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"I started out as a new CG a few months ago using Deva products. I wanted to compare their products to Jessicurl. I was much happier with Jessicurl since it isn't as sticky. I got even HAPPIER when you added Spiralicious since I wanted more and longer lasting definition. My hair is past my shoulders and I have two daughters (one with 3c hair past her shoulders and one with 3b hair down to her hips) who will soon forego their childhood hairstyle of braids to rock their curls with me since we now know how to do that! (They stuck with braids all this time because they wisely refused to do the flat-iron, curling iron thing I had been doing. Good for them!!) Because there are SO MANY curls in my house, I have to have the cheaper products (Nature's Gate and LA Looks). But I use Jessicurl half the time and let the girls use it for special occasions. If money were no object, my preference would be using Jessicurl on everyone ALL the time! :)" -C.B. from College Station, TX

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Jessica McGuinty Owner/CEO of JessicurlI created Jessicurl after years of hating my curly hair. I can promise you that any name you were called as a result of your curls, I was too. Mushroom Head. Brillow Pad. Chia Pet. I’ve heard it all, and my passion in creating Jessicurl stems from wanting to prevent any future curly from having that same experience.
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