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Stuff Curlies Say

Stuff Curlies Say

I have a fun new contest for you curlies that will get YOU and your beautiful naturally curly hair featured on Jessicurl.com and our Facebook page.


You’ve probably all seen the viral videos flying around the internet of Stuff ___ People Say. Like, Stuff Hippies Say, or Stuff People In Portland Say. They’re usually pretty funny. Well, I’m launching a contest  to make our own Stuff Curly Haired People Say video. Here’s how it will work.


Take a video of yourself citing ONE thing that you or your curly friends say about your hair. My example would be, “Gawd! My ends are so porous, what was supposed to be Marcia Cross Copper turned MAROON.” :) Or something like that. You can make as many videos as you want, but please only include one example per video. I want these short so I can edit them all together into one longer one at the end of the contest.


Email me that video to [email protected]. Smart phones are great for this, since you can do it all from your phone. Emailing me your video gives me permission to use it on Jessicurl.com and our Facebook page. Ideally include your name with it, since, if you win, I’ll be shouting out to you as the winner. If you prefer we only use your first name, that’s fine, just specify that in your entry.


Get these videos to me by Monday April 9th at midnight. That gives you a few weeks to do it. Get creative, get funny, but above all, let’s keep this fun and non-offensive, eh? :)


As the entries roll in, I’ll be posting them to our website, Facebook, and our YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for yours! :) Once the contest is over, I’ll randomly draw the name of one entrant and THAT person wins a $250 gift card to Jessicurl.com. :) Once all the entries are in I’ll edit some of the best entries into a longer video.


Ok, that’s it. Get out your smart phones or flip cameras or whatever you have and start filming! :) This is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)