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Fun Times at our anniversary party

Fri, 10/19/2012 - 15:32 -- Jess

Last Friday we had a really fun party at Jessicurl World Headquarters. The main reason was to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, but there were other reasons too. It’s been two years since my business partners Cedar and George invested in Jessicurl and we expanded our facility, but we never did get around to having a party to celebrate that. So yeah, we were WAY overdue on opening the doors to the community. :)

My friend Norman came and played some music for us and that was SO awesome. He’s the bass player in my favorite Grateful Dead cover band, but I’d never heard him do solo acoustic so that was a wonderful treat. Sadly, the one picture I took of him playing got deleted before I could post it. I’m sorry Norm. :(

This community is absolutely amazing and I’m so blessed to have mentors and friends of every age. It’s no secret that one of my all time favorite people is my little buddy Ava, and I was SO stoked that she came. (Accompanied by her awesome parents, my friends Lynn and Andy, and her adorable brother Morgan. Somehow I only ever take pictures of Ava though… sorry Lynn and Andy…You know I love you too, right? :))

Jess and Ava


Ava painted me a picture as an anniversary present. When she handed it to me, she said, “This is you in space!”


Painting of Jess by Ava


Um… ok. :) I love kids, and especially THAT kid. Who knows what makes them say stuff like that, but I’ll take it. :) (Actually, in this case I do know. Ava and I share a love of a band from Bellingham, WA called Yogoman Burning Band and they have a song called What’s There In Space. I’m 99% sure her comment is in reference to that song. She’s a pretty hip little kid, as you can tell. :) )

Another super special treat is that my mom Nancy was up visiting from Palm Springs. She doesn’t get up here much so it was great that she could make it for the party. :) Here’s a picture of mom, me and Ava. :)


Mom, Jess and Ava

Since the party took place at our factory, we didn’t have any lampshades for people to put on their heads, so my buddy/Jessicurl’s amazing photographer Terrence had to get creative when it came time to do something silly…


Photographer Terrence


Here’s a great group shot Terrence took of all of us. What a happy, wonderful group of friends Jessicurl has, eh? We have an AMAZING staff as well, and they were all there to help celebrate too.  I was so touched at the turn out and all of the support this community has shown us over the years. The party was great, as you can tell by all the open wine bottles on the table. :)

support from the community


That’s my business partner Cedar to my left in the picture. He deserves a super-special-shout-out because he is super-special-awesome and has helped Jessicurl grow over the last two years in ways that would absolutely would not have been possible otherwise. Thanks you Cedar. :)