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By request: Protect your curls pool-side

Fri, 06/22/2012 - 14:52 -- Jess

A few days ago one of my Twitter buddies asked me about pool hair care and I promised to do a blog about it, since I didn’t think I could do the question justice in a mere 140 characters. That said, the steps to protecting your curls in the pool are pretty simple. :)

First, you’ll want to totally saturate your hair with water. The old analogy of a sponge comes into play here – when your hair is already full of clean non-chlorinated water, it can’t soak up much drying chlorinated water.

After that, saturate it in a rich, thick conditioner, like my Deep Conditioning Treatment. This will help moisturize it and protect it further. Comb that through and then as an added bonus run about a nickel sized puddle of oil over the top of it. The theory on that last part is that since oil and water don’t mix, the oil will help give one last layer of protection. Will it create a totally water-tight barrier? Well, no. But it will sure help. :) If you’re up for it, throw a swim cap on for some serious protection. If you’re not up for it, know that you’ve done as much as you can to nurture your hair while having fun in the pool. When you’re done, rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse, and then rinse some more.  Wash with a gentle cleanser like my Hair Cleansing Cream and conditioner with Too Shea. Style as usual and your curls should look their bouncy, ringletty best. :)