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A wonderful way to celebrate our 10th!

Tue, 09/04/2012 - 23:17 -- Jess

Today was officially Jessicurl's 10th anniversary and I celebrated it up here in Saskatchewan with my dad and step-mum Wendy. :) I don't celebrate all of my Jessicurl anniversaries with them, it was just coincidence that the trip happened at this time. :)

As you may have read in my previous blog post, I've been VERY excited to commemorate my 10th anniversary by getting a Jessicurl logo tattoo. The fact that it happened on my actual anniversary was even cooler. :)

My appointment was for noon in Saskatoon and my Dad and Wendy live about an hour and a half away. Dad was supposed to take me but he got caught up in a last minute meeting so Wendy took me instead. That was cool with me because Wendy is super fun and we had a great time. I reminded them both later that, um, hi, I'm 36 and manage to find my way around strange cities ALL the time. They totally could have just given me the keys to the car and I'd have been just fine going alone. :) Parents are adorable that way, eh? :) The irony there is that I got my first tattoo by myself, when I was 17, also in Canada, so it's not like I'd have been breaking with tradition. :) In any case, Wendy and I had a great time on our adventure to Saskatoon. Here's a quick little pre-tattoo video Wendy shot for me before we went in. :)

As I mentioned, I have two other tattoos, but it's been a long time since I got them, and I guess I remember them hurting more. Maybe I was just SO excited for this one or something, but it really didn’t hurt. I mean, yeah, sure, I FELT it, but not in a painful way at all. It took less than an hour and before I knew it, it was done! Here's a little picture montage of during, and the finished tattoo! Keep in mind, the "after" picture was taken RIGHT after. Over the next week or two it will heal up and be much prettier. :) I already love it though! :)

Jessicurl getting tattoo

After it was done Wendy and I drove home, did some grocery shopping for dinner, got dad and the three of us had a really great anniversary dinner at their house. I made a cake and Wendy made a Jessicurl logo on it out of Saskatoon berry jam!! :) I couldn't believe she could do it free-hand like that! :) It was awesome. :) (For the record, Saskatoon berries look like blueberries but aren't as sweet and are native to, well, Saskatoon... as if you couldn't guess that yourself. :) ) Check out our cake! :)

Jessicurl cake

Here's another little photo collage of the 3 of us from the night, mostly posing with the cake. :) We were pretty impressed by that cake, as you can tell. :) And I'm pretty stoked with my tattoo, as you can also probably tell. If you see me wearing t-shirts on cold days, don't be surprised. :-)

Jessicurl party people

All in all, I can't imagine a better way to have celebrated Jessicurl's 10 year anniversary. :) As I've said before, my dad was one of the first people to encourage me to stop fighting with and hating my hair, and while you can't tell from these pictures, I get my curls from him. :) Actually, just to prove it, let me leave you with a picture of what HIS curls used to look like. :) Just because I can. :) Thanks again everyone, for 10 awesome years in business. :) I know it ony gets better from here. :)

Jessicurl dad with guitar