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Gearing up for our 10th anniversary

Thu, 08/30/2012 - 15:24 -- Jess

September 4th marks Jessicurl’s official 10 year anniversary!! :) It’s a major milestone, obviously, and we’re working on several different ways of celebrating. :) One way is to feature the curly hair stories of a variety of Jessicurl customers, with at least one from each year we’ve been in business. I interviewed them via email, asking them all the same series of questions. I’ll be rolling them out as a series of blogs throughout the month of September, starting with my VERY first customer ever! :) I figured since technically I’m Jessicurl’s first customer, I’d get a jump start on the series and answer the questions myself today. :) Keep your eyes out for the rest of the series to start next week. It was really fun getting to know some of the Jessicurl family better and I think you’ll find their stories interesting as well! :) For now, here is mine. :)

Tell me about your curly hair journey. Did you always have curly hair, or like many of us, did it go curly at a certain point in your life?

My hair has always been really thick and was stick straight until I was about 12. It started getting wavy then, and curled further when I was 13/14.

When you were a kid, let’s say, under the age of 12, how did you feel about your hair? Did you get along with it?

For the most part. I certainly didn’t dislike it like I did once it went curly but I do remember that it was often an “issue” due to how thick it was. I hated having to sit still to have it brushed and detangled and around age 10 cut it short so it was easier for me and my parents to manage it. I didn’t dislike how it looked though, just that it was hard to manage.

Did that relationship change at all during your adolescent years?

Very much. When my hair went curly I hated it. I was picked on, I didn’t know what to do with it and overall it made me feel horrible about myself.

If you fought with your curly hair for a portion of your life, at what age/point in your life did you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

I didn’t embrace it until my early 20s and even then, it was a long process.

How did the people in your life react to that decision?

Everybody was really supportive.

If you always loved and accepted your curls, is there someone in your life that you feel was helpful in helping you with that? If you had to accept them later in life, is there someone who you feel was helpful in accepting/loving your curls then?

My parents knew how much I hated my hair and they like curly hair so always thought I was crazy for trying to fight it. My mom has straight hair and always wished she could have curly hair and my dad has curly hair and embraces it, so I was lucky in that regard.

When, and in what context did you first hear of Jessicurl?

This question makes a lot more sense when it’s a customer answering it. :) Technically Jessicurl became a business on September 4, 2002 but I first started playing with flax seed hair gel recipes in August 2002.

What made you decide to try Jessicurl the first time?

I was fed up with buying hair products that didn’t work for my hair so started playing around with a flax seed hair gel recipe in hopes of creating something that worked for my own hair. Initially my intention was not to start a business, but when I told my online friends at the NaturallyCurly.com discussion forums, they asked if they could buy some from me. The rest is history. :)

What did the packaging look like when you first used Jessicurl? How did that affect your opinion of it?

I used to print the labels on my computer and tape them on the bottles. :) I didn’t love that look, to be honest, but I had to start somewhere. :) I MUCH prefer our current look with our beautiful, confident curly logo lady. :)

How has your relationship with your hair changed or evolved during your time using Jessicurl products?

I honestly have only loved my hair more and more. That said, I’ll admit that in a way, my hair obsession has gotten even stronger, since my whole world has become curly hair. :) It’s my job now, so it’s taken on a different meaning. But I do truly LOVE all things curly hair and I love MY hair, so I’m really thankful for that. :)