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Whether you have fine waves or tight coils...
You have the right to remain curly!®

Meet Jessicurl

Meet Jessicurl

What is Jessicurl? Well, that’s not a cut and dry question to answer. On the surface, Jessicurl is a line of products for people for curly hair. But Jessicurl is also a person – Me, Jess McGuinty, the founder of the company.  It’s also a philosophy. One where you are not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to love your curly hair in its natural state, stop straightening it, and realize that You Have the Right To Remain Curly!  Of course the high quality products make it that much easier and I’m eager to share my ingredients philosophy with you.

To learn more about Jessicurl the brand, the person, and the philosophy, check out the links below.

Jessicurl's Story: I’m just like you – a woman who struggled for years to accept my curls. Read more about my story here.

Blog: Part of my job is going to different curly hair events and meeting curlies to help them learn to love and embrace their curls. I blog about those adventures here.

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Jess McGuinty, the founder of the company Jessicurl