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Salon Feature: Ferguson and Friends

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 15:18 -- Jess

I had such a great time interviewing and writing blog posts about some of our Jessicurl customers that I thought a great way to continue that would be to start featuring some of the awesome salons and beauty supply stores that carry Jessicurl across the country and the WORLD. :) (You do know there are literally LOTS of places to buy Jessicurl on this planet, right?) If you don't see one near you on our list, go ahead and fill out our New Retailer Form and let us know where you WOULD like to find us. :) 

I decided to start this series featuring Jim Ferguson of Ferguson and Friends Hair Salon in St. Petersburg, FL. (Jim doesn't have a website, so I linked to the page of awesome reviews he's received at NaturallyCurly.com)

To say that Jim is passionate about curly hair would be an understatement. To say that he is a huge fan of Jessicurl would be an even BIGGER understatement. :-) That's part of the reason why I wanted to interview him, of course. :)


Jim Ferguson

Jim has been cutting and styling hair since 1978 but his salon Ferguson and Friends has only been open since April 2012. So, congratulations Jim on your new venture! :) He was working in another shop renting a small room prior to that but decided that it was time to stop working for other people branch out and do his own thing.


Ferguson and Friends Salon

“I am a big fan of the cuts I get from Jim. I bring in pictures and Jim works wonders with my hair. He cuts my hair based on blending its innate patterns with the images/photos I bring in to create a unique style that's just as much a work of art as it is an amazing hair cut and style.” – Jim’s client M.


Jim got into cutting hair when he was a junior in college in Bozeman, MT, studying sociology and psychology.  He was working 3 jobs - waiting tables, working at K-Mart and also State Farm, and even with all three jobs, he was making less than $100 a week.

He used to get his hair cut at his stylist Dona’s house because she charged him less there than at the salon. One night he watched in awe as she cut 10 people’s hair and made $100 in one night. Suddenly an idea was forming. :) He asked Donna if she thought he could do hair, and she replied he could do anything he wanted to. He decided right then to go to school for hair. (And as we ALL know, it never hurts to have a stylist who has studied psychology, right?! :) )


“Jim is AMAZING! He is extremely talented and intuitive; a "hair whisperer" of sorts. He knows my hair so well that I just go in and say, "do your thing." He always picks the right style for my face shape, the right color, highlights, lowlights, everything. . I get compliments everywhere I go from friends and strangers alike. I live in Atlanta, GA and I fly into St Pete just so I can continue to have my hair done by Jim. Yes, he's THAT good.” – Jim’s client T.


Jim has studied under some extremely talented people in the hair industry, including Vidal Sassoon, and also worked at the Institute of Trichology in California. He’s been certified in several of the “curly specific” cuts available today but you won’t hear him going on and on about how one method is better than another. Nope, Jim loves curly HAIR, not curly hair ideology and I can tell that THAT is what makes him an amazing hair stylist. He said that sometimes he cuts the hair dry, sometimes wet – it all depends on the tightness of the curl, with the tighter curl patterns responding better to dry cuts and looser curl patterns handling wet cuts better.

He says he actually has had to fix his fair share of dry cuts people have had at other salons. “What they do is they hack the hair and you get layers and dips and I get women who come to me and they got tired of looking like a mushroom.” Jim says. “They come in and see your picture, Jess, and say ‘I want her hair!’”

(I’ll add that I personally have no affiliation to wet or dry cuts. I have had good and bad cuts done both ways and firmly believe it comes down to the stylist themselves, so I appreciate Jim’s attitude on this one. I would SO trust him to cut my hair! :) ) Here's one of his clients, before and after:




Jim doesn’t specialize in curly hair, per se, but it’s clear he is a Curl Whisperer and is always trying to encourage his clients to embrace their naturally curly hair.

“I started doing curly hair a lot more in 2009 and all of a sudden I started having clients asking for Jessicurl then they starting bringing it in.” Says Jim, when asked of how he first learned about Jessicurl.  “Client knowledge is big in this business and it’s always been the other way around but this product is the first time I’ve ever had the clients come in and tell me about something they’ve found that is really good.”

“When I opened up my shop, the first thing I did was order Jessicurl. I’ve slowly been getting my straight haired clients to use it too because it doesn’t strip their color.” He continues, “ when I use a product, when I do the shampooing and my hands aren’t chapped and red, that tells me I like that product. Also, your products layer nicely together and don’t build up. There’s no residue.”

“I finally found someone who knows how to deal with my crazy head of hair! He really listens and isn't just cut-happy. I actually drove from St. Cloud to have him style my hair (2 hours). I am so glad I did. Thanks to him, I am now sulfate-free and loving my curly locks again. He is the best. I would travel almost any distance to have him style my hair. The guy is a class A professional.” – Jim’s client C.

Interviewing Jim felt like talking to an old friend even though it was the first time I’d ever talked to him. :) I very VERY much want to go to St. Petersberg to meet him someday and if you’re in the area, it’s clear that you should have no qualms about him cutting your hair. :) Tell him I said hi when you’re there, eh? Thanks Jim, for being such an advocate of Jessicurl and I wish your salon tons of success. :)


Ferguson and Friends Hair Salon


Ferguson and Friends Hair Salon
2945 49th St N
St Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 637-1014
[email protected]