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My Hair Cut With Scott Musgrave

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 13:33 -- Jess

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know this is not the first time I’ve mentioned Curl Master (official title) Scott Musgrave.

Scott is a stylist and curl-enthusiast based in Cary, NC. I featured him in on this blog last year when he began carrying Jessicurl.

He is also founder of the Curly Hair Artistry group and as such as helped inspire and inform curly hair stylists around the world.

In short, Scott is THE MAN when it comes to caring for and appreciating curls. 

So you can bet I was SUPER excited when I found myself booking a trip to North Carolina last month. I was there for the Curls Around The World event and just knew I had to finally meet Scott in person, and most importantly, get one of his famous haircuts. :) I had been “saving” a badly-needed trim for this occasion so he really had his work cut out for him. (I hadn’t had a trim since February, as I knew I’d be seeing Scott and wanted it to get as long as possible.) 

I had THE best time meeting Scott, chatting with him about all things curly hair and watching the care he took with trimming my hair. But really, I can explain it, or I can just post a bunch of pictures to show you. :) On to the pictures! 

Here's a selfie of me and Scott before he started my cut, so you could see the "before".  Please note the total LACK of fear in my eyes. It's so lovely going to curl specialits rather than being terrified to sit in a salon chair. Yay for the "Bad Old Days" being over in that regard. :) 
Jess and Scott Musgrave
I snapped this during my cut. The sticky note above the Brave picture says, "That's actually Jess from Jessicurl." Ha. :) 
As you can see, he does dry cuts and he really focuses on giving you what you want and what will suit you. 
Scott admiring Jess' curls
Here's the front after he was done. I think you can tell by my huge smile that I loved it. :) 
Jess smiling
For the sake of comparison, here's a before and after of the back. As you can see, I had let the ends back there get pretty raggedy in anticipate of Scott cleaning it all up for me. :) MUCH better! 
Jess before and after
Here's one of the side after the cut was done and styled. No mushroom head on this gal! :) 
Side view of Jess' new look
As an aside, I was super-beyond-excited when Scott asked me to sign his Jessiurl poster in his studio. :) 
Jessicurl display in Scott's salon
One final pic, of me and Scott after he was all done. Two happy curlies! :) 
Scott and Jess after
All in all, I was sad to leave! Scott has such a warm, friendly personality and it felt like we'd been buddies for years. He's extremely passionate and talented with what he does, so if you're in or near Cary, NC, I strongly encourage you to book in to see him. The bonus is you can stock up on Jessicurl while you're there! :)
Thanks so much Scott for a great cut, and for doing all you do to promote curly hair love. We Have The Right To Remain Curly! :-)