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USPS is experiencing severe shipping delays due to high volume. Please allow 10 days for package delivery. Please note that USPS tracking may be marked “Delivered” up to 7 days prior to actual delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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#$&[email protected]#Jessicurl Shipping Costs!

#$&[email protected]#Jessicurl Shipping Costs!

Perhaps the most common piece of feedback we receive from customers is about our shipping costs. Because our manufacturing plant is located in a remote part of Northern California, it can be expensive to ship items from here to all points around the world. It may (or may not) be helpful to know that Jessicurl does subsidize the shipping costs for our customers. We receive discounts from our primary carriers, roughly 20% lower than the actual price, and pass these savings onto you. If we have charged you $8.00 for shipping, it likely cost us about $10.00 in shipping charges from the carrier. We do not make any profit on our shipping charges and we do not recover any of the labor or material costs for preparing and shipping your orders in the shipping charges you see on your order. 

Keeping in mind the above points, we do understand that shipping can be an extra expense for our customers. Whether you are one of these customers or simply interested in saving on your next order, here are some ways that can help:

  1. Shipping cost is primarily determined by the weight of an order. For all our carriers, our overall cost per pound drops as your order gets larger. This means that, if the product cost of your order comes to $100, the percentage of that cost dedicated to shipping would be smaller than it would be for a $16.95 order.
  2. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive discount offers from time to time. These offers can range from free shipping to a percentage off your order. If you take advantage of our special promotions, you can typically save the equivalent of all your shipping even if you order every month.  To sign up for the newsletter, go to the bottom right hand side of our homepage and click on the “Subscribe” button or by clicking this link:  Website Sign-Up
  3. If you have a few friends that also use Jessicurl or place orders larger than $300, you can join Club Jessicurl and receive multiple benefits, such as a flat rate of $5 for shipping (U.S. addresses only) and additional discounts on your order. To learn more, click here: Club Jessicurl
  4. We have many wonderful retail partners around the world (including the U.S.) who not only offer discounts on shipping but they also offer fast turnaround times, assistance in your native language, and lots of other support for curlies. You can check our store locator to see if there are any web shops or salons selling our product in or near your location via these links: Locations or Online Stores
  5. Last but not least, many of you love to buy Jessicurl in person when you can and we love that too! If your favorite salon doesn’t carry us, send us an introduction to your neighborhood curly salon or beauty supply store and, with any luck, you will be able to buy Jessicurl on your next visit. You can send us details about your favorite salon or beauty supply store by emailing [email protected].