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Salon Feature: Beverly Neeland

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 13:08 -- Jess

To say that Beverly Neeland, owner of Hello Curls in Sacramento, CA is passionate about curly hair would be like saying I laugh a lot. Calling it an understatement would BE an understatement. :) And I love that about her. In fact, check out what it says on her website:

“I only accept new clients with wavy or curly hair.  I
do NOT offer blow-outs or flat iron styles.”

Now, THAT, my friends, is a bold statement and shows just how dedicated she is to the curly cause. Beverly has been carrying Jessicurl in her salon since 2008 and while I have yet to meet her in person, I’ve spoken to her on the phone several times and each time it was like talking to an old friend. She’s just … friendly like that. :) So when I started this blog feature of interviewing the salon owners that carry Jessicurl, I knew she had to be among the first.


Beverly Neeland

Beverly has a degree in theater from UC Davis and was a costume designer, makeup artist and wig master for 15 years. Her grandmother had been a hair stylist in the 30s during the depression and her family had always encouraged her to go into the business, telling her that it could withstand a bad economy. In 2003 she took that advice and went to cosmetology school, knowing that she wanted to specialize in curly hair.

In 2004 she rented a chair at a salon in Sacramento and knew she had to take every head of hair that walked in, even though she really only wanted to focus on curls.

This is where her story makes my blood boil…

“The salon where I worked for forbade me to have curly hair when I worked there”, Beverly says. “They said, ‘You look unkempt. You look unprofessional. We’re trying to sell these $800 Japanese straightening services and we can’t have you with curly hair trying to sell these services.’  I felt totally persecuted because of my curly hair.”

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?!?! No wonder she puts her foot down and only does curly hair now that she has her own salon, eh?

The chemicals used in the straightening services were also making her sick, so thankfully she was able to move to a new salon where not only did her health improve, she was finally able to do some curls! Word got out about her curl talents via the message boards and salon review section of NaturallyCurly.com, and her current salon, Hello Curls, is not only 100% curl-centric, it’s also completely green and caters to people with chemical sensitivities.

Says Beverly, “From 2008 on I wouldn’t take people who had straight hair or who wanted a blow out. I think they understand. I tell them,’ I can’t style your hair. I don’t have a flat iron. I don’t do those things at my salon. It’s not my thing.’”

I love it. I mean, of course I do. :) Check out these great before and after pics of one of Beverly’s happy clients. :)

Beverly Neeland's happy clients


As with most of the salons that carry Jessicurl, Beverly heard about us through her curly clients. :) (Thank you, again, for that y’all. :) ) She was carrying a different curly-specific line but several of her clients would bring Jessicurl in when they got their hair cut and Beverly realized it met her specifications for use in her salon.

As I said before, I’ve unfortunately not yet met Beverly in person but I know someday I will, and I know it will be awesome. She is warm, friendly, bubbly and clearly VERY passionate about curly hair and fostering our love for our curls. If you live in or around Sacramento, CA I can tell your curls will be in GREAT hands if you need a cut. :)