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Spiralicious named Product Of The Year!

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 13:00 -- Jess

The Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) group is a collective of dedicated, passionate curly hair stylists over the globe that learn from each other about cutting techniques, styling and products.

Curly Hair Artistry

It was formed January 21 2013 by Scott Musgrave with the intention of leading the industry with advanced art, methods and business that relate to the craft of working with all types of Wavy/Curly & Multi Textural Hair.

It has grown into a large private Facebook group where the stylists share tips, but there is also a public Facebook page where you can learn from them as well.

This group is dedicated to offering their clients only the best products, and as such have found a friend in Jessicurl. :) Many of the stylists in CHA now use Jessicurl products and they and their clients are all much happier for it.

This week we were honored and thrilled to learn that the CHA has named our new Spiralicious Styling Gel their Product Of The Year for 2013!

This is an amazing honor, as these folks know their curly hair products and are entrusted with thousands of heads of curls. They’re smart though – they know a great product when they see it! :)

Thank you, CHA, for your passion for curly hair and for recognizing Jessicurl and Spiralicious.

We love you all! :)