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It makes me giddy to tell you good news like this. Positively giddy. :-)

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 12:12 -- evenvision

You know I love you, right curlies? I mean it, I do. That’s partly why we created Club Jessicurl, to help you and your friends buy in larger quantities together and save. Lots of you have already created clubs and that makes me super stoked. :) 

It’s also why we send out various offers throughout the month, be it a percentage off, or free shipping or whatever else we cook up at our morning meetings. We want to help you get your hands on what we have to offer! :)

Sometimes, however, you miss the sale. You didn’t get the email. You didn’t need anything when we made the offer, or got the email too late to take advantage of it. You’re understandably disappointed when that happens. You just want something you can COUNT on in this wild and crazy world. :) Like, say, Happy Hour at the bar, or Senior Tuesday at the grocery store. :)

Is that too much to ask?

Nope! :) Not anymore. :)

I’m happy to present to you our newest offering.

We call it Free on 15.

EVERY 15th day of EVERY month, you can use the code FREE to get Free Shipping on any order over $15 going to any U.S. address at Jessicurl.com. Yep, every 15th day of every month. The code will always be the same, but will only work on the 15th of the month.

This offer can’t be combined with any other offers we may have going at the time but it will always be your choice which you want to use and you can always count on this one. You don’t have to run out of Jessicurl JUST in case we decide to kick down an offer.

See? We heard your requests and we came up with something to address them. That’s what friends are for. :-)

This kicks off on Monday, April 15th. No better day than tax day to get 15% off, eh? :)