friend has been singing the praises of Jessicurl for a few months. After she shared some samples with me, I was hooked!" - R.H. in Portland, OR

"I cannot live without the Too Shea conditioner. It's amazing. Perfect moisture. No build up. Great scent. I can go on!! :-) Thanks Jessicurl. You nailed it!!" - M.A. in Bronx, NY 


"I saw you in Woman's World magazine." - D.F. in Saginaw, MI

"My daughter goes to school in NC, and I have a good friend down there who recommended Scott Musgrave to cut my hair. He gave me samples to try the last time I was down that way. Loved the shampoo and conditioner!" - D.P. in Jackson, NJ

"I saw a lady at a conference who had really beautiful curly hair, so I told her she had beautiful hair and I had to ask what products does she use. She told me and I checked out your site and giving it a try. Thanks." - R.V. in Houston, TX
"I have been hearing a lot about new, mass-produced products for curls. Since I was running low on Jessicurl I bought some of the advertised over-the-counter product. What a mistake! A head full of frizz, crunchy hair, not pretty! Love my Jessicurl, just ordered it by the gallon. Sorry I strayed, I won't do that again. :)" - L.S. in Wilkesboro, NC

"Super pscyhed that Scott Musgrave is carrying your line! I brought Gelebration and Confident Coils to an appt. to how him what I was using and he was really impressed! Congrats!!" - J.S. in Durham, NC

"I learned about your product from the curly girls at the gym who have great looking hair. Looking forward to trying these products on my unruly locks. Thanks!" - M.T. in Santa Rosa, CA

"Dear Friends at Jessicurl, Iv'e been a Jessicurl junkie for quite a while now. Having really thick, long, unruly curls, Jessicurl quickly became a NECESSITY after I discovered it on the internet. Anyway, several weeks ago, I unfortunately, had a devastating house fire. Of course, amongst most of my life's treasure, I lost all of my Jessicurl products. I have been using over the counter products for weeks. Trying, out of necessity, to be frugal about spending money. This past week I had a nasty allergic reaction to something. Swelling, face, eyes, neck, body rash. Ugghh. I didn't know if it was the water at the place I'm staying, or what it was. You can probably see where I'm going here. Yes, it was the mediocre hair products I was using. To say the least, I CANNOT wait to receive my Jessicurl products!! And, for my hair to be looking it's best again! Thank you friends at Jessicurl for creating such an AWSOME product!!!!!" - P.C. in Rifton, NY

"Have been hearing a lot about new, mass-produced products for curls. Since I was running low on Jessicurl I bought some of the advertised over-the-counter product. What a mistake! A head full of frizz, crunchy hair, not pretty! Love my Jessicurl, just ordered it by the gallon. Sorry I strayed, I won't do that again. :)" - L.S. in Wilkesboro, NC

"I heard about you through my cousin, who is a great fan of yours!" - R.N. in Foster City, CA

"Love your new product labels and videos. So glad you're continuing the legacy of helping women with curly hair feel proud of their hair rather than ashamed. Now we need to get Oprah and Michelle Obama on board with going natural, don't we?! Thanks for all you do." - L.D. in Sunnyvale, CA

"I heard about Jessicurl from Curly Nikki and natural hair care books." - C.B. in Yonkers, NY

"I heard of Jessicurl through a hair website. It was highly recommended for wavy/curly hair and I can't wait to try it!" - N.G. in Feasterville, PA

"My sister in laws beautician swears by it...figured I would give it a try." - K.K. in Greenville, NC

"No joke, I no longer dread having to wash my hair in the shower." - M.H. in Queens Villiage, NY

"'Hello curls' is what I say every morning. Love your product!!" - A.T. in New York, NY

"I saw the Natural Selection blog some months ago and noticed that the blogger Cassidy appeared to have a similar type of curl pattern as I did (with wet hair of course) but while her curls popped and her hair gleamed with health and vibrancy, my hair looked frizzy and scorched and my curls become flat. When I looked at her regimen, I noticed Jessicurl Too Shea and the Deep Conditioner were listed.Now I am in need of a good conditioner and I decided to give both products a try!" - D.C. in Stratford, CT

"I've lived with frizz all my life, and now at 66, I have beautiful curls. These products have healed my hair. I LOVE my hair, and I love Jessicurl!" - M.M. in La Mesa, CA

"Blogger Charjay raved about this product as being the best deep conditioner." - D.J. in Raeford, NC

"A friend with pretty hair mentioned on Facebook that she uses your products. I'm trying to look more professional and less frizzy so I'm taking the plunge. ;)" - S.G. in San Marcos, CA

"I was looking online for silk pillow cases. I have curly hair and thought I would check out your site." - S.H. in Jackson, MS

"I heard of Jessicurl from several blogs and I hear its a great product. I look foward to trying it out." - K.S. in Plainfield, IL


"I heard about you on naturallycurly's website, and as an HSU alum, glad to support a north coast CA business." - H.A. in Seattle, WA

"My sister-in-law uses your products and when I visited her I didn't bring any of my styling products. She let me use hers and I was AMAZED at how well it worked! I had defined curls that held ALL DAY! My products didn't work nearly as well and left me feeling frizzy!" - S.D. in Baltimore, MD

"I was told about your wonderful products from a friend." - T.J. in Durham, NC

"Thank you for continuing to provide wonderful products." - M.L. in Des Moins, IA

"I heard about Jessicurl from Sarah Kramer's store, Sarah's Place. I ordered the oil spray from her & loved it. :)" - J.C. in Las Vegas, NV

"I found you because you were the only fragrance-free line of products I could find for curlies. I bought a 2 oz set and was hooked! I love your products and vibe equally! THANK YOU so much!!" - P.C. in New York, NY

"I learned about you when my daughters recommended it." - J.C. in Laguna Niguel, CA

"I heard about your products on a Facebook forum under Kinky Curly Coily Me blogger." - C. C. in Norfold, VA

"I love your products! Yay! Thank you!" - J.S. in Northridge, CA

"One of my friends bought her daughter the sample set for Christmas after I shared the link in which I was the featured customer on your blog. Her daughter, who has hated her curly hair all her life, is now much happier with it! Glad we could help, right?!" - L. L. in Barrington, RI

"Your products are amazing. Please don't ever discontinue them!" - A.B. in Delta, PA

"I first learned of Jessicurl through CurlyNiki." - L.I. in Social Circle, GA

"I am so excited to finally be placing a Jessicurl re-order! My hair has missed it so!! So looking forward to my hair looking like it should with my Rockin' Coils! (a combo of CC & RR) Thanks Jessicurl!" - M.H. in Seattle, WA

"Jess' New Year's Resolution survey was fun.' - J.K. in Stanford, CA

"I absolutely love your products.' - N.O. in Palmerston North, New Zealand

"I tried your products last year and loved them. Cedar told me about them and I cannot say enough good things about them." - N.H. in Bend, OR

"I LOVE your products. Thank you so much for unscented!!" - L.T. in Concord, MA

"I heard about Jessicurl from a friend who is a loyal user." - K.D. in Arvada, CO

"I heard about you from a referral from one of your customers." - P.R. in Sun Lakes, AZ

"I saw you on The Rachel Ray Show several years ago and have been using the Confident Coils and your plunking technique ever since." - L.K. in Linthicum, MD

"I love the products Jessica! Making a huge difference on my hair. Getting the jumbo version this time around!" - E.Y. in Oakland, CA

“My friend Cassandra has reposted comments about Jessicurl on Facebook. I decided to check it out since in my grown up years I suddenly have baby fine curls.” – J.J. in Fairview Park, OH

“Okay. I'm hooked. Can I tell you how much fun I'm having with my hair?! I LOVE that products can be without fragrance. And the lavender is LOVELY! Thanks Jess!” – K.B. in Healdsburg, CA

“I saw a user interview with my best friend from high school (Lauri Fridovich). And realized that my daughter's hair was actually very similar to Lauri's. Your products have performed the same magic on my daughter's unruly hair that they did on Lauri's. Thanks!” – H.A. in Acton, MA
“I will never use anything else for my curls, I found my holy grail product! Thank you!” – S.J. in Riverview, FL

“I stayed with a friend and used her shampoo. We're both curly heads. Nice stuff!” – S.B. in Seattle, WA

“Love you, Jess! Can't live without my Jessicurl! :)” – L.L. in Barrington, RI

“I learned about Jessicurl through a newsletter from the Lorraines Academy. I'm growing out my relaxer and have been looking for a good product. I'm tired of looking and hope this will work for me.” – T.L. in St. Petersburg, FL

"I heard of Jessicurl on the NaturallyCurly.com website. This is my first purchase. I have not tried Jessicurl yet, but I read the testimonials and watched Jess' videos and I am eager to try her products. I need help with my curls. I have not been satisfied with results from the products I have tried in the past. I am looking forward to receiving my package!!!" - E.M. in Durham, NC

"Thank you for providing such great products! After 36 years, I finally have my curls under control! :)" - D.J. in Grayslake, IL

"Loyal customer since 2005!" - A.G. in Memphis, TN

"I heard about your products through the Internet and YouTube reviews and tutorials." - S.C. in Statesville, NC

"I heard of jessicurl via curlynikki.com and naturallycurly.com." - B.A. in Concord, NC

"I ran out of my products and I have been weighed down! Oy! Looking forward to bouncing into 2013 with my rejuvenated curly Qs!" - R.Z. in Everett, WA

"Love, love, love that you have the "no fragrance" option available. Please don't discontinue!!" - A.B. in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"I found out about you from the NaturallyCurly.com website with recommendations for your products!" - K.G. in Cincinnati, OH

"I found out about Jessicurl on CurlyNikki.com, NaturallyCurly.com, and several ladies transitioning from chemical relaxers to natural hair." - P.T. in Columbia, MD

"I love these products, Ive tried everything in Australia but Jessicurl is by far the best. Its worth it even with the high international postage!" - T.A. in Blaxland, Australia
"I heard about Jessicurl from my mother, who heard from my brother." - A.J. in Granite Falls, WA 

"I heard of Jessicurl on Naturallycurly.com and I was looking for Gluten free hair products. I love the Hair Cleansing Cream, I use it once a week to really clean my hair without using a shampoo with harsh ingredients." - F.S. in Mount Laurel, NJ

"I found your products on naturallycurly.com and then made my way to your website. I am DESPERATE. I have long, very fine, 3A curls that poof in the summer humidity and frizz in the dry Michigan winters. I straightened my hair for years, but I'm so sick of spending an hour on it only to have it ruined by the slightest gust or hint of rain. So I'm finally committed to going curly, and your products sound like just what I need. I'm so excited to try them!" - M.S. in Schoolcraft, MI

"I've been using Jessicurl for years ad love it!" - J.R. in Oakland, CA

"I heard about you from Dana Treats Blog She posted about curly hair and I thought I would give this a try. I have curly hair but I have always blown it straight. In the last last few months I've been going with the curl thing and I'm starting to like it!! Now I just need a good gel.. Hope this works, if so you will be hearing from a lot more." - J.M. in Newport Beach, CA

"I love all the names you picked for your hair products! I once again have my confidence back...now instead of the dry frizz I have beautiful curls!!!! I love getting my hair ready and heading out to town!!! I heard of your hair stuff through a curly haired friend when I asked how she kept her hair looking soooo good!" - C.S. Bloomer, WI


"This is the best shampoo for curly hair, bar none. It leaves your hair soft and moisturized and healthy, never stripped. My whole family uses it and we have begun buying it by the gallon." - B.F. in Santa Rosa, CA

"I received a sample of the deep conditioning treatment in a gift bag at a Big Chop Party where I cut off all my hair that was permed/relaxed and went natural. I love your conditioner!" - R.M. in Redford, MI

"I heard about it from a patient of mine. His daughter uses this product, she another curly head like me!" - G.P. in Columbia, MO

"I sat next to Jess on a flight from San Francisco to Seattle a couple of years ago. My oldest daughter has always struggled with her hair. This will make a perfect Christmas gift." - M. M. in Camano Island, WA

"I heard about you from naturallycurly.com. Love your products!" - T.V. in Dallas, TX

"Goodness how I LOVE Jessicurl! I have been curly since I hit puberty 20+ years ago, and I'm the only one in my family to be curly. Needless to say, I have found all the WRONG things to do to my hair, but never found the RIGHT ones...enter Jessicurl. The Light and Luminous product line keeps my hair curly, fresh, bouncy and beautiful all week long. I bought the trial size just to make sure I liked it...but I LOVE it, so here I am purchasing the big sizes. I'm telling my hairdresser about you! Thank you for finally giving me beautiful locks I can be proud of!" - C.A. in Fort Bragg, CA

"I am ordering these for my mom. She has straight hair but it is very dry and fragile. I'm betting that these products will improve the condition of her hair. My curls have never been healthier!" - S.B. in Webster, TX

"Love this stuff! I keep buying it because it tames my crazy dry gray curls and makes them lovely as I'm growing my hair out after cutting it super-short to let it be gray. And, most importantly, the products are vegan, because i live vegan, too!" - C.S. in Austin, TX

"I found Jessicurl online was amazed at how many people liked it, and bought it for a friend who has super curly hair, which runs in the family." - J.C in

"I have not used Jessicurl for some time and really missed using it. My hair doesn't curl with other product. Yours are the best." - F.P. in Greensburg, PA

"Wonderful products! Especially appreciate the "no fragrance" option." - J.K. in Stanford, CA

"I get so many compliments on my curls! Keep the great products coming!" - S.B. in Webster, TX

"I heard about you from my new salon in Richmond, Imago. So glad I found them, and you. My hair is transformed!" - T.S. in Midlothian, VA

"My friend Kim uses the products regularly, and she recommended them. She has gorgeous curly hair, so her endorsement carries a lot of weight in my book!" - K.P in State College, PA

"My friend Pam told me about this new product line, she loves it! She shared a discount code with me. Love the whole story how Jess came into business." - T.S. in Clifton Park, NY

"I heard from a friend from sweden and I tried 2 products and now..yes I have to say the products and tips are really great! Thanks! :-)" - A.K. in Eschenau, Austria

"I saw a young lady at the store, and her hair looked lovely! I asked her and she gave me a card. I can't wait to try it and see if finally, I found something that works for me!" - E.M. in Corpus Christi, TX
"I was working at The Beehive Salon of Islip,NY. My boss came to me and said, "I'm trying out this new line of products for curly hair and I need some models." Working in salons for years, I'd tried every product geared towards curly girls. I figured, 'what the heck? I've tried them all, What have I got to lose?'I couldn't believe the results! From the VERY FIRST USE, my hair looked and felt better than ever! My curls had more moisture, bounce and WAY less frizz. The hold was perfect- no more crunchy curls that would poof out if I tried to touch them! I was sold after the very first time. I no longer have to wet down and style my hair every morning. I get compliments on my curls all the time. I tell everyone about Jessicurl and the amazing product line. Thank you, Jessicurl!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for giving my curls the love they needed, while staying natural and earth-friendly!! :)" - G.P. in Port Jefferson Station, NY

"I was wondering how Dr. Gail Saltz got her lovely curls went on line your products came up so hopefully I can have volume and stay for the day curls." - R.G in New Hampton, IA

"I heard about you from a friend with curly hair. I had breast cancer and my hair grew back curly after chemo. I had no idea how to deal with it, so my friend suggested your products. I will now own these curls!" - B.P. in Snohomish, WA

"Purchased the deep conditioner at a salon and checked out the website to see what other products you make. Love the vegan options! Thanks!" - E.W. in Rochester, NY

"A good friend of mine introduced me to Jessicurl. She sent me a sample kit of the Light and Luminous and my hair was stoked! I’m a combo 3a/3b with well water and I have had many rockin' Jessicurl days! Many Thanks!" - E.B. in Annapolis, MD

"I met Jess at the Arcata Farmers Market years ago, and was taken by her hair and product, not only is it a great product, but a woman created it." - J.S. in Tuscon, AZ

"I really like the fact that you added the pump to the Too Shea and that the 8ounce bottle can be squeezed out instead of just having the product in a jar. Thank you!" - D.C. in Lathm, NY

"I happened upon you through the internet. I was looking for shampoo and conditioners without silicone. I do NOT have curly hair. My hair is straight, medium thickness, with body, but I've been coloring it. It was also getting damaged from silicone-based products. Thanks!" - N.S. in NY, NY

"I absolutely love your products. I have never had so much confidence in my hair. I'm ordering 2 oz. sizes this time around to teach a young curly about embracing her curls!" - J.R. in Fairview, PA 

"Love this stuff!" - M.N. in Augusta, MT

"I love the deep conditioner!!! " - A.S. in Austin, TX

"Heard about it from a friend because I thought her hair looked beautiful and asked how she achieved her curls!!" - J.E. in Everett, WA

"A client heard of Jessicurl through her hairdresser. I am sensitive to fragrances as are some of my clients and want to try an unscented product." - W.M. in Seattle, WA

"OMG my hair is sooo curly after trying these products.Hooray!" - R.Z. in Everett, WA

"Since using Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo, I no longer have to have different shampoos (e.g., one to use on a regular basis, one to clean my scalp, one clarifying cleanser for build up, etc.) on hand. It leaves my curls clean without stripping them, free of build up and my scalp itch free. Love it!" - M.C. in Washington, DC

"I love Jessicurl! Thanks for amazing products!" - C.S. in Arcata, CA

"I heard about you through the NaturallyCurly.com website a couple of years ago. I've used your products before but stopped because I was trying some new things.While I am happy with my current way, it's still not as good as yourRockin'/Confident Coils combo! Thanks for helping me to love my hair for the first time!" -R.D. in San Francisco, CA

"I ordered the Jessicurl Rich and Radiant collection and a Microfiber towel a few weeks ago. I am so glad I finally took the plunge to try Jessicurl products. The system makes so much sense and I love how the products all work together to enhance my curls. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair recently, people are asking me what I have done differently to my hair. The product line, company values, comprehensive tutorials, and informational website have been so helpful to me. After many years of experimenting and not really knowing how to manage my thick, curly hair I think I finally have it under control with products that I have confidence in. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your hard work at Jessicurl, educating us Curly Girls, and providing fabulous products for our hair." - M.B. in Cambridge, MA

"My co-worker loves your product and she allowed me to try it out. I have wavy hair and it holds my curls and gives it volume elimanting the frizz! I'm excited to place my first order!" - A.L. in Del Rey, CA

"I saw & loved "Brave" this weekend. Suddenly realized I needed to order more conditioner. :)" - A.B. in St. Paul, MN

"I found out about you at NaturallyCurly.com and am so glad you have fragrance free products as I very sensitive. Thank you very much."- J.H. in Brooklyn, NY

"My sister uses your products and is very pleased with them." - M.L. in Raytown, MO

"I heard of Jessicurl through Naturallycurly.com. I had been having a lot of problems lately with extremely dry hair (even more so than usual) so thought it couldn't hurt to give the Jessicurl products a try. Within 3 days of receiving the products I had completely threw out or gave away all my former store bought hair products. I have only been using the products for one week, but for the first time in my life I can honestly tell people I like my curly hair!" - L.M. in San Rafeal, CA


"Thank you Jessicurl for personalizing all of your products. I like the fact that you love your curls and have created this line so we can love ours too!Excited to try your products. Thanks again." - B.B. in Newport News, VA

"I've been using your products for a while now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I spent over 30 years trying to do ANYTHING with my curly hair besides wear it curly, and now I finally have made peace with my curls.Thank you for your wonderful products!!" - M.Z. in Poughkeepsie, NY

"I heard about you from my aunt who heard from a friend at work, now this is the one thing I use to curl my hair." - S.J. in Riverview, FL

"Love your products." - J.E. in Tempe, AZ


"I found your site while searching for a product for our 22 month old daughter. Although my husband nor myself have hair as curly (mine is wavy at best), she has the prettiest blond ringlets! Complete strangers often stop just to comment on how pretty her hair is; they often call her Shirley Temple! However, as beautiful as her curls are, they often become tangled and frizzy looking. We desperately wanted to find a way to help her love her hair, not hate it
because she had to "fight with it". We have been beyond pleased with each of your products that we have ordered! The previous two times we ordered, I requested the free samples and gave to friends with curly hair so that they can try this hidden treasure we have found!They are just as happy as we are and I'm sure will
become loyal customers also! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping make our little girl even cuter!!!!"
 - J.B. in Opp, AL


"I've heard good things about your products, the main is it being good for all types of hair, can't wait to try it out!" - S.S. in Jamaica, NY

"I am currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair so I have been spending a lot of time on various curly girl websites. I was very interested in Jessicurl products but I was unsure how they would respond to my dry, weak, damaged, transitioning hair.
I emailed the company and received a prompt and informative response from Debi who told me how I could get some samples and find out what my hair type was. I appreciate the personalized customer service and I look forward to trying the Jessicurl product line and making future purchases." - K.A. in Moraine, OH

"I work at a boutique where a customer came in with GREAT LOOKING naturally curly hair.She recommended your product. I NEED to see how it works for me." - T.L. in Palmyra, NY

"I love Jessicurl. My curls have never looked better!" - J.S. in Brooklyn, NY

"I heard of Jessicurl through a hotel convention. They were giving out free samples, and I happen to use it. It really made my hair look healthy.
I am transitioning from relaxed to natural. I used your Too Shea! and it really replenished my thick wavy hair." - E.G. in Jonesboro, GA

"My daughter said she'd found the perfect product and that was all the recommendation I needed. Her hair looks great, and she's not easy to please." - L.W. in Hopewell, VA

"Customer for years! Love this stuff!" - A.B. in Eldridge, IA.

"I LOVE the Awe Inspiraling Spray. I use it to refresh my bed head and curls throughout the day. I live in a high humidity city and don't want to live without this product!" - A.G. in Charlotte, NC

"My friend RAVES about your products and highly recommended the Rockin Ringlets Styling Potion, so I'm finally going to give it a try. Can't wait to get it!" - K.G. in Dallas, GA

"Very first product I have ever found that makes my curls look pretty, soft and touchable!" - L.P. in Owings, MD

"One of my favorite art teachers was in northern California visiting and went to a party where she heard all the young women talking about this product called Jessicurl and that we all had to try it." - A.B. in Juneau, AK

"I gave my sister all my sample sizes and now she is a customer too! We both ADORE the products because they work like a dream!!!" - C.S. Dalton Gardens, ID

"I heard about Jessicurl deep conditioning treatment from an article I read on curlynikki.com." - K.G. in Boston, MA

"I originally saw Jess on the Rachel Ray show. One of the products I use is the Deep Conditioning Treatment which I use every time I wash my hair and only leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and that seems to do the trick for me." - P.T. in Clearwater, FL

"I first heard of Jessicurl on naturally.com and have been interested in trying your products since. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try your products at a great price for the products and shipping as well. It is very much appreciated!" - T.B. in Columbus, OH 

"BEST conditioner ever!" - E.R. in Santa Clara, CA

"My wonderful Curly Girl stylist told me about you. Finally, in my 70th year, I am delighted with my curly/ringlety/silvery wonderful hair." - J in Seattle, WA

"I love your products. After coming to the knowledge that most of the products I had been using my whole life were terrible for my curls I found a list with all the chemicals you do not want in hair products and went in search of such products. Your styling products and shampoo & conditioners had virtually none or
none at all of the chemicals that are bad for hair. I tried your products and now they are all I use. Your products saved my hair! Thank you for loving curly hair and making great products for it!" - S.M. in Davie, FL

"Great savings - I'm stocking up on the products I can't live without! Running out is one of my recurrent nightmares, lol!" - S.B. in Webster, TX

"Great review in RealSimple" - M.M. in Tallahassee, FL

"Jessicurl conditioning products rock." - S.S. in Beltsville, MD

"Love it!" - L.M. in Saint Augustine, FL

"Found you online looking for good products for curly hair, have ordered before and love your stuff.
Just have to keep ordering from you and stop with all the rest. Yours is the best." - K.M. in Piercey, CA

"These are the best products ever, I am hooked!" - T.D. in Coon Rapids, MN

"Dear Jess, I LOVE your products. I have turned my family members and friends onto these wonderful products. Keep up the great work." - C.T. in Valencia CA

"I think I have used every hair product known to man in attempts to tame my curly mop. I believed every claim that they told me thinking I was helping my hair.
Eventually, I started losing my hair. Once I figured out my hair was falling out from all the chemicals I was putting in my hair let alone raking a brush  through it everyday I freaked out. In my search to find a product to keep the hair I still had and maintain it I found Jessicurl.  I now laugh at other products that claim they are for curlies yet their ingredients say otherwise. Never going back. Thank you." - R.G. in Huntington Beach, CA

"Love your stimulating scalp massage oil! using it twice a week to get my hair to grow. can't wait to try your styling products. thanks so much!" D.M. in Staten Island,NY

"Heard about Jessicurl from a friend who heard it from a friend. I borrowed some products to try from my friend and...OMG does not describe it. My curly hair was perfectly curly. I am 43 years old and have tried everything. My hair always dried puffy and frizzy. Not any more. I can't believe my eyes or my hair! I get lots of complements. Thanks Jessicurl!! Words can not express." K.M. in North Conway, NH

"I heard rave reviews of Jessicurl products from CurlyNikki.com, NaturallyCurly.com and Hairscapades.com and am excited to try them out." - V.H. in Canton, MI

"I tried your samples about a year and a half ago and since then I have been hooked." - A.G. in Tupelo, MS

"I first heard of Jessicurl on naturallycurly.com. I love it and have been using it for years now!" - K.S. in Bellingham, WA

"I was volunteering at the Kate Wolf Festival 2011. A women walked by and complimented my curls, asking me what I used. At the time, age 29,
I was fairly new to understanding my curls and the products available. I had long ago settled on the fact that my curls were difficult to deal with and would only be nice gathered curls if I used cheap gel that kept me curls together but turned them into hard potentially dangerous extremities. I was at the point of seldom washing my hair and air drying, relying on my natural oils to help maintain my curls. This lovely lady later came back with some samples of Jessicurl, explaining that she worked for the company and my beautiful curls deserved a great product. I excitedly experimented
with them immediately. At first I didn't know what the big deal was other than Jessicurl smells AMAZING! By the time I got through 4 washes; gentle lather, conditioner and styling solution, myself and my hair were curl over bouncy curl in love with Jessicurl. My curls can finally be their lovely selves without getting crusty, weighed down, frizzy, tangled or lost in limbo somewhere between straight and curly; they bounce, fly, shine, turn heads and get compliments! Thank you Jessicurl!" - G.S. in La Mesa, CA

"Heard about JC from a friend who , yup, heard it from a friend. I borrowed some products to try from my friend and..... OMG does not describe it. My curly hair WAS perfectly curly. I am 43 years old and have tried everything. My hair always dried puffy and frizzy. Not any more. I can't believe my eyes or my hair! I get lots of complements. Thanks JC!! Words can not express." K.M. in North Conway, NH

"I am a returning customer. I am running back to Jessicurl! Can't wait to get these products back in my hair - my daughters too. I have been using a cleansing conditioner. I liked how my hair looked, but I didn't realize there were silicones in the products. Over time my hair got dryer and coated and brittle. My daughters hair became a tangled mess due to the coating on her hair. I got sucked into the silicone cycle again. Ugh! But I'm back!" - T.J. in Granada Hills, CA

"I heard about you on naturally curly.com. Ordered and loved it, ordering again because I am tired of hunting down your products!" - S.R. in Richmond, VA

"The curls skipped a generation and now I am in charge of my baby granddaughter's curls as well! I need plenty of your products to share because they are the best! Thanks for all you do to provide them to us!" - S.B. in Webster, TX

"This is the only conditioner I will use on my hair. It never weighs it down, and enhances the curl. I absolutely love it." - A.K. in Denver, CO

"I found Jessicurl online while searching for hairproducts that would be natural enough for my scalp to stop itching.. When I tried your products, my old curls re-appeared, and I'm, thrilled!! I love the way my hair has turned out; no itching, shining beautiful curls, and it smells like summer :o)" - H.L. in Nannestad, Norway

"I have been using your products for over 5 years now. Thanks for making the perfect hair-care products for my curls!" - C.M. Hillsboro, OR

"A friend -- also a curly-haired redhead -- recommended Jessicurl." - C.T. in Dallas, TX

"I heard about you on NaturallyCurly.com in 2006 and have buying RR and CC ever since - even when I moved to Hawaii! I'm back in CA now, and love that your products are natural and not full of harmful chemicals that damage the hair." - T.V. in Clovis, CA

"Love this stuff!My new must have products!" - M.N in Augusta, MT

"My sister recommended I try your products. Her curly hair looks so beautiful with your products. The fact that she is a 5 year breast cancer survivor who had lost all her hair makes it even more beautiful!" - T.K. in Aliso Viejo, CA

"Jessicurl products are only products that does not irritate my eczema. Thank you so much for giving my awesome hair and keeping my skin amazing!" - N.F. in Tuscon, AZ 

"I saw my sister again on the holidays after months apart, and her normally frizzy curls were shiny, smooth, and GORGEOUS. I have been straightening my hair for years to hide that look, but when I found out all I needed were Jessicurl products, for the first time in a decade, I've worn my hair curly for months." - C.F. in Atlanta, GA

"Curly-headed friend gave me samples as a Christmas present. I loved it." - E.A. in Charlotte, NC

"I work at a hotel in Chicago and a guest staying there saw my curls and gave me samples. I loved them. My hair has never looked better!" - A.K in Evergreen Park, IL

"I heard of your product from a patient who had wonderful hair and she told me she used your products." - R.G in Boise, ID

"I am 41 with wavy hair, I got a bodywave a couple of months ago and I wish I had just bought your products instead." - R.O in Bedminster, NJ

"I remember Jess when she was developing Rockin'Ringlets, from the Naturally Curly forum. Love all the products!" - S.S in Dearborn, MI

"Thank you for your excellent products!" - L.B in San Mateo, CA

"I found Jessicurl on PETA's list of cruelty-free and vegan personal care products. I received some of the travel size products for my birthday and love them!" - A.P in phoenix, AZ

"Thank you :) I love your products!" - T.B. in Dover, DE

"This is my second order. I am thrilled! I just mentioned to my boss I was ordering more, and she exclaimed: So that's what you're doing differently! It shows! Thanks for great products." - J.H. in Maspeth, NY

"I've been using Jessicurl for about 4 years now. I started out just using one or two products, but now my shower features Hair Cleansing Cream, Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils, and you can find Awe Inspiraling Spray on my counter. Love it all!" - T.C. in Christiansburg, VA

"I LOVE this stuff!Thanks for such a wonderful product!" - M.N. in Augusta, MT

"I love the products and have used them since Jessicurl first began. Thank you Jessica!! You are appreciated and loved by us Curlies!! You gave us hope and great hair. I am constantly getting compliments. No more shaved, short hair for me!!" - S.K. in Milwaukee, WI

I want to sincerely thank you for having the perseverance to bring your product, and the entire concept to market. I wish I had been told how to take care of my hair when it was younger. Until you put together the system, with the videos and towels, I had no practical knowledge of how to make it look good. The best I could do was BIG. Now I look good every day, even when my hair is overgrown. It has pretty much eliminated bad hair days from my life. I cannot tell you how much a simple thing has improved the quality of my life. – CB

Love these products! – and coming from me that means a lot, because I try a LOT of curly hair products! I am a 3B and I am using the Hair Cleansing Cream, Too Shea!, Rockin’ Ringlets w/ a bit of Confident Coils – and Weekly deep conditioner. My curls never looked better! By far the most truthful and usable curly hair products I have found. Keep up the great work! – LC

I have fine, color-treated, wavy-curly hair that I have decided to grow out and wear curly instead of my usual self-torture of trying to straighten and de-frizz my graduated bob. I have been experimenting with different brands and have found that Jessicurl definitely works the best for me. My hair feels much cleaner, lighter, and is still well moisturized compared to some other lines that have made me feel like I have 'gunk' in my hair until I can wash it out. I don't like the feeling of too much product, and Jessicurl gives me that! ALSO: I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to order my products without fragrance!!! I am very sensitive to scents (natural or synthetic) and find that although I am sure I would love the fragrance of the scented products, breathing is a little easier without it.
Thank you for making natural products that make my hair look and feel clean, healthy, bouncy and moisturized. – JA

I LOVE Jessicurl products!  In the past year and a half my hair has become stronger, grown longer and my stylist is amazed to find almost zero split ends.
Thanks!! – AA

I gave my teenage (step)daughter some of the trial size items I ordered last week. I'd already ordered a full set if products for me earlier today, and tonight she tells me she loves what your products had done for her "unmanageable" curly hair. This order is just for her. She's also spreading the word at her school. Be prepared for a lot more customers in Oklahoma! – NM

I made my first order of Jessicurl last week and tried it the day I got it.
I could feel the difference in my hair with the first shampoo! The Too Shea!
conditioner was just as immediately effective. Even though it was my first time using them and I didn't get the amounts quite right, Confident Coils and Rockin' Ringlets worked so well I got compliments all over the place at work that night. Since then, my hair has made a complete turn-around; it hasn't looked this healthy or defined in years! Thank you so much! – DB

As a 3C curly in my late 30s...I finally love my hair. I've received many compliments from friends, co-workers (even strangers), most who had never seen me with curly hair before. After almost 25 years of fighting my hair with curling irons, hot rollers, flat irons and occasional chemical treatments, I woke up and decided it was time to embrace my naturally curly hair. It was exhausting "planning" straight styles around humidity and styling time, etc. My hair was unhealthy and really limiting my spontaneity. Confident Coils and Rockin' Ringlets (along with a diffuser) define my curl pattern, provide amazing hold, minimize frizz and my hair is soft, not crunchy. Thanks Jessica. I am forever a curly and Jessicurl client! - TR

I met the founder of Jessicurl in January 2011 in Atlanta at the Airport . She was so nice and gave me some samples cause I told her that I was going to give up my relaxer and go natural. Well on July 10, 2011 I cut off all my hair and went natural. After the shock of learning how to take care of my natural hair. I spent about $350 on different products and salon services. Last night I found my Jessicurl samples and used them. OMG! What a difference in my hair! I love these products. If I had used them from the start I would have saved myself lots of time and money! I just want to say THANK YOU! AND I will be ordering the products off the website. - CS

I officially cut ties with all other hair products yesterday. Received my hair cleansing cream, too shea, rocking ringlets, and CC last night and I'm hooked. I tried the little sample sizes last week and paid for 2nd day air for my products. They are amazing. So much curl definition for my 2C hair. Thank you, Jess for creating products that don't weigh my hair down on the top (flat top). The RR & CC are so nice that they don't tangle my hair and I'm actually seeing curls on the top of my heavily highlighted hair.  - ND

I received my Jessicurl hair products that I won from a blogger giveaway today! I'm here to tell you these are the BEST products for curly hair that I have EVER used! I've bought everything under the sun and never had results like this! It was effortless, like my hair knew what it needed all along, and once it got it, all was well! The Confident Coils is an amazing product, not sticky, hard, no "wet" look, just curl power in a bottle. I noticed the depth of sheen my hair has is completely different from what "shine" products do. My hair seems to glow if that makes sense, I'm fairly certain it's due to the all natural ingredients and at the risk of sounding corny, it's coming from within. I finally won the battle of the frizz too! Never has my hair just decided to spring up evenly like this, until now. I'm completely awe-struck at how effortless and perfect these products are! I was not solicited to review these, nor paid...I just HAD to say THANK YOU Jessicurl!! I will not trust my hair to anything but Jessicurl from now on! - LE