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STOKED to head to Atlanta

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 14:42 -- Jess

Unless you've been averting your eyes any time you come across my blog or Facebook in the last few weeks, you know already that September marks Jessicurl’s 10 year anniversary. :) And maybe it’s become a little obvious that I personally am pretty excited about that. :) Heck, I even got my LOGO tattooed on my BODY to commemorate it! (So, yeah, no worries that I’m going to run off to Tahiti any time soon, eh? :)

Part of what makes my job so satisfying is hearing from you how much Jessicurl has helped you love your curls, whether you’re a man, woman or child. :) We gathered up one of each, plus a “straighty” for good measure and put them in our new radio ad.  I added some pictures of some of the people in it and made it into a little YouTube video. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of little 4 year old Ava. I call her my BFF. :-) Love that kid. :) (and ALL of you!!) 



On Tuesday I’m heading once again to what I’ve come to call my third home – Atlanta! :) (California and Canada being my first two. :) ) Fro Fashion Week takes place twice a year and you will ALWAYS find me there. Here's a picture from Febraury 2012's event.


Jess at fro fashion week


It’s a great event that celebrates curls of all textures. Besides, it includes a penthouse party with an awesome DJ and THIS time, that party will be renamed Jessicurl 10 and will be our official 10 year birthday celebration!! :) I cannot WAIT. Oh, and I’m SUPER stoked that my awesome photographer Terrence McNally from Arcata Photo Studios will be coming with me to help document all of the festivities. So rest assured, there will be SO MANY pictures to show you when I get back. :)


If you’re in or near Atlanta and haven’t registered yet – DO IT! You’ll have so much fun, I promise. See you on the dance floor at the Jessicurl 10 party! :)