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Curly Chronicles: Monique Patenaude

Mon, 09/17/2012 - 14:12 -- Jess

September 4th was Jessicurl's 10 year anniversary so we're celebrating all month long. :) One way is by doing a series Curly Chronicle blog posts featuring Jessicurl customers I've come to know and love over the years. :) (Ok, there are several people featured in the series that I've not met in person, but I still love them! :) )

I’ve never met Monique but she’s a regular, long term customer and active on our Facebook page and seemed like an interesting curly that I wanted to include in this series of posts. :)


Monique Patenaude 8-year Jessicurl customer


Your name: Monique Patenaude

Number of years using Jessicurl products:  8

Tell me about your curly hair journey. Did you always have curly hair, or like many of us, did it go curly at a certain point in your life?

I had straightish hair until about 8th grade, 13 to 14 years old.

When you were a kid, let’s say, under the age of 12, how did you feel about your hair? Did you get along with it?

I don’t remember having any hair issues until it started to go curly. 

Did that relationship change at all during your adolescent years?

Even though my hair was changing I didn’t really realize that it was getting curly; all I knew for sure was that it wasn’t behaving.  I remember a constant struggle trying to keep it flat, then at some point in 10th grade I got a curly perm.

If you fought with your curly hair for a portion of your life, at what age/point in your life did you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

In between my junior and senior year in high school (summer of 1982) I cut my hair short and kept it that way for the next 20 years!  Still, I did not know that my hair had become curly during adolescence.  To me, it was just unruly.  No one in my family has curly hair.  If I kept my hair short it had “body.”  Finally in 2003 I began to grow my hair out.  Ugh!  Such a pain!  But at least by then there were hair straighteners, mousse, and other products that I could use to keep my hair flattened until it dried. 

When, and in what context did you first hear of Jessicurl?  In 2004 I decided I had to find something to do with my hair other than fight with it.  The only time I used products was to keep my hair flat!  I researched and researched local hair experts and found

Stefania Buonomo, owner of Metro Salon here in Rochester, NY.  I made an appointment to get my hair straightened, but even on the phone the folks at Metro just told me to leave my hair natural—ie no plastering it straight with gels and mousse, or ironing—and come in.   It wasn’t until Stefania had me flip my head upright after she dried my hair with a diffuser that I finally realized I had curly hair!  She kept telling me my hair was curly as she was cutting and styling it.  Although she seemed to know what she was talking about, I “knew” my hair, and even though I never used a diffuser before, I “knew” blow drying my hair upside down was going to end poorly.  HA!!! I fell in love with my hair instantly! 

What made you decide to try Jessicurl the first time?

Metro Salon carries Jessicurl—Stefania used the Weekly Deep Conditioner in Citrus Lavender on me!

What did the packaging look like when you first used Jessicurl? How did that affect your opinion of it?  Green jar.  Simple label.  I liked the simple packaging.

Clearly, since you’re being featured on my blog, you liked the products and have continued to use them. :) What was different about them and what made you keep coming back to them?  

The products consistently keep my hair in check.  I usually tweak the combination of products I use depending on the season or humidity and with Jessicurl products it’s just a simple proportion difference rather than having to buy different products for every season.

How has your relationship with your hair changed or evolved during your time using Jessicurl products?

Jessicurl and my curls came to me at the same time—the two are inseparable!