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"I have had beautiful (or so we thought in the 80s)..as I've gotten older, the curls (which used to be beautiful spirals) have gone 8 different directions and have done nothing but frizz, so for the past 20 years I have straightened it or kept it in a ponytail...fast forward to 2014...my best friend said I should embrace my curls. "yeah right," I thought. SHE has perfect waves and doesn't have to do anything to maintain them. I explained that I have a million different types of ethnic backgrounds and it just isn't gonna happen. I tried another brand and changed shampoos and started to notice a difference... somewhat, but not enough to "celebrate" my natural head full of mismatched waves. So, I stumbled upon your site via www.naturallycurly.com and ordered a sample of both Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils. Tried them out the first time on a Saturday night, headed to a party, (hair still wet) ponytail holders and bobby pins in my purse, for I knew these products would be like all the others. WHOA was I wrong. I haven't gotten so many compliments on my hair EVER. I hadn't even checked it yet. I had planned on saying hello and running to the bathroom to pin it back, but with so many people talking about it, I went to look, and could hardly believe it. My hair looked GREAT!!! Thanks so much!!" -L.F. in Little Rock, AR

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Jessica McGuinty Owner/CEO of JessicurlI created Jessicurl after years of hating my curly hair. I can promise you that any name you were called as a result of your curls, I was too. Mushroom Head. Brillow Pad. Chia Pet. I’ve heard it all, and my passion in creating Jessicurl stems from wanting to prevent any future curly from having that same experience.
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