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Spiralicious Customer Reviews

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 11:26 -- Jess

Well curlies, my new baby, Spiralicious Styling Gel was “born” a week ago today and the reviews are starting to come in. As anticipated, they’re really good! :)


When we did the testing for it, we did so anonymously, so the testers didn’t know what company they were testing for. That was pretty fun. :) I even created a secret Gmail account from which to write the testers and did my best to not say “eh” and end every sentence with a smiley face so that they wouldn’t figure out it was me. :) Apparently it worked. :) (I did reveal who I was once the product was launched though.)


Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the reviews people have been posting online via Facebook, Twitter, and on CurlMart.com so you can see what customers are saying in their own words. Spiralicious is available exclusively at CurlMart.com for the rest of October and after that will be found at Jessicurl.com and everywhere else Jessicurl is sold.


If you’d like a free sample, you can snag one from us here. Now, on to the customer comments…

“My hair is LOVING Spiralicious!! Lots of definition and no frizz, even in these southern CA east winds!” – Mary, as posted on the Jessicurl Facebook page, along with this accompanying picture.

Mary's hair after using Spiralicious


“I have really long, fine and super super super thick 3a/3b hair. I participated in the testing of this product before it was revealed. I still have product left in my teeny tiny test tube after several months (that is with waist length hair almost), and I am still using it. On my hair, this product goes forever! I knew that as soon as it was revealed I would buy it, so I did THAT DAY. Now I'm dying for it to get here. You should try this product, I am so picky, and I just love it. The consistency is really neat and not super sticky, sort of like a lotion but stronger. This is only the second styling product in two years that has made the cut for being a regular part of my hair care regimen. I use it by itself without having to layer. Try this...no, I am NOT being paid to say this!! ;) I just like to help out my fellow curlies!” – via CurlMart.com


“Love this gel. Great consistency! Just the right amount of hold.” – Via CurlMart.com


“I used this product for the first time today and all I can say is WOW! I love it. It has great hold, lots of volume. I used it alone today to see how it works by itself and I don't think I need any other products with it.” – Via CurlMart.com


I love my hair, lots of defined curls!!” – CurlyKimmyStar, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with this awesome picture.


So far so good w/ Jessicurl Spiralicious gel. Same results as I get w/2 products & less frizz in trouble spots.” – Carrie, via Twitter.


Perhaps the most powerful comment comes from Beverly Neeland, owner and stylist at Hello Curls in Sacramento, CA. She writes, “Working on a picture and post soon! Loving loving loving it so far. Used in 4b, 3c, 3a, 2c curls with stunning results!”


Those are some pretty powerful testimonials! :) You can get your own bottle or post your review here.