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Interview With Tirrico Fulvio

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 07:30 -- Jess

I'm very excited to tell you that Jessicurl is being carried in a wonderful salon in Milan, Italy, I Love Riccio. It has been a pleasure to communicate with Tirrico Fulvio, and I'm thrilled to bring you his interview below. If you're in Milan I strongly encourage you to go in for a cut, but you can also buy Jessicurl online through their online shop.

Tirrico Fulvio of I Love Riccio

Meet Tirrico. 

How long have you been in business?

I started 20 years ago with the classical training, I specializes in curly hair for 5 years

Where are you located?

I am located in the north of Italy, Milan the fashion city

Before and After pic of one of Tirrico's clients

A wonderful before and after pic of a curly client. 

What made you go into the hair busines?

My father is a hairdresser and when I went at school in the afternoon I always went to help in the shop. Then he made me decide to take this job was the opportunity to travel the world, and the chance to make career. 

If you specialize in curly hair, what made you adopt that focus?

Maybe because I have curly is I never found anyone able to do my hair? The real reason is that I wanted something different from my work, and curly hair gave me this opportunity. Transforming hairdressing into art, sculpture. And I love challenges.  I decided I would be the benchmark for all curled in Italy, and I think I succeeded. I get about 100 emails a day for tips and advice. This makes me proud.

One of Tirrico's fabulous curly clients

What changes have you seen in relation to curly hair in the last 10 years?

In Italy the hair follows much the influence of fashion I would say that blend together. 10 years ago the minimalist look imposing reduced volumes now we are at the other extreme, all want big volumes, want to be enveloped by their curls.

Even chemical straightener is no longer used, the natural is back, and we have many customers transitioning.

Model photo of one of Tirrico's clients

How did you first hear about Jessicurl?

I heard about Jessicurl from one of my customers. She has tried all the best products in the USA and convinced me to try.

How long have you been carrying Jessicurl?

I am at the beginning but I am already in love. I think that this relationship will last for a long time

What sets Jessicurl apart from other lines, curly or otherwise?

Jessicurl comes very close to the Italian taste. The products are not heavy, give volume and definition without weighing. We always manage to find the right products for each type of curl.

A I Love Riccio Salon client

As you can see, the curls coming out of I Love Riccio are stunning! Contact info is listed below and I do very much encourage you to contact them. :) 

Via Masolino da Panicale 2,

ang. con Via Bartolini

tel:   0239211300

mail: [email protected]

You can also check out their Facebook page.