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Customerfriends are the BEST!

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 09:40 -- Jess

So yeah, I made up that word, Customerfriends. :)  I had to come up with SOMETHING to describe the influx of people into my life whom I’d not otherwise have met had it not been for Jessicurl. The people who started out as customers but who quickly became people I consider friends I’ll have for life. What an amazing phenomenon, eh?!? I feel super lucky to have had to create such a word! I had no idea when I started Jessicurl 10 years ago that I’d become Real Actual Friends with so many of my customers. :) Ok, I feel myself getting WAY too mushy here and I need to reel it back in.  :)

But please, check out this ADORABLE situation below. My dear, sweet Customerfriend Haley Rhine of Derby City Naturals posted this on Facebook today and I HAD to share it with you. I blogged about Haley recently and told you how much I just LOVE her, and have loved her since the minute she bounced up to me at the World Natural Hair Show a few years ago in Atlanta. (Yes, literally, bounced up to me.) She is a blast to hang out with and the two of us in the same room is downright too much to handle. :)


Jess and Haley then and now

I saw that picture of those two ADORABLE little girls online a few months ago and instantly thought of me and Haley but SHE went a step further and added her own touch of cute. Now, come on. How can you see that and not just break out into a huge smile, eh? :)

Stuff like this makes me just GIDDY with love for getting to be Jessicurl, share the curly love and meet all the wonderful Customerfriends that I have. I can’t wait for 2013 to see how many more of you I get to meet! :)