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Curly Chronicles: Haley Goetsch

Thu, 11/08/2012 - 12:27 -- Jess

September 4th was Jessicurl's 10 year anniversary so we're drawing the celebration out. :) One way is by doing a series of Curly Chronicle Blog posts featuring Jessicurl customers I've come to know and love over the years. :) (Ok, there are several people featured in the series that I've not met in person, but I still love them! :) )

Haley is a local curly who lives in my area, which is one of the reasons I wanted to feature her in this series. :) One of the awesome aspects of Jessicurl is traveling and meeting curlies around the country, but I really love my community here in Humboldt County and it’s important to me to foster the relationships with curlies at home too. :) Thank you Haley, for letting me feature you and for your very kind words. :)  


Haley Goetsch


Your name: Haley Goetsch

# of years using Jessicurl products: 1

Tell me about your curly hair journey. Did you always have curly hair, or like many of us, did it go curly at a certain point in your life?

I had long straight blond hair as a child. As I grew older I continued to keep my hair long, with bangs. I never really thought of myself as a girl with curly hair. It was just long and wavy. I would spend what seemed like hours in the bathroom when I was in middle and high school, trying to straighten my bangs, and then curl them under, just slightly, so they’d sit “just right” on my forehead. My bangs were annoyingly unruly. I grew my bangs out after college when I had a baby and didn’t have time to fuss with my bangs anymore. It was easier but I felt like I looked older. Last year I turned forty and for my birthday my sister said she wanted to treat me to a day at the salon. I told her I wanted to get my hair cut (and possibly colored) so off we went. I had long, blondish brown heavy hair that hung down in the middle of my back. I had it all cut off and dyed it a gorgeous red. I had no idea my hair was REALLY curly! I returned back to Humboldt (after donating my locks to Locks of Love) and began using Jessicurl products!

When you were a kid, let’s say, under the age of 12, how did you feel about your hair? Did you get along with it?

Yes – before junior high school I had no problems with my hair. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but got compliments once in a while about how long and thick it was.

Did that relationship change at all during your adolescent years?

Yes, in middle and high school I spent every morning fighting my sister for space in the mirror, while I struggled with straightening my bangs for at least thirty minutes every day. I also had to use a lot of hairspray and worried about them all the time. I was very self-conscious, especially when we moved to Florida and had to deal with the heat, humidity, puberty and pimples.

If you fought with your curly hair for a portion of your life, at what age/point in your life did you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

I began to love and accept my (short) curly hair finally at age 40! I felt sassy, young(er) and confident.

How did the people in your life react to that decision?

My family (sister, brother-in-law, daughter, aunt) loved the new look. My brother-in-law said it changed my whole image, and that it took “ten years” off my face. My fiance did not love it however – and told me I reminded him of his mother (who just happens to also have short, curly red hair)! He said it was “cute” but not long and sexy like he was used to, and couldn’t wait for it to grow back again.

If you always loved and accepted your curls, is there someone in your life that you feel was helpful in helping you with that? If you had to accept them later in life, is there someone who you feel was helpful in accepting/loving your curls then?

I have to say that you, Jess, were a big inspiration, in helping me to love my curls! My daughter met you at North Star Quest Camp years ago, when she was in junior high school and told me how great it was to meet you and how you inspired confidence in the girls and women there. I am so impressed with what I’ve heard, and the impact you and your business continue to have on others. Thanks!

When, and in what context did you first hear of Jessicurl?

I saw your ads in the local papers (over the years) and had heard about you (and a bit about your business) from my daughter. I also saw you on TV, talking about your business at some venue and really liked how honest you were with the audience.

What made you decide to try Jessicurl the first time?

I saw on your website that you give samples out to people who donate to Locks of Love. Since I had just returned from Portand (getting my hair cut and colored and then donated) I had short curly hair for the first time in my life! Honestly I wanted to try it to see if I could get my hair to look as amazing as yours does!

What did the packaging look like when you first used Jessicurl? How did that affect your opinion of it?

It came in a set, with the curly girl logo on it, and matching bottles. I really enjoy the cool names and calming/invigorating scents. I love the empowered curly girl symbol and every time I use the Rockin’ Ringlets I just feel good. It smells great too. 

Clearly, since you’re being featured on my blog, you liked the products and have continued to use them. :) What was different about them and what made you keep coming back to them?

I feel that they are more natural and less ‘chemically’ than other products. I don’t get the over-stripped, dry feeling on my hair when I use JessicurI that I tend to get when I use other products. I also love that they are made locally, and made by someone who loves hair - and helping girls and women feel better about their locks! I love that you support Lock of Love and I am glad that you are sharing your gifts and talents around the world. I continue to use Jessicurl because I love them!

How has your relationship with your hair changed or evolved during your time using Jessicurl products?

I feel like I take more time to ‘care’ for my hair than I used to.  In the past I didn’t really think there was much I could do about having dry, frizzy hair, but since I have been using Jessicurl I have been happily surprised at how my hair has changed and how many compliments I have received. =0)

Please tell me whatever else you’d like me to know about you and your hair and your experience with it.  

 I just want to say thank you for creating such great stuff! I recommend your products on Facebook to all my curly haired friends, and smile every time I see you out and about. Keep up the good work <3