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100% Silk Pillowcase

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 16:08 -- evenvision

Switching from a cotton pillowcase will help keep your curls intact overnight while you sleep as they can just glide over the silky fabric. As I explained during my segment on the Rachael Ray Show, the ONLY fabric you should be sleeping on is silk.

Your hair will be much less frizzy and tangled in the morning than with a traditional cotton pillowcase. Cotton also has a tendency to suck moisture from your hair, so this pillowcase will help keep your hair softer. 

This standard sized pillowcase is 100% quality silk, not the sub-standard polyester satin found in most department stores. It's 20" x 30" and will fit any standard sized pillow. 

Time for beauty sleep that actually works!

Proper Washing Instructions for Your Jessicurl Silk Pillowcase

Hand Wash

Wash silk in lukewarm water with a milk soap or gentle shampoo.  Rinse well. Then add ¼ cup of white vinegar to a clean rinse.  Rinse again.  This will neutralize any soap residue to avoid losing the silks natural luster.

Machine Wash

Wash your silk in cool (or cold) water in mild soap on the delicate cycle. Dry as outlined above.


Dry the pillowcase naturally. Gently squeeze the pillowcase (avoid wringing). Roll the pillowcase in a towel, and then lay flat to dry.

You may also use the air fluff (no heat) setting on your dryer to dry your pillowcase.



"I recently bought the 100% silk pillow cover. WOW, what a difference it has made. You all were definitely correct in saying that it should be the only thing we curlies should be sleeping on. Had been sleeping on a cotton pillow case for like forever, & would wake up every morning with a frizz ball on top of my head. With the silk pillow case, I have not woken up 1 morning since sleeping on it with any frizz at all. Has made my morning hair routine SO much easier & less time consuming. Thanks again for a great product!!!"  K.M.