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Name Jess's New Baby Contest!

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 14:29 -- Jess

name jess' new baby



Ha ha, bet you did a double take there, eh curlies? :) You know I think of my products as my "children", and I'm happy, no THRILLED, to announce we're adding to the Jessicurl family! :-)

For a while now, you have been asking us to provide you with a stronger hold styling product. If we had to rate our current styling line up, Gelebration Spray and Rockin’ Ringlets would be light hold, and Confident Coils would be medium. That definitely leaves room in the category for a stronger hold styling product and we hear you that you’ve been filling that need elsewhere. Well, you don’t have to anymore, Jessicurl fans! After months of testing, we’re super excited to offer you a thicker, stronger hold styler for those of you who need it.

This new product is much thicker than Confident Coils and very gel-y in consistency but does not flake in the hair like many gels can. While it can dry crunchy, that initial crunch scrunches out really easily, leaving the hair very soft to the touch, but the curls hold up all day. No ramen-noodle curls here!

One of the best parts about this product is the frizz control. Seriously people, the frizz control on this stuff is NO JOKE! If you currently use Rockin’ Ringlets, you’ll find that the two work together really well. If you don’t find you need a curl enhancer (which is what Rockin’ Ringlets is), the new product will provide you with fabulous hold and frizz control but without giving you “helmet head.” It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. :)

The only thing left to do is name this thing! That's where you come in. :) All of our cutest names (Rockin' Ringlets Styling Potion, Confident Coils Styling Solution, Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, to name but a few), have come from contests where YOU got to suggest names. Since those were so successful in the past, we're doing it again. :)


name jess' new baby

Follow this link to the official Name Jess’s New Baby Contest page.  Submit up to three different suggestions for our new stronger-hold styling product. (But if you only have one, that's fine too. If you have more than 3, fill out the survey twice.) Be sure to read the contest rules, because we will be using the winning name forever. What does the winner get? A $500 gift certificate to Jessicurl.com and world-wide fame! :) This product is awesome. Don't you want to be the one that names it?! Yes, yes you do.


Of course I had to make a video to demonstrate just HOW excited I am about the launch of this new product! :)